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a hc where dnp have very Slow Vanilla sex and dan is starting to ride phil ((slowly)) and he looses his balance and like goes down rly fast on accident and phils worried but dan rly likes it hurting? idk m8 thanks

Dan moaned as Phil started to kiss down his jaw, stopping every now and then to lick and suck at spots he knew would get Dan squirming on his lap. Phil wanted him covered in bruises the next day; he loved showing off his pretty marked up baby to the public. 

Dan slid his hands up Phil’s arms, squeezing his lean muscles and resting them on his shoulders. It was sleepy nights like these that Dan just liked to admire him, examine every little detail of his body until he knew them by heart. 

His heart thrummed in his chest and his breath hitched as Phil trailed his fingertips up his thighs, brushing the skin through the jeans and making Dan shiver like the fabric barrier was nonexistent between Phil’s skin and his.

“Phil,” he whispered, the sound coming out more desperate than he would have liked, pressing his forehead to the other’s.  

“Yes, Dan?” Phil breathed, searching his eyes and smiling, letting them flicker to the rest of Dan’s face. He knew what was coming, and he wanted it just as much as Dan did. 

Dan dipped his head to kiss the area below Phil’s chin; right on his throat; and Phil tilted his head back in response. 

“Want you so bad,” he muttered simply, sucking at the pale skin, and Phil went to work wrestling Dan’s shirt off over his head. 

It took them longer than it should have to get undressed; both of them were in an odd, hazy mood, and they kept pausing to admire each other, licking and marking and exploring their territory. Dan couldn’t stop smiling, for some reason, and Phil couldn’t take his eyes off the man straddling his lap. 

It was like they were back in 2009, need blurring their thoughts but love and admiration distracting them from the goal. Dan let out a soft, breathy giggle. 

“What?” Phil asked, grinning at him, his hands trailing over Dan’s bare chest. Dan shook his head. 

“Nothing, ‘s just…” he trailed off, his lips catching Phil’s briefly, humming into the kiss. “I love you a lot.”

Phil smiled, reaching up to run his thumb over Dan’s lower lip. 

“I love you too, baby. More than anything.”

Soon enough Dan was lowering himself on Phil; clutching his shoulders, his face buried in his neck. 

He let out a soft gasp and Phil gripped his hips, he would never want to hurt Dan, so on vanilla nights like these, he always made him go slow. 

Dan whimpered softly, digging his nails into Phil’s flesh and biting down on his throat, a bit harder than he had anticipated. 

In Phil’s surprise at the bite, heat shooting through his body, he lost his grip on Dan’s hips. Dan had been weak already, need fuzzing his senses, and he went down hard with Phil no longer supporting him like he had been. 

Dan gasped, a strangled cross between a moan and a whimper caught in his throat, the air knocked out of him. The pain at the sudden movement and the tight fit hurt, bad, but for some reason arousal heated Dan’s skin and added to how turned on he obviously already was.

Phil couldn’t help but moan, the unanticipated tight heat surrounding him causing pleasure to course through his body. 

“Shit,” he cursed softly, holding Dan steady. “Are you alright? Did I hurt you?”

It took Dan a moment to force himself to shake his head, wrapping his arms around Phil’s neck and clinging to him like a child. 

“P-Please,” he choked out, shaking. This often happened, Phil knew, during sex; Dan would just lose his head, and find the slightest of conversation impossible. “’S good, fuck, it’s so good.” 

“Good?” Phil repeated, kneading Dan’s ass in his hands, controlling Dan’s movements. 

“Mhm,” Dan hummed. “So fucking good, Jesus.” 

Phil nodded, and groaned as Dan began to slowly grind down on him. 

“Want m-more,” Dan stuttered. Phil pulled him up slowly, almost completely leaving him, and Dan whined. 

In one rough movement he pulled him down again, and Dan moaned loudly. 

“Ah-!” he gasped, the noises getting caught halfway out. “Please, please more, want it- want the pain…”

And that was how their night of vanilla sex turned not so vanilla. 

hit me baby, one more time?

word count: 2.5k

summary: dan calls himself daddy, and phil finds out dan has a pain kink

warnings: blood, degradation, pain kink, ddlb, swearing just general kinky shit

a/n: this is probably shit but oh well

“yes! daddy wins! daddy’s the best!” dan giggled as that round ended.

“stop calling yourself daddy it’s weird!” phil said jokingly as they continued the game. after the game ended, and they shut off the camera, phil turned to dan with a soft smirk on his face.

