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Freljord and/or Shurima))


Swain’s allies in the Frejlord can go down one of two (likely) paths depending on the roleplayers and timeline:

  • Swain ideally would form an alliance with the Winter’s Claw. The Winter’s Claw’s beliefs reflect Noxus’ core philosophies, and Swain wouldn’t need to conquer the Frejlord in order to ensure the strongest thrived and the weak died in the cold.
  • He may extend a hand towards the Frostguard, but it would more likely be for access to their libraries. They hold histories far older than any archive in Noxus could ever tell, and Swain knows they are hiding something… Lissandra probably wouldn’t let him have that knowledge, and he couldn’t just storm the Frostguard without tripping some major global alarms.
  • Swain does not want an alliance with the Avarosan. While they are the best long-term faction, they also spit upon Noxian philosophies and the Barbarian tribes were people he had fought against in the Northern Pacification Campaign. they’d practically have to throw themselves at Noxus’ feet to consider an alliance, and even then they’d be a Puppet State.

Swain’s allies in Shurima are far more complicated…

  • For one thing, an alliance with Azir is… Unlikely. Azir’s goals of bringing Shurima’s Glory to all of Runeterra conflict with Swain’s desire to enforce the Noxian Regime upon the world. A Noxian also harmed Sivir, even if the Du Couteaus are enemies of the Current Regime. That being said… If they could ally (and didn’t at any point betray each other) theirs would be an empire that could control the world.
  • An alliance with Xerath is far more likely, but even then Swain would be incredibly careful. He doesn’t want Xerath to become a Literal God as it will interfere with his ability to enforce the Noxian Way when everyone’s too busy praising Our Dark Savior, Xerath. However, allying with Xerath and breaking him free of the bindings could also supplement Noxus with an ally about as potent as a World Rune… a LIVING World Rune.
  • Taliyah will (almost canonically) unite the people against Noxus, so Swain will not find any other factions worth allying with (It’s kind of hard to find good allies when your enemies can FUCKING CRACK MOUNTAINS)

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You know you really have a way with writing and expression yourself, have you ever considered writing anything? I teach philosophy and your expression is very interesting

Can you either confirm or deny if this is completely serious because deep down inside me the transition I’ve had from HATING writing (because of school) to really kind of enjoying using it as a personal form of expression….has been like j chilling bellow surface and I need to know if ur for real or not because I’m very interested to hear this

Star Trek Beyond sucked. I got nauseous and so did my sister and Bob. The whole Bourne Legacy camera shake made me sick. And my god the writing and storyline were so…wtf? Like there was nothing Star Trek about the movie. I could’ve watched Transformers again, and it would’ve given me the same satisfaction of seeing futuristic machine action. There was NO real philosophy or anything that makes Star Trek the enigma it was. 😳

RBG isn’t just a movement. The Red Black & Green flag pioneered by Marcus Garvey represents the black nation. The blood shed by our ancestors, our skin & the motherland. Black nationalism is simply put a political/economic/social philosophy that African people should control the political/economic/social climate in African communities. Not too much to ask for…
#HTxH #HightopsandHeels #Brooklyn #graffiti #RBG #williamsburg #nycgraffiti #nyc #streetscene

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Congratulations, Emily! You have been accepted for the role of Samuel Abbadelli with the face claim of  Sebastian Stan.  Please make a new blog for your character and send a message from it to the main within 48 hours. 

Admin Note:
  We really enjoyed reading your application. From the descriptive word choice, to the artistic prose, it was truly an enjoyable application to read and definitely one of the most beautiful applications we have received! Your Samuel is truly an original, and we are honestly feeling very lucky that you brought him to us. We cannot wait to see how he grows and develops within Attica! 

(Full Application Below)

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 263

Wikipedia Poem, No. 263

External image

“When poets discover that their words refer only to words and not to a reality which must be described as faithfully as possible, they despair.” Czeslaw Miłosz, Witness of Poetry

in this venomous season of anywhere
one comments on becoming underscored
and the commentary thus weathers the arena
setting sea immortable face in the stones
and no fire-stance of armed wit the arachnid
worldwide scions…

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Truly Evil

We know this already.

Nothing and nobody is evil purely for the sake of being evil, its often considered to be lazy character writing when a character doesnt really have any real motivations to do what they do.

These cliche characters still pop up sometimes, and its no wonder. There will always be that lazy plot developer that just shrugs and throws someone in there to spice things up.

Thats no neccessarily to say that the story is bad, or the plot. Its a bit lazy, yes, but its important how the characters react and deal with the problem - why the problem is there in the first place is an optional information gap.

And the extremely good stories always have the good villians, but that doesnt stop a story with cliche from being bad. Cliche in itself is something that can exist in real life as well and it may be counted as lazy, but since its real, why not? Look past the cringe and you will find that even cliches are normal people and conversations as well.

So villians can be WRITTEN purely evil for no reason whatsoever except for screwing things over for the plot, but they dont exist that way?

Is that really so?

Why dont we look at the greatest committers of crime in history: Killers. Serial Murderers. The spawn of all Evil.

What motivations could they possibly have to commit their crimes? Scrolling through a few wiki and study pages, it was, mostly, trouble in the family as in abuse or the family members being mostly mentaly ill. Take… Albert Fish as an example, one of the most dangerous killers in history.

For now pushing aside the fact that he was both masoschistic and sadistic, what motivations did he, a real person that is (thankfully) long dead, have for commiting his crimes and getting himself in so much trouble?

