July 1904 | Competition | Phineas & Harvey

Phineas would deny it to his grave, but he was unusually threatened by this Harvey fellow that Gladys seemed to enjoy associating with.

It wasn’t so much that he doubted his own merits–he was a Black, after all, and confidence was inborn; rather, he feared Harvey’s. Stories of that man’s travels seemed to rival his own, and though he certainly wasn’t planning for anything beyond Gladys’ friendship, he did enjoy her admiration.

And now another man threatened that.

Though he’d often heard reporters and old witches say he was firmly planted in his brother Sirius’ shadow, they were so different it wasn’t a fair comparison. But while both Black brothers could coexist quite peacefully, there wasn’t nearly enough room in London for Phineas and Harvey and their insatiable wanderlust.

A surprise visit to Gladys’ shop didn’t produce Gladys, unfortunately, but it did produce Harvey. Or at least the man Phineas imagined to be Harvey. Having never seen him, he couldn’t be sure, but there was a certain ruggedness to him. Plus, he was admittedly quite attractive. No wonder Gladys enjoys his company… Phineas thought.

“Good day, sir,” he said finally as he approached Harvey. “Would you be  the same Harvey Ridgebit that Miss Boothby has before spoken of? I’m Phineas Black. Pleasure to meet you.”