“really dan? daddy? a little bit of a stretch for you, don’t you think?” he asked as he settled a hand on dans thigh, squeezing gently.

“yeah i was just immersed in the game phil it was nothing!” dan replied nervously, his cock twitching from phil’s hand on his leg.

phil nodded. “good, because we both know who’s daddy here, don’t we baby boy?”

dan whimpered and bit his lip, trying to contain himself. phil stood up and placed his hands on each of dans armrests, looking at dan sharply. “ i asked you a question, so answer me properly.”

“well, i don’t know, i think that i could probably dom you,” dan mused.

“oh really? that’s a good joke, dan,” phil scoffed.

“i mean, you’re not even that good of a dom anyways, you barely even make me hard sometimes,” dan stated.

phil furrowed his brows. “i know you like it. stop lying.”

“oh i’m not lying. maybe i just need to find someone else. someone who can actually dom me well. you can barely even control me.” dan examined his nails nonchalantly. “i mean, you’re a bit of a wimp.”

phil growled low in his throat, bringing his hand back and slapping dan across the face, the contact creating a loud sound that reverberated throughout their office.

phil widened his eyes in horror. “oh god dan i’m so sorry i didn’t mean to, it was an accident!”

dan groaned at the impact, a harsh red already blooming on his cheek. “more,” he said breathily.

phil gasped. “jesus, dan, you kinky shit.”

“please, phil, just hit me again,” dan asked.

“um, okay,” phil complied and brought his hand down again, creating the same result as last time: a loud, low moan from dan.

“oh you like that, don’t you?” phil asked, his mind beginning to become more and more dominant. “you just wanted to get a rise out of me so i would hit you didn’t you?”

dan nodded. “i’ve wanted you to hit me for so long, slap me, punch me, whip me, please!”

phil found it almost scarily easy to become so dominant, so aggressive. he just couldn’t help it. dan was looking up at him with those pretty brown eyes of his, and all phil wanted to do was fucking ruin his innocent demeanor.

“oh my god dan you’re such a little slut. you’re already hard,” phil trailed his hand up his thigh and brushed his fingers lightly against dan’s bulge, making his breath hitch. “i barely even hit you, but all you want is more.”

“hit me, daddy. please mark me up, make me bleed,” dan whined. there was nothing that he loved more than phil hitting him. he wanted phil to find his dom headspace, where all of his energy was focused on using and abusing dan. he couldn’t get enough of it; the pain felt so, so good. the crack of the belt against his skin, the sting of the paddle, the pull of the clamps, all of it. he had gotten off in the shower many times to the thought of phil hitting him til bruises bloomed on his flesh and blood speckled his skin.

“oh baby, you’re going to love what’s coming.” phil trailed his finger down the milky expanse of dan’s neck, down over his collarbone, chest, and stomach, imagining how beautifully the dark bruises and scarlet blood would contrast against his pale skin.

dan whimpered. “sir please. i know you want to hit me, leave marks everywhere. abuse me. please?” he asked, looking up through his eyelashes at phil, trying to convince him. he needed this so badly. he and phil had lovely sex all the time, but lately it was just sweet, vanilla stuff with whispered “i love you’s” and soft sounds, and dan was craving more. he wanted, no, needed, this, needed to be put in his place by phil, by his master.

phil stood up. “downstairs. my room. clothes off, against the wall. now.”

dan nodded excitedly and lifted himself out of his chair, but phil put his hand around dans neck and squeezed roughly and pushed him back down. “i swear to fucking god, if you touch yourself, i will flog you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week.”

dan made a soft sound in his throat and choked out a “yes sir” with what little breath he had left.

“good boy. now go.”

dan immediately shot up and scampered downstairs, phil’s eyes following his sweet little baby’s ass as he left the room.

dan raced downstairs and entered phils room, quickly stripping and standing with his front towards the wall, his legs spread apart and his hands on the wall above his head, his chest rising and falling quickly in anticipation. a few minutes later he heard footsteps entering the room along with the sound of something else, possibly metallic.

“wow you finally managed to be a good little whore, i’m surprised,” phil said.

dan nodded, and turned his head to the side in hopes of seeing what phil had brought in, but he instead received and harsh slap on his ass, making dan rock forward and then push back for more.

“princess, be patient or ill just leave you like this, hard and pathetic,” phil growled in dan’s ear, turning him around away from the wall. dan looked slightly confused, as phil had told him to be at the wall, but didn’t have much time to think as phil’s fist came sailing towards his jaw. the impact made dan’s teeth clack together and he stumbled onto the ground from the surprise.

