I drew my friend Gabys in several styles! (some of them are original, some of them are not. Check it:)

1. Original // 2. Adventure Time // 3. K-on // 4. Original // 5. Phineas and Ferb // 6. Kuroshitsuji // 7. Gravity Falls // 8. Steven Universe // 9. Original // 10. Star VS the Forces of Evil


((Sorry not sorry for drawing yuuri in bob’s burgers style and him as a pony :’D))

Part 2 of The Art Style Challenge!

If you guys wanna request an art style that you want me to try and what character should I draw with that style you can >u<

Part one could be found here





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my favourite thing about phineas and ferb is that perry being a secret agent is a secret to absolutely no one aside from the flynn-fletcher family and their circle of close friends, excluding stacy for whatever reason. even after they befriend vanessa doofenshmirtz, who tells anyone who listens about her dad being an evil scientist who fights a platypus named perry, they still dont know. this is the kind of dramatic irony i live for.