phineas and ferb winter vacation

Little Perry the Platypus things:

-knows how to make balloon animals/hats (”Love at First Byte”)

-eats his marshmallows open-mouthed instead of blowing on them or waiting for them to cool (”Skiddley Whiffers”)

-is a huge germaphobe (”Brain Drain”)

-once swallowed his hat so he wouldn’t be discovered as an agent (”Swiss Family Phineas”)

-likes oolong tea (”OWCA Files”)

-wears contacts (”Monster from the Id”)

-enjoys horseback riding, good books, and long walks on the beach (Agent P’s Guide to Fighting Evil)

-has never used his venomous ankle spurs when fighting Doof (”Primal Perry”)

-watches soap operas (”Oil on Candace”)

-prefers using agave syrup over sugar as a sweetener (”Doofapus”)

-is a big fan of Santa/winter-themed beings (“I, Brobot”/”Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!”)

-sarcastically mimics people (“Oh, There You Are, Perry”)