“yes sir, sorry sir,” dan replied, bringing his hand up to cup his jaw.

“get the fuck up, you stupid whore,” phil growled, pushing his hand into dan’s hair and yanking him up by his brown locks.

dan winced as phil pulled his hair, and scrambled to his feet.

“get in position you bitch, now.”

dan turned around and spread his legs again, straightening his posture and breathing in deep.

then he opened his mouth in a scream as he felt a sharp metal object hit the skin of his back.

“you answer me loud and clear or else i’ll gag you okay? here are the rules. since i am such a nice master, i’m giving you the pain you so desperately hope for. i will be using two objects to hit you, the first the leather part of the belt, the second is the buckle of the belt. i will be giving you twenty of the first and five of the second, and then fuck you if i feel like you deserve it. you will stay in this position until i say so. if you fall or move, i’ll not let you come for a month, got it?” phil asked.

“yes daddy,” dan answered, biting his lip in anticipation.

“color, baby?” phil inquired, suddenly turning soft and loving, making sure he did in fact have the okay from dan.

“green, daddy, please just get on with it!” dan whined, arching his back.

phil answered with a sharp slap to dan’s ass, jumping back into his dominant headspace, and slammed dan’s head into the wall. “don’t fucking tell me what to do.”

dan groaned and then smiled as he felt blood start to drip from his nose and down onto his chest. he was so hard already it hurt and his cock was blurting precome onto the floor.

“now, i’m going to fit you with a ball gag so the neighbors won’t hear your slutty moans okay?” phil growled.

“yes daddy.”

phil went over to his pile of toys and picked out the gag, which had a nice black strap and a bright red ball in the middle, and brought it over to dan. “look at me.”

dan turned his head towards phil, meeting his bright blue eyes that were filled with lust. phil leaned in and pressed his mouth to dan’s, kissing him roughly right from the start. their mouths melded together, teeth clacking and lips bruising. phil swiped his tongue on dan’s soft bottom lip and dan immediately opened, a soft whine erupting low in his throat. suddenly, phil pulled back and slapped him roughly again, making dan pant even harder. phil pushed the ball in between dan’s pretty pink lips and pulled the strap around his head, pulling it tight.


dan nodded, and phil pressed a soft kiss to dans nose, then turned away and grabbed the brown leather belt from his dresser.

“you ready, whore?” phil asked dan, as he took his place behind him.

dan nodded and moaned low in his throat, trying to say ‘please’ but only managed to let out a garbled plea.

phil smirked and wrapped the belt around his hand for a better grip, then pulled his arm back and whipped it forward, the leather hitting dan’s pale back, forcing a shriek from dans mouth. phil grinned sadistically at the bright pink mark that was already forming on dan’s back.

every hit that phil delivered made dan’s muscles tighten up and a small moan leave his mouth, but not once did he move from his position. phil was on the last hit with the leather, and this one was the hardest, the sound of the belt hitting skin was deliciously loud and dan’s muffled moans were even better.

phil stepped back and looked at his handiwork, dan’s back scored with red marks, some had purple bruises beginning to form on the outside. dan’s breathing was heavy and ragged and his cock was constantly dripping precome now.

dan could feel his hot breath bounce off the wall and the pain dancing up and down his back was warm and stinging.

the belt buckle was a relatively new torture weapon to dan, and completely new to phil. back then, with dan’s previous partner, he was scared of the metal, the blood it pulled out, the way it stung for days afterwards. but now? now he wanted it more than he had ever wanted anything, besides of course phil’s cock.

dan turned his head to the side and tried to say something, but his effort was unsuccessful.

“what was that, slut?” phil asked, walking to dan and facing him. dan tried once again to speak, but it came out muffled and incoherent. phil tugged the ball gag down and gripped dan’s chin. “what is it, whore?”

“d-daddy,” dan stammered, his voice shaky, “feels so good, want to bruise, want to bleed, please daddy more, more, want your cock too, i’m so hard, please!”

phil chuckled. “so impatient, so greedy. beg for it, you fucking cockslut.”

