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Opinions Needed  (^ー^)

So I’m going to Summer in the City in a couple weeks and I’m hoping so much to meet Dan and Phil. I’m planning to make them some art, frame it and gift it to them, but I’m having some trouble deciding what to do. I’m wanting the portraits I give them to be somewhat different in some way, interesting to look at, but I can’t quite get any of my ideas to work, and I wanted some opinions on which is the ‘best’ so far?

  1. Shaded with rainbows, Phil would have a matching one

2. Starry night on Dan’s face, Phil would have a day time painting on his face

3. Just drawn with lines in the normal colours, possibly do something with the background.

Any preferences? Thanks ^u^
Or other ideas?

Dan and Phil. (2012 Phan)

“PHIL! PHIL!” Daniel shouted. “PHIL!” His voice filled with rage and an sad quiver. Philip finally walked over to Daniel to see why he was screaming at him only to find him red with rage. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE PHIL!” accused Daniel shoving his laptop in Phil’s face. It took Phil no time to realize what had happened… they had found the valentines day video. Their twitter feed where soon filled with tweets from fans going absolutely ballistic. “This can be undone, okay Dan? I can fix this.” said Phil. “Well you better fix it now” replied Dan. Phil spent the next days collecting all footage and constantly had to block people. He tried to make sure this video was wiped off the face of earth. He got lost in his ideas but was interupted by Dan. “P-p-phil we need to talk” said Daniel in a small voice. He was holding a phone in one hand and a suitcase in the other. “Dan? what are you doing?” asked Phil. “I-i cant do this anymore…” he admitted “Dan yes you can they nee–” “PHIL I DONT CARE WHAT THEY NEED” Interupted Dan “I CANT JUST GO ON LIVING IN FEAR OF MY OWN FANS OKAY? THEYRE INSANE AND IM LEAVING.” “Oh-oh-okay” said Phil. “Look okay? i need a break. ill be back when i can” said Dan walking out the door. Leaving Phil in tears. Their texts became more rare and their calls less enthusiastic until one day they were gone and they were strangers.


Phan lipsyncing Teenage Dirtbag is my aesthetic. If you havent seen this stop your life and watch it.

My favorite thing in the world is to watch Dan watch Phil talk. I love how he has this lil smile on his face as he nods along and gives Phil his complete attention. I love how he laughs at all the right times and gets this bright smile on his face whenever Phil says something funny. I love how engaged he is when Phil has something to say and kind of forgets about everything else going on. And I like to imagine this is like when they’re on their own and having their own little conversations. anD I JUST LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP SO MUCH, LIKE DAN IS SUCH A GOOD LISTENER AND IT’S SO SWEET HOW MUCH HE CARES ABOUT WHAT PHIL HAS TO SAY I JUST REALLY WANT A RELATIONSHIP LIKE THEIRS. 

OKAY SO THIS IS A THING THAT HAPPEND They were so nice and incredible and I’m Ngl I cried after. I had what I wanted to say all planned out and ready but when I got up there I blanked and just said “omg you’re so tall.” THEY WERE FUCKING GIGANTIC I DONT THINK YOU UNDERSTAND. I gave them my note and drawing( p.s Dan and Phil if you’re reading this which you aren’t but if you are I didn’t sign my note mines the one that says p.s Tasha says hi. Tasha’s tumblr is


) anyway I tried to give Phil my phone (which was actually my moms phone because mine has a huge crack through the screen I’m so clumsy sometimes) and he said he’d drop it and gave it to Dan. I took my picture and almost left without my poster bECAUSE I WAS ABOUT TO CRY I DIDN’T WANT THEM SEEING ME LIKE THAT. But anyway it was amazing and it’s still so surreal to me it all felt like a dream LONG BORING NOTE IM SORRY