One of my favorite shows features a kid with crazy awesome big plans, said kid’s neurotic older redhead sibling who usually gets pulled along for the ride, one member of the family is a secret agent, and there’s a character named Stacy.

I could either be talking about Phineas and Ferb or Life With Loopy

so anyways the phineas and ferb movie is on netflix and I’m gonna rewatch it brace urselves


ok how did they wake up that fast?? dude wtf it was like the softest noise ever and then he was awake


i don’t remember what are they gonna say


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anonymous asked:

What's Milo Murphy?

The next big thing, baby.

You may or may not already be aware of the modern classic Phineas and Ferb, which ended last summer after a venerable 8-year run, though its network would have happily ordered new seasons of it forever. A three-ring circus of a cartoon (A-plot, B-plot, C-plot) populated by a vast range of oddball characters from a SWAT team of hyperefficient girl scouts to a failed Bond villain who does battle with a platypus, Phineas and Ferb could have filled a whole new network with its potential spinoffs. Instead, its creators Dan Povenmire and Swampy Marsh, true to the spirit of their inventive young protagonists, decided to torch the mechanism and start from scratch. Milo Murphy’s Law is the result.

It hasn’t aired yet–the premiere is scheduled for October 3rd–but the first episode is currently a free download on both iTunes and Amazon. The names Povenmire and Marsh should be enough to sell this one, so I’ll keep it brief. It’s about a kid whose ill luck practically amounts to a superpower. There’s a dog named Diogee. Bizarre stuff happens on a minutely basis. Weird Al Yankovic is in it.

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How to make good eye effects:

One color. Simple and recognizable shape. Proportionally still the size and location of pupils compared to the rest of the eye. Enhances the emotions the face and body is expressing to make the emotional context more clear.

How not to make good eye effects:

Too many colors, or too many details. Improper size (too big) and location make the effect not look like pupils anymore. Doesn’t add anything to the emotion the body and face is making, and instead is used as a substitute for facial and body expression.