“daddy oh god please hit me more twenty isn’t enough! i want more, please. ruin me, mark me, abuse me, i need it! i want it, please sir,” dan begged, his voice dripping with desperation, his only thought was the metal glinting at the end of the belt still wrapped around phil’s hand.

phil sighed. “disappointing, thought you could do better. guess you just are a dumb whore.”

he stepped back and flipped the belt around so that the metal was dragging on the ground. phil had never been so aroused in his entire life, looking at his little cockslut in front of him, wrecked. but not wrecked enough, phil thought.

dan didn’t feel or hear anything for a feel seconds and was concerned that phil had left, when he felt the metal connecting with his skin. his mouth opened in a scream, the cold buckle pulling away before he could catch his breath. the pain shot through his body and his knees buckled, his head dipping low between his shoulders.

“ah, ah, remember whore, if you don’t stay in position you will get a punishment, and not one that your slutty little body will enjoy.” phil reprimanded, pulling the buckle back to him to prepare for another shot.

the buckle hit dan’s back again and another moan/scream ripped from his throat. he felt the warm blood from the harsh hit run down his back and he moaned again loudly despite the gag.

phil once again approached dan and pulled down the gag, whispering in his ear. “i want to hear your loud, whorish moans as i hit you, okay?”

“yes sir,” dan groaned, finally able to talk.

“good boy, such a good, slutty, princess for me.”

dan whined at the praise and arched his back, asking phil silently to hit him again.

phil grinned and complied, making the metal kiss dan’s skin again, and dan tipped his head back and screamed, the pain feeling better than any vibrator or other toy he had ever felt.

again and again the metal hit dans skin, and again and again dan screamed and moaned until his voice was hoarse. the last hit again was the worst, phil bringing down the buckle harder than ever before, opening up a bright red gash on dans back, blood pressing to the surface instantly. dan came instantly as the metal hit, unable to hold it in any longer, the pain just felt so overwhelmingly good.

phil looked at dan, his back painted with bright reds and purples and cum dripping slowly down his leg, and phil had never seen anything more beautiful in his life. it was his first time abusing dan like that, and phil loved it more than he cared to admit.

phil’s study was broken by a low whine from dan who was still in position and phil rushed to his side.

“don’t worry baby, it’s okay you did so good, let’s get you cleaned up, yeah?” phil asked gently, turning dan to face him.

dan’s face was a mess of tears and a bit of blood from his nose, and he looked absolutely exhausted. he still was breathing heavily and he looked up at phil with half-lidded eyes. “hurts,” he said softly.

“c'mere, love, can you make it to the bathroom?” phil asked gently, placing his hands on both sides of dans face.

dan nodded sleepily, his eyes drifting close as phil wraps his arm around his waist.

“i’m sorry baby, you have to stay awake just a bit more so we can get you taken care of, okay?” phil said, looking at dan to make sure he opened his eyes.

dan simply nodded again and they made their way slowly to the bathroom. when they got there, phil sat dan on the closed toilet seat while he began to fill the tub with water, not adding any bath bombs or bubbles as it might sting dan’s back. every so often he would turn around to make sure dan stayed awake, and to his credit, dan was trying.

phil stood from his position kneeling by the tub and went to leave, but he heard dan whine and turned around to see him making grabby hands at phil.

“i’ll be right back love. i have to go get some stuff for your back okay?” phil asked him.

“okay,” dan replied, all his energy spent.

phil smiles and kisses his curly hair before turning again and exiting the room.

he came back with some pain medication, salve, and gel to sterilize and soothe the marks. he set them on the counter and went over to dan to pick him up and help him to the bath. as dan sunk into the steamy water, he winced at the burn.

“do you want me to stay out here, princess?”

“yes daddy,” dan said quietly, but reached his hand out to phil, who grabbed it and began stroking his arm lightly.

“daddy?” dans soft voice carried to phil.

“yes, darling?”

“can we do that again?”

this is a lot longer than i thought it would be? also constructive criticism is always welcome as i’m new to writing

The Meaning of Love

Summary: Phil Lester is an intern at the British Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Neko – an organisation that focuses on rescuing abandoned or mistreated neko and rehabilitating them for re-adoption. He can’t say he fully agrees with the way many neko are treated, but in a world where they have no rights Phil has to agree that being someones pet is the best option for them. Then neko #504 is brought into the shelter and Phil finally realises just how alike humans and neko are.

Genre: Angst, fluff, a little smut, lots and lots of feels

Word count: 17,260

Warning: Mentions of past physical/sexual abuse

Notes: I got a couple of prompts asking for a neko!dan fic so I started writing one and this monster happened. I ended up writing and editing all this in less than three days and honestly, I’m proud of this.

