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Dr. Schtein and Armastus: what degrees do you have?

Schtein: “I have a doctorate in particle physics. What can I say, there’s just something about the standard model. You know. Making sense of the universe. All that jazz.”

Phineas: “I didn’t get very far in college, compared to princess here. I don’t have a family fortune to blow through, nor the attention span for study. I suppose I’m lucky that I got as far as I did, it was rather a struggle to maintain interest… But something kept me going. To answer your question I have an associate degree in nursing, and a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience because I used to entertain the idea of studying and correcting nerve damage and things of that nature. I cannot even imagine why that would be an interest of mine… Again, I do consider myself lucky, that even though I only managed to attain a career in education it did enable me to pursue… other interests, and to meet my lovely wife, light of life. My only reason for living.

And SOMEDAY I’m going to get the doctor here to allow me to examine his eyes, one way or the other. I simply must know how they connect to his optic nerves. If he’d just allow me to remove one to poke around… Well, a boy can dream, yes?”


some of the redraw sketches from last night’s stream.

DSICLAIMER: I am not redoing the old chapters that would be ludicrous these are just for fun!

I’m finding doing them very reinvigorating and after I sketched these I went on the finish inking the next page and a bunch of the one after that and did some pencils of the page after that. So, pretty cool.