philosophy trip

LSD is one of the most powerful drugs ever created, and for the first time ever, scientists at Imperial College London have successfully image scanned human brains that are under the influence of the psychedelic drug. The study has had profound impacts on our understanding of consciousness. As one researcher explained, “Normally our brain consists of independent networks that perform separate specialised functions, such as vision, movement and hearing - as well as more complex things like attention. However, under LSD the separateness of these networks breaks down and instead you see a more integrated or unified brain. In many ways, the brain in the LSD state resembles the state our brains were in when we were infants: free and unconstrained.”

Keywords: Houses
  • A compiled list of keywords to understand the astrological facets that make up a natal chart in simple terms.
  • First House // AC: self, "door of perception" how you view the world, how the world views you - when you act unconsciously
  • Second House: self worth, security, material items, money, comfort, safety, luxury, five senses, food
  • Third House: theory work, communication, creativity through communication, thought, wit, neighbours, short trips, siblings
  • Fourth House // IC:  where we come from, early life that shaped us.
  • Fifth House: fun, creativity, spontaneity, romance, children, hobbies, games
  • Sixth House: health, work environment, service, analytical thinking
  • Seventh House // DC:  one-to-one relationships, attraction and/or repulsion.
  • Eighth House: death, transformation (rebirth), taboo, intimacy, mystery, other people's possessions 
  • Ninth House: higher education, long trips, experience, philosophy, religion - to find something higher for oneself to follow
  • Tenth House // MC:  what we aim for, what we want to be seen as, what we want to achieve, how strangers see us - when we act consciously.
  • Eleventh House: collective consciousness, groups, friends, organisations, hopes, dreams, wishes, society
  • Twelfth House: dreams, unconscious, subconscious, spirituality, secrets, sacrifice, solitude, enemies, confinements, religion - to find something to devote oneself to.
From my LSD experiments, including the very first terrifying one, I have received knowledge of not only one, but of an infinite number of realities. Depending upon the condition of our senses and psychic receptors we experience a different reality. I realized that the depth and richness of the inner and outer universe are immeasurable and inexhaustible, but that we have to return from these strange worlds to our homeland and live here in the reality that is provided by our normal, healthy senses. It’s like astronauts returning from outer space flights: they must readjust to this planet. In some of my psychedelic experiences I had a feeling of ecstatic love and unity with all creatures in the universe. To have had such an experience of absolute beatitude means an enrichment of our life.
—  Albert Hoffmann on how LSD has changed his philosophical perspective