You can also read on AO3 here.

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1. I’m in love with your boyfriend.


Also if you like the oneshot, let me know and comment some prompts because I’ll do them :)

SUMMARY: Dan’s girlfriend Ella comes to stay with him and Phil for a week and Phil is shocked by how he feels about it.

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New Man



summary: it’s been a year, and dan and phil haven’t spoken since the night the door had slammed and their relationship was placed on its deathbed. dan knows phil isn’t happy. dan knows andrew isn’t phil’s type. he knows there are fewer things phil would rather do less than spend his free time in the gym, eat kale, and drive cars that probably cost more than his house. dan isn’t happy either, but there’s little he can do other than watch phil’s new life blossom from behind the glass of a phone screen.

(aka basically a fic based on ed sheeran’s absolute Banger of a song new man I highly recommend)

word count: 7k

warnings: alcohol, brief mention of smoking


“What are you doing tomorrow night?”

He freezes, his heart thudding.


“Are you around at all?” Phil prompts, and the lack of hesitation in his voice is almost disconcerting.

Dan skips a beat. He knows this is only the vodka talking, only the alcohol unzipping Phil’s reserved exterior and giving way to a pushy, over-enthusiastic and giggly side to his character, but there’s a part of him, albeit a very small part buried deep down, that desperately wants to say yes.

“Um-“ Dan gulps, his chest thumping. “Are you sure about that?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” he sighs. “Let’s face it. We haven’t spoken in months, about anything, and you just pop up and phone me completely out of nowhere,” he gulps, before adding in a lower voice, “and it’s not like we ended on brilliant terms, either.”

“Which is why I’m saying we should meet up now,” Phil urges. “We both miss each other, don’t we?”

He’s twenty weeks deep, and apparently they went to Paris last summer.

His thumb slides idly along the glass, scrolling through filtered picture after filtered picture. The Eiffel Tower. The Louvre. A familiar face beside the River Seine, the city lights stretching into amber ribbons on the water’s surface. Some expensive-looking car parked on the side of the road, white shine and blacked-out windows. White wine on the balcony, the sunset a pastel cascade over the city. It looks as if they had a good time.

He lurks with great care, monitoring the movement of every muscle in his thumb in hopes of avoiding the dreaded double tap. Accidentally liking your ex’s new boyfriend’s pictures in itself is certainly one thing, but ones dating way back over five months ago is another.

It’s harder to look at Phil’s Instagram that far back. When there’s a red heart below the picture instead of a transparent one, it takes him a while to figure out whether or not he’d already liked the picture or if he’d slipped up.

He scrolls more. Cars, cars, four tattooed guys at some exotic-looking bar wearing matching grins, a beach, more fucking cars, gym selfie, gym selfie, and-

What the fuck?

He frowns at his phone screen, peering into the glass with narrowed eyes like he’s seeing properly for the first time.

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Title: down this unfamiliar road
Rating: T
Word Count: 872
Summary: Dan and Phil - a house hunting journey. 

[read on ao3]

“This one has a garden,” Phil says, finger trailing down a paper printout.

(Killing the trees, Dan had said, when it came in the mail.

They died so we could have aircon, Dan, Phil had said, not missing a beat.)

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Touch ;

a/n; i wanted to finish this now but i had to go to a play !! but i like this idea/au, so here’s a taste. // should i continue this?? maybe this could be a THING //

Pairing ; phan

Warnings ; cursing, mild panic attack, mentions of shooting/guns

Genre ; fluff, mostly SFW

Summary ; shy!theatre nerd! phil, popular!soft! dan

Phil has been silently in love with Dan Howell for ages now, the popular boy who’s nice to everyone and wears nail polish and always speaks his mind, and he has hardly even talked to him. Just the occasional bump in the hallway or Dan asking for a pencil will make him fall deeper and deeper in love, and it hurts him that Dan doesn’t even know his name. His world completely changes when there’s a lock down at their school, however… and they get stuck in the bathroom together for four hours. 

10:14 am

“Students of Jackson Highschool, we urge you to stay calm. Please make your way to the nearest classroom, and remember, no running.”

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Flower Boy

Summary: Phil’s a little shy with his newfound friend during a school field trip.

Genre: High School AU, flower boy!pastel!Phil, punk!Dan

Warnings: none

A/N: So I wrote this instead of doing my astronomy homework. It’s short and sweet, not much editing, but I love it. I’m a huge sucker for pastel!phil and punk!dan, though. This is dedicated to the anon that said they’d love to read this and @dooloonoo since this is her favorite trope. Hope you guys enjoy! Also, a new chapter of Sugar on Top will be out soon. I promise.