Was it really just his sadistic and masoschistic background and the fact that half his family tree suffered from severe hallucinations? And didnt he know that what he was doing was wrong?

Oh he did. He was arrested a few times, but let free everytime, probably through some sort of connections to prison holders. He KNEW what he was doing was wrong as ever, and he did it anyways.

Do you know those young children that keep climbing walls, writing on walls, sreaming, shouting and hitting over children? They know what they are doing is wrong. But since its getting them attention and… and what else does it give them?

Satisfaction. Satisfaction for, oddly enough, breaking rules. Its simply this form of excitement, this anticipation, the fear of being caught or not. So, in a sense, they are being annoying for the sake of being annoying because their not supposed to be annoying.

Thats the same way that a villian could be breaking rules just for the sake of breaking rules. Their bored with their lives, they love the thrill of being caught or not caught, they want to see what happens. So in a sense, some people are being ‘evil’ simply for the sake of being ‘evil’. Their aware of it and all they do is laugh it off, because they’ve done this themselves. They fit into this role on their own.

I am not saying that villians shouldnt be thought out characters, simply that maybe sometimes, a cliche is more than just a simple, lazy plot device.

I'd have liked to talk with Galway

With a strong pot of tea on a porch in autumn, I’d like to know what he thought about the (in)effectiveness of marches of protest versus written truth in uncouched terms, how he truly felt about the cello, and if he really got close enough to the bear to smell the blood of its prey.

I’d ask where and how love and philosophy fit in his life and share my own views on the miracles of cracked sidewalks and disheveled forests.

I’d have liked to ask if he ever set aside the smiles of his children to allow heartache to inform his work or did he balance in some way that is still a mystery to me as I vacillate between real and imagined destinies… I long to talk to the poet in a shared language, one of field and heart in a world of over-paved roads.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 262

reactionary instances of great various kings who estuary of #wikipoem, no. 262

External image

“She waits, trying / to have the best song on as we arrive. / The moon is blurred. / Our helicopters are shooting at field-workers. / The Mets are down 3-1 in the 6th.” August Kleinzahler

library pieces monk online
pieces of golden eyes genre
and president the crowds

in this blistering comment crows
there wins the fracture tap bemoan
in this bemusing a bone

public library pieces blush upwind

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You are never late for your story. Unless it was someone else’s story

~Ayham Shaikhly

#ego #Inspiration #love #harmony #balance #philosophy #home #peace #lifecoach #selfleadership #self #tripute #flow #flows #change #motivation #ayham_shaikhly #questions #quest #music #techno #writing #immigration #imagination #value #giving #beyond

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Dick Cook, Carnival to Make Kim Ki-duk Chinese Fantasy Film (EXCLUSIVE)

Dick Cook Studios and its Chinese partner Film Carnival are to produce “Who Is God?,” an anti-war film that will mark the Chinese movie making debut of South Korean maverick Kim Ki-duk (“The Isle,” “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.. and Spring,” “Pieta”.)

The film is set to have a budget of some $37 million (RMB250 million), which by some estimates is three times the total Kim has spent on production in his entire 20-film indie career.

The principal financier of the picture is Huafeng Investment Consultation, a securities firm based in Hangzhou. The city is home to both Carnival and e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Kim describes the film as “the story of a conflict of faith – the wars between the tribes that worship nature and the kingdom that advocates religion… with plot lines (that) are richly interwoven with philosophy and Buddhist allegory.”

Film Carnival will be responsible for the production, with DCS involved in pre-production, post production and support of the finished movie’s international distribution.

Headed by former Disney chairman Dick Cook, DCS last year received backing from Chinese state-owned giant CITIC Guoan to launch a production studio. That investment was confirmed earlier this year. In April too DCS partnered with Film Carnival to launch a film investment pool.

“We’re very glad to be working together with DCS, and to integrate Hollywood expertise into Chinese movie making,” a Film Carnival spokesman told Variety.

Film Carnival says that the screenplay for “Who Is God?” has already passed Chinese censorship and that the company has every expectation that the finished movie can be released in China.

Production is expected to get underway in “Fall 2016” and that top female star Liu Yifei (“The Forbidden Kingdom,” “Ip Man 3”) is on board. A star-studded technical team currently is announced as including Yuen Wo-ping (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) as action director, and triple Oscar-winner Jim Rygiel (“Lord of the Rings”) as special effects supervisor.

Production is by Stanley Wing Siu, a veteran of the Hong Kong industry with credits including “Miss Hong Kong” and “Avenging Angels.”

“I have spent ten years preparing ‘Who is God?’ Today there are still many religious wars across the world, I very much hope to shoot them down,” Kim says in a pitch document seen by Variety.

Kim was at the forefront of the modern Korean film industry’s astonishing festival and export success at the beginning of the millennium. With films including “The Isle,” and “3-Iron” he also earned a reputation as a visual stylist who would mix beauty with amounts of cruelty that pushed audiences to their limits. Two of his films were selected as Korea’s foreign-language Oscar contender.

Kim’s international success won him few friends in the Korean movie industry. With a background in European fine arts and a self-taught indie approach to film-making, Kim has been able to make a succession of polished movies on shoestring budgets that avoid him being in hock to major financiers or conglomerates. Instead he works with a team of students and dedicated screenwriters, some of who have gone on to have their own directing careers.

“Who Is God” represents a new direction for Kim. And in Busan last year he told media that he had told all the stories he wanted to tell in Korea.

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