Okay guys, stole this off Facebook. It’s Dan and Swampy’s last Emmy nom for Phineas and Ferb, so let’s get this rolling! I want everyone to signal boost the hell out of this! They deserve an Emmy win!

OK, everyone, calm down! SvtFoE is not in danger of cancellation. I’m not an expert on ratings, but 550,000+ viewers is kinda decent for Disney XD, a channel that’s not accessible to everyone. In fact, Star vs. almost always had these kinds of numbers. And Disney XD already greenlighted production of a third season. There are only a few times in Disney XD’s entire history that they  premiered an episode that had 1-2 million viewers that were also records for the network: The ones I can come up with are Phineas and Ferb’s “Last Day of Summer”, and Gravity Falls’ “A Tale of Two Stans” and “Weirdmageddon 3″. Those shows also had very strong fan bases and they were so hyped up for a long time before those premieres anyway, so they were committed to tune in. The Watch Disney XD app view counts were also factored in the final ratings – I remember the network’s special press release about the ratings for the Gravity Falls finale that the app view counts were mentioned.

The Nielsen ratings system is flawed, but everyone should also consider the fact that these days people are “cutting the cord” – ditching cable. Plus, overall ratings for other kids’ networks – Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel – aren’t as hot as they once were. Things change. But there are some decent successes across the networks here and there. In addition to ratings, there are also key demographics they have to take into consideration.

Again, there’s no way Star vs. is in danger of cancellation despite the fact that it was renewed for a third season before the second season premiered and executives know it’s being talked about a lot. I believe that not only we’re getting a Season 3 not only because of its popularity, but there’s merchandise for the show – there’s stuff at the Disney Store website, a Cinestory book is already out, plus there’s another book as well as comics in the future. These days, most modern Disney Television Animation productions that hadn’t had more than two seasons don’t have any merchandise at all, and I wonder if that’s the case now.

So, with all that being said, let’s enjoy the show!

The Last Day Of Summer got nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program

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anonymous asked:

En este sueño yo vi un arco iris en el cielo. Del arco iris un ornitorrinco se apareció y estaba cantando la canción de Phineas y Ferb sobre las vacaciones de verano (¿¡pero en inglés!?). (Ahora yo tengo vacaciones de verano, pero no es relevante ahora. El ornitorrinco acabó a cantarla, y empecé a saltar a mi cabeza. Yo dijo que él tiene que acabarse, pero no... Un lobo estaba corriendo del horizonte y el lobo comió el ornitorrinco. Yo pensé que el lobo me va a comer también si yo corro (1/2)

[In this dream I saw a rainbow in the sky. Rainbow a platypus appeared and was singing the song Phineas and Ferb on summer vacation (but in English !?). (Now I have summer vacation, but it is not relevant now. The platypus finished singing it, and started jumping on my head. I said he has to stop, but … A wolf was running the horizon and the Wolf ate the platypus. I thought the wolf will also eat me if I run (½)
2/2 and I heard the voice of Jüri Pootsmann sings “ainult jooksen” in my ear. I climbed a tree, thinking I escaped, but the wolf empeció to rise from the earth. the wolf can blow! I shouted “IVÁN, ARE tHE DEVIL iN DISGUISE” and I heard a biellorusa smile. I thought the wolf will kill me and eat, but when the wolf is near me said that he is Jüri Pootsmann and Meat Sachet has transformed a wolf. Jüri-wolf told me I needed to hug him and I did. I woke up.]

Dear Spanish anon your dreams are getting wilder and wilder every single day and I love it