Maybe I’ll make a Part Two of this someday.

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Is the clone war's announcer part of the jedi doc.?

Hahahaha, like the Jedi have him come along as part of the package? 

The Documentary Director: Who’s that guy? Is he a Jedi, too?
Mace: No, that’s Phil. He’s our narrator.
Director: Oh. Wait, what?
Shaak Ti: He queues up our next adventure for us.
Director: What…all the time?
Phil: [trailing behind Yoda, who is walking down the hall] DAYBREAK! Master Yoda, awakening from a restful night’s sleep, walks towards the dining hall in search of badly-needed caf! Meanwhile, JEDI KNIGHT ANAKIN SKYWALKER and his Padawan AHSOKA TANO, have just spilled all of the remaining caf on the floor while doing an ill-advised handstand competition!
Yoda: [groans] 
Phil: As the two desperately try to cover up their mess before Master Yoda arrives, JEDI MASTER OBI-WAN KENOBI approaches with towels to assist the frazzled Jedi – unaware that he is about to accidentally back up into a large stack of glass mugs!
[the sound of breaking glass and Obi-Wan’s swearing can be heard]
Mace: [to the Director] Phil’s very good at his job. 

White Chocolate Kisses

Summary: Sometimes Phil needs to be taken care of.

Warnings: Smut/// Tags: sub!Phil, top!Phil, powerbottom!Dan, NSFW, cock cage, edging, fleshlight, praise, all that jazz

Beta: @emywright-funpics


Send in prompts

Normally, Dan and Phil don’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day. Going out to dinner just isn’t them, and they can get discount chocolates the next day. This year though, Dan has plans. Lately he’s seen the way the exhaustion and stress is weighing down Phil’s shoulders. For the first time in forever, Dan gets up first and runs out of the flat to get some things for the day. He makes pancakes and wakes Phil up with a kiss on the nose and the plate, alongside of roses.

“Dan, I thought we weren’t doing anything,” Phil complains sleepily, fumbling for his glasses.

Smiling, Dan cuts up a piece of pancake and feeds it to Phil. “Yeah, but it’s okay. I’ve got plans for you tonight, sweetheart.”

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Cact-US, not Cact-I // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff, highschool!phan

Words: 2.2k

Relationship status: together

Warnings: terrible puns

Summary: Dan is upset because his boyfriend Phil, who’s a year older than him, is able to go to the school formal, but Dan. Little does he know Phil has a trick up his sleeve to fix that problem…

A/N: As it is prom season, I felt the need to write a really dumb prom fic :) Well, promposal fic, but it still counts, so…yeah. Enjoy, I guess lol

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Summary:  Dan had always had a tough time orgasming with partners. It was always a sore spot for his ex-girlfriend who took it personally. It wasn’t personal- it was just the fact that he got so wound up and in his head, coupled with the pressure for it to actually happen, that it never did. 

Warnings: SIN

Genre: fluffysmut

Word Count: 2,436

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Phan: Degradation

Summary: Phil calls Dan a slut during sex and Dan doesn’t like it. 

Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut
Warning: degradation, dub-con
Wordcount: 1.8k
A/N: I decided it’s time to finally start working on the prompts in my inbox. I have no idea how old this one is, I’m sorry it took me so long. 

If someone would ask Dan how his sex life was, he’d confidently reply that it was great. Him and Phil, they had plenty of sex. In the bedroom. In the living room. In the kitchen. In the shower. And not only did they have plenty of sex, they also had good sex. Mind-blowing sex. The kind of sex that made you come so hard that you’d feel boneless afterwards, needing a minute or two to catch your breath again.

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i’m not leaving

Request: Imagine story labour with Dan being idk cute and scared and awesome as well so like himself

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: I really loved this idea, so thank you so much for requesting!

Pairings: Dan x Reader

Warnings: child labour? like birth? but that ain’t really a warning, it’s literally how you were born.

Originally posted by patchworkshirt

“I was suppose to be there for her!” Dan screamed, frustrated with himself. His heart beating rapidly against his chest and his hands gripping the seat that he sat in as his eyes watched the road carefully. 

“Dan, honestly, it’s okay.” Phil reassured him, giving him a soft look before readjusting his eyes on the road before him. He was trying to hurry and keep calm himself, but it was a bit hard when his best friends of years was shaking with literally anticipation and fear. He was practically bouncing in his seat like a three year old.

