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((Sorry not sorry for drawing yuuri in bob’s burgers style and him as a pony :’D))

Part 2 of The Art Style Challenge!

If you guys wanna request an art style that you want me to try and what character should I draw with that style you can >u<

Part one could be found here

I mean, I feel you with the “Diogee is an OWCA agent” idea, but I prefer to believe that the OWCA are in awe of his level of self-taught skill and have been flooding him with job offers for years, all of which he has turned down in order to focus his energies on keeping Milo safe.

Phineas and Ferb- The Quietest Day Ever

I can’t watch this episode without feeling really horrible for Heinz. Here’s why. To recap, Heinz invents the De-Handsome inator out of disgust due to the ridiculously high beauty standards that male fashion models on magazines set. The switch is accidently flipped to “Handsome” and hits Heinz. While annoyed at first, Heinz realizes he can use his new, handsome looks in order to take over the Tri-State Area due to how people are easily charmed by appearances, and the masses willingly follow his demands no matter how ridiculous. Heck, the crowd even decides to bypass an election and just outright want to make him ruler! Even Roger willingly goes along with it. Of course, the entire scheme is foiled by Perry and Heinz returns to how he normally looks. The crowd and Roger leave, suddenly finding Heinz “ugly”. 

I think many of us can relate. Who hasn’t seen fashion models in the media and thought “Wow, that person doesn’t have to struggle with pimples”, or “I wish I could have that perfectly tanned, skinny body?” People with high self-esteem can probably brush these off. I can relate a lot with Heinz on this. My self esteem isn’t nearly as low as Heinz, but I can empathize with his frustration with depictions of the perfect body. 

When Heinz is turned “handsome”, suddenly he’s in the middle of a crowd who’s willing to give him anything and everything. The problem is, they’re transfixed by his looks. They don’t care about his personality, his interests, his likes and dislikes. They’re shallow. Imagine being rejected, bullied, and humiliated all your life and then without warning you’re surrounded by adoring fans that only like a superficial quality of you. On some level you know they don’t actually know or care about you, but you just revel in the attention while it lasts.

Heinz’s personality goes though a bit of a change too. Once he has the crowd, he doesn’t care where Perry is until he shows up to thwart the scheme. During the song, he rocks his looks to add more people in a mob to City Hall. He brags about his physical appearance, such as his “chiseled features”, “jaw is rugged”, and calls himself an Adonis. Normally, if Heinz mentions his physical appearance, it’s probably something he hates about himself that he targets others out of jealousy. 

 Also, as a Doofenshmirtz fangirl, I can honestly say I prefer THIS Heinz

to this one.

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And so, we add Regular Show to the recent list of fantastic shows that have come and gone. Gravity, Falls, Phineas and Ferb, Wander Over Yonder, etc. I can only find comfort in the great shows we still have: Steven Universe, Amazing World Of Gumball, We Bare Bears, SVTFOE, and The Loud House.

At this point I’m just hoping we can add onto that list of good shows because at the moment, it doesn’t look like we have too many good shows coming to the front in 2017 so far.. :( 

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Sorry for the unrelated question (I'm TOTALLY stoked for "Islands", btw), but you used to watch Phineas and Ferb, right? What did you think of the series finale, "Last Day of Summer"?

Hmmmm, from what I remember it was pretty underwhelming because the show went much more crazier and more fun before… The episode about the longest day of summer had more finale-like feel to it, I think I’d prefer that.

my favourite thing about phineas and ferb is that perry being a secret agent is a secret to absolutely no one aside from the flynn-fletcher family and their circle of close friends, excluding stacy for whatever reason. even after they befriend vanessa doofenshmirtz, who tells anyone who listens about her dad being an evil scientist who fights a platypus named perry, they still dont know. this is the kind of dramatic irony i live for.