Phil Collins just announced a reissue campaign for all of his studio albums. They’ll be deluxe 2CD editions with bonus live tracks and b-sides.

In a pretty unique artwork choice, he is recreating all of the classic album covers with how he appears today. I made the above image so you can compare the original releases (top) with the reissue cover art (bottom). I think it’s a brilliant artwork choice.

The reissue campaign is called Take A Look At Me Now (a lyric from his hit single “Against All Odds”), so the updated reissue cover art ties in well with the campaign branding.

The first reissue for the album Face Value comes out Nov 6th.

khoryujane asked:

Don't imagine that Phil is Adama and Melinda is Roslin in that kiss scene in Ressurection Ship part 2. Because I just did and OMG? Wouldn't that be an awesome AoS/BSG AU? :P

Too late my friend! That image is now clear in my mind ! That scene would be epic .. and I can’t even begin to imagine the state of our fandom when that happens. 

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Maybe it’ll be something like May and Phil are back from a mission. May’s injured and he patches her up. Then she gets down from the table and is about to leave when Phil suddenly stops her. She turns around and looks at him. 

Phil moves forward and she closes her eyes as Phil places a gentle kiss on her lips. It is nothing more than a peck but means everything. She has a smile on her face as Phil backs. He smiles back at her and then she turns to leave. 

It’s a beginning, a promise for more in the future. 

When I rewatched that scene 2 days back, believe me I imagined Philinda for a moment there. A Philinda kiss happening when we fans least expect it would be amazing !

anonymous asked:

I like how when you uploaded the Dan and Phil 'icons for the bae' post you didn't say 'credit me if you use it'

Why would i say credit me? 
I literally saw Phils face in the photo and was like ‘ fuck this needs to be a thing’ and then i screen capped it, and did the same to dan. 

The picture belongs to Dan and Phil all i did was almost pee myself over how funny Phil looks in it and thing it was perfect to be used as icons… 

All credit belongs to Dan and Phil 

I guess you could credit my iphone for screen capping if you want but like…. all i did was hold down some buttons and post it on here and type some words….