Dan sighed, grabbing at his hair in frustration. His curled locks were messed and his iconic fringe was frantically pushed back. “No! It isn’t! I was suppose to be the one to take her to the hospital and I was out.” 

Phil couldn’t help but lightly chuckle to himself, pulling into a parking spot, he turned to his best friend, setting a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Dan, Y/N wasn’t even alone. She was with her mom. Plus she’s early, isn’t she? How were you suppose to know?” He asked, trying to get Dan to stop having a panic attack. “Plus, she isn’t dying. She’s giving birth.”

Dan let out a sigh, calming his breath as he nodded to himself. “You’re right. Thank you.” Phil smiled.

“We should get going, shouldn’t we? She’s probably already in the room.” Dan nodded, unbuckling and quickly exiting the car. His breathing had calmed but he was still walking with a skip in his step to reach his destination quicker. Once he found out what room you were in, he walked through the halls, locating your rooms number. Phil trailed behind him before coming to a stop, knowing he couldn’t be in.

Dan stopped before the closed door, not sure on what to do. With a frantic breath, he turned back to Phil. “I don’t think I can do this, Phil.” He sighed.

“What are you talking about, Dan?” Phil asked incredulously. Walking up to his long time friend and grabbing him by the shoulder again. “That’s your wife in there, Dan! And she’s giving birth to your child! You need to be there for her.” Dan looked over at Phil, knowing he was right. But he was just so scared he would mess up or something was going to go wrong. But he was also pouncing with excitement. 

“Okay.” He nodded before walking through the door. When he walked in, he saw you but before he could say anything he was dressed in sanitary garbs and a masked before directed beside you. He took deep breaths to calm himself and sat in the chair beside your bed. You smiled, happy to see him, trying to calm yourself. 

“Hey.” You grinned.

“Hey.” He returned, turning to look at the rest of your body. He grabbed your hand, squeezing tightly.

“I’m glad you were able to come.” You teased.

Dan laughed, “i’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Honestly, i’m just glad you’re here now. I was so scared.” You squeezed his hand, finally excepting the erratic beating of your heart. You tried to hide the tears but you could feel one slip. This was your first time ever giving birth and you’d knew it would hurt, you were scared. 

Suddenly you felt another pain, and with a yell, you groaned. The doctor began to fuss as he told you that you were about to begin. You tried to calm your breathing and ignore the pain as you squeezed Dan’s hand even tighter. “i’m scared.” You whimpered.

Dan leaned forward, letting you crush his hand. “I’ll be here, Y/N. I’m not leaving you.”

Sick of Losing You

Summary: I can finally see you’re as fucked up as me, so how do we win?

Word Count: 4.4k

Genre: angst, some fluff, song fic, 2009!phan, 2012!phan

Warnings: pre-smut, mildly implied past abusive relationship, explicit mentions of self-harm, depression, and suicide in some of the artwork, and GLEE SPOILERS!!!

A/N: So this fic was a wild ride that I wrote for three consecutive days whilst on a road trip with my family.

This whole idea with the phanart has been in my mind for a while, so I’m finally glad it’s coming to life! 

This fic is purely inspired by Dodie’s song Sick of Losing Soulmates which you should definitely check out because it’s a very beautiful song!

Also *cheeky spon* I made a sub-par cover to this song on my youtube channel which you can check out here!

I’d like to thank my wonderful artists who will be credited down below and also in each of their pieces linked to their corresponding scenes.

Artists (credited with their Instagram users):

  • dustyctrl
  • em.ilyart
  • kiyanaxoxo
  • draqonfruiit
  • artisticozone (mik)
  • krly.friezzz
  • vivian_art_13

Also thank you to Sam @crescendohowell who beta’d this fic for me! Once again, very amazing and helped me fill in some minor details, gaps, and random grammar errors here and there.

for bear.

Enjoy my lovelies <33

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June 1: Jealousy is just how I operate

Title: Jealousy is just how I operate
Tags: Fluff, implied reference to sex happening after this?, drabble, jealous!Dan,
Words: ~1k
There’s a new girl at the radio station. She’s flirty, Phil is charming and Dan? Dan is jealous.

Prompt: Anon sent - Jealous!Dan & radio show are probably my favorite tropes.

