After my recent experience with gluten I’ve been replenishing my system with green drink, tons of water and probiotics. I’m feeling better now, and thankful that I had extra #pHion sitting around. Quickest way to alkalize your system! My fiancé’s uncle lost 30 lbs after he started adding this to his water (among other good decisions) and my dad has lost 33 lbs since the new year after making this one of his healthy habits, including ACV, walking and a cleaner paleo-style consumption. 

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askkingpin  asked:

KingPin@Nineve: "I do not comment on appearances in themselves in a positive manner usually, but I could not help but to notice you seemingly shimmering earlier? I have seen other Phione, but none like yourself. And I have to admit, having seen such an ability makes it look so both you and the stars complement one another perfectly."

ask-the-ghostly-mansion  asked:

Layla @Nineve: I almost recall hearing something where Manaphy is able to learn Tail Glow. May that explain why you're also able to glow? I'm not sure if Manaphy and Phione can learn the same moves,but if they can it somewhat explains your glowing from before.

Nineve: Phi-phi-phi! Nope, you big cutie!

Nineve: It’s actually because I’m a special Phione.

askrebornjolteon  asked:

Sydal@Fannar: Oh wow this is a pretty lovely place of a temple. You look really different as a vaporeon, and i myself am not surprised at all. Who's "Marin" you were talking about earlier?

Fannar: He’s rather quite good at his job. Like.

Fannar: Really good.

Fannar: I’m a pillar Vaporeon who’s been in the line of guarding the supposed sealing places of Manaphy and Phione, but he blows my guardianship out of the water, haha!

Fannar: He’s quite stern and won’t settle for fighting!


Alright, so Pkmn GO was down for entire europe today and I just now checked if it works again, and it did AND I TURN AROUND like all 3 gyms near me were Team Valor right? And I’m streaming a movie so I told whos on stream and then streamed my phione with Go over my webcam and while I was showing the stream stuff some mystic assholes took over BOTH Valor gyms further away and I was all HOLY FUCK they gonna come over here and beat this gym too! (I can sometimes reach the gym in the building next to my home from my room or frontdoor) AND THEY DID COME OVER! And I looked out the window and saw the two Players, tapping away on their phones, taking over the gym next to me.  As soon as they took over I defeated them while they only had one pkmn in. and I went to heal my strongest so i can put it in the gym and it took so long to fukkin’ heal him and I was all OMG THEY GONNA CLAIM IT AGAIN! but when I finally healed and checked the gym again another Valor claimed it and I was all YISSS and I enrolled my pkmn too so now im the leader n she the 2nd and like I’M SO HAPPY THIS SHIT WAS SO INTENSE COZ THEY WERE RIGHT THERE N SHIT but they left already!!!! So I hope imma be leader for a bit now x3

I know we’re still weak, but we waited for the official release! Momoko is also the first female player I saw enrolled in a gym so far, all 3 cities I been to only had male leaders so far xD The main Mystic guys in my town are level 11 and 18 and they know each other! That makes them dangerous … AH WELL! I’ll just have to get stronger!!!  TEAM VALOR!!!

animaltamer7  asked:

Manaphy and Phione are technically still with the Sinnoh trio though

Oh yeah. I almost forgot about them. It was never shown who their “trainer” was, however. Unless they’re just taking care of them between the three trainers.

anonymous asked:

Tell us about these 12 pokemon, please

Sure ok 

Jynx & Mr.Mime: Made me cry as a child.

Miltank: The thing drinks its own milk, sucks its own nipples I cant look at it. Also fucking whitney

Luvdisc: I trained one to level 50 just to learn it dosent evolve (I thought the magikarp thing would apply on it lmao) 

Palkia: I honestly have no idea but i cant look at it.

Phione: Doesn’t evolve ??? bigger than manaphy in size???

Patrat and evo: The eyes man 

Panpour& evo: I dislike all the monkeys of gen 5 but this one just…has to go

Amoongus: The times this shit killed my vaporeon because i thought they are an item

Flebebe: Because of wondertrade tbh 

That sums it up lmao, there are a few i dislike but its not much really. might even get to like them someday but these pokemon i mentioned are just too much for me no thank you.