This awesome piece of artwork is The Impossible Octophant. It was created by Phineas X. Jones of Octophant. Phineas was commissioned by the City of Chicago: Cultural Affairs and Special Events departmentThe Impossible Octophant has been on display at the Van Buren Metra stop in Grant Park during this past summer, 2012.

Signed and numbered 20″ x 18.75″ screen prints, which will be printed at Crosshair Silkscreen Design in Chicago, are now available to pre-order from the online funding platform Indiegogo.

Who doesn’t need a spectacular elephant/octopus hybrid, complete with tentacle trunks, adorning their walls?

[via Laughing Squid]

Phineas X. Jones (creator of the The Impossible Octophant and previously featured here) has created his own awesome Krampus illustration, which is available as a screen-printed poster in his shop. This particular Krampus is poised to pounce on a naughty little boy as soon as he swings his mallet and breaks that watch.

“I got to be involved in a printmaker portfolio exchange on a Krampus theme this year, and this was my contribution. I think it’s important to replace some of the joy and good will of the holidays and inject a bit of mortal terror to really make the season special for our children. (By which I mean your children.) Please won’t you help?”