FEDIJ Day: June 1

Previous Day | Masterlist of fics so far

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anonymous asked:

can you write punk!dan and pastel!phil go shopping and phil gets distracted by something and dan finds something so cute and pastel and tries it on and phil finds him (dan claims to hate pastels on himself)

“Dann, why not?” Phil whined for probably the hundredth time, stomping his foot a bit. Dan rolled his eyes, swinging their hands as they walked through the mall.

“Because!” Dan scrunched his nose. “I hate pastels on me. It just doesn’t fit me.”

Phil shook his head. “Right, because your soul is so dark and depressing.” His tone was mocking, and Dan sighed.

“Exactly,” he said defensively, grinning crookedly.

“I still don’t see why you can’t just try something on.” Phil smirked, drawing a finger up Dan’s chest. “I can make it worth it…”

Dan raised his eyebrows, slapping Phil’s hand away. “You’re really gonna play that card?”

Phil pouted, crossing his arms. “You’re no fun.”

Dan just scoffed, running his fingers through his hair. He bit his lip, running his tongue over his lip piercing.

“Dan!” Phil practically shrieked, stopping in his tracks, making Dan flinch.

“Jesus, what?” Dan grumbled, stopping and turning to look at the pastel clad boy. Phil’s eyes were lit up, staring in the window of the store in front of him.

“Dan! Look at all of them!” He pointed at the display of cactuses and small succulents on sale, his grin widening. “They’re so cute, oh my god…”

Dan groaned, shaking his head and grabbing Phil’s hand, trying to tug him away. “We’ve talked about this, you already have enough house plants, you don’t need to kill more…”

“DAN!” Phil shouted again, more shrill this time, and Dan let go of his hand to cover his ears.

“Phil, stop fucking-” he whirled on him, but Phil was already gone; inside the store.

Dan grumbled under his breath, shaking his head and straightening his leather jacket. “Fine, I’ll just wait here then…” he trailed off, sighing and looking around.

That’s when he noticed the Forever 21 across the way, and he bit his lip. There was a sweater in the window, a soft looking blue-purple turtleneck that would probably go to mid thigh on him.

It wouldn’t be bad to just look at it, right…?


Phil walked out of the flower shop holding four tiny succulents, and a bouquet of flowers, for Dan. He frowned, looking around.

Dan was nowhere to be seen, and Phil licked his lips. He wouldn’t leave without him, would he? No, of course not… He must be nearby.

That’s when Phil’s eyes settled on the Forever 21 on the other side of the aisle. He grinned. While he was waiting for Dan, he might as well look… he needed a new yellow flower crown anyways, surely Dan wouldn’t mind.

Phil walked into the store, moving to the section right next to the changing rooms. Which was clearly the right decision when HIS BOYFRIEND walked out, not seeing him, twirling a bit in front of the mirror and inspecting his appearance.

Phil dropped the bouquet, his mouth falling open.

Dan looked incredible; Phil would say better than Phil had ever looked in pastel, but that was just his opinion. He was wearing a perfectly loose wool sweater, the color of cloudy skies just before the sun comes out, the sleeves hanging just above his fingertips. He was also wearing a skirt. Phil’s tough, tattooed, pierced, punk boyfriend was wearing a pink tennis skirt, going down mid thigh. And he looked good.

“D-Dan…?” He stuttered, still shocked.

Dan jumped, turning to Phil and holding a hand to his heart, his eyes wide, his face instantly going red.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Phil, don’t do that,” he breathed, his voice catching. “This isn’t what it looks like, I swear.”

“Oh really?” Phil smirked, raising an eyebrow. “Because it looks like you’re wearing a skirt, Dan.”

Dan’s blush darkened, and he licked his lips. “Uh…” he trailed off.

Phil rolled his eyes, stepping forward and taking Dan’s hands in his. He leaned forward, kissing Dan’s cheek and grinning.

“You look amazing, babe,” he muttered, raising his eyebrows.

“Y-You think…?” Dan asked softly, looking down at himself. “I thought it was silly…”

“No.” Phil shook his head. “It’s really pretty. I would buy it if I thought I could pull it off, but you do better.” He smiled, searching Dan’s eyes.

Dan hesitated, and nodded. “Okay. I’ll buy it. But if you ever say a word about this to anyone, I’ll hide your plants.”

Phil gasped, laughing and ruffling Dan’s hair. “Oh, that reminds me, I bought you flowers pretty boy. Do you think they match your aesthetic now?”

Dan smacked him over the head, mumbling a ‘shut up,’ under his breath and turning to go back into the changing room.