I was thinking of new things I can do with my blog, aside from starting a “fashion posts”. After all, photography has been my first love before fashion. But aside from this, I wanted to add a content that I love doing the most – Photography! Yes, its been like months since I last posted photographs that I took. This ‘Photo Diary’ will not just be ordinary photos, it’ll be a mixture of wanderlust, food-trips and whatnots. Everything under the sun! So here’s a photo diary of me and my best friend at the peak catching up with each other.

Last friday my high school best friend payed a visit here in Davao to buy some things and she asked me to accompany her. Since my friends rarely visit the city the I immediately took the opportunity to bond with them hence I skipped classes (Oops! Don’t copy me. So bad! Haha) just to be with her. As usual, like the good old days, we exchanged juicy infos about our lives and laughed the whole day. Though we had a tiny weeny incident – she lost her phone inside the cinema house. Haha. Funny though, cause she bought another phone and then we checked the cinema house only to find out that her phone was just under her chair. Just wow! Haha. Just sharing. Times like these, makes me realize that having tons of friends is not important, having true few friends is what you need in your life. So, thats about it. I hope you liked this new content in my blog! Have a great week ahead :)