phineas' face

Sometimes I get sad over the fact that there are no Phineas and Ferb Funko Pops (because I am emotionally attached to that show), but then I remember that a) while it was a good show, it didn’t have a huge fanbase that would be interested in buying said pops, and b) A PHINEAS POP WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING


There are probably more, but those are the biggest ones. Thanks for the ask! -Heinz


I have a new bae and his name is Phineas the Talking Fountain 🤗 

I should have asked for his permission for a picture because when I sat on him he went “OW! Who told you you could sit on me?!” (hence the surprised face), I stood up and yelled “I’M SORRY!” and he was like “oh no, it’s okay, I’m just really sensitive.” LBH I’m surprised he didn’t spray me with his water.


Werewolves tend to only take on a non-human form on the full moon, depending on the lore. And Miggs is non-human 24/7 now. Heinz is trying to get through the index he inputted into the machine, but it’s slow going figuring out what everybody is. Whatever Miggs is, it’s definitely more feline than canine. Thanks for asking. -Peter