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The question you asked about the Garlfied post: I would read the SHIT out of a story about a starving artist making a deal with an eldritch horror from beyond and accidently ending up getting some otherworldly dick.

okay so here is my pitch

it would be called Lionel James Wants To Be Famous

leo is a young man who, as the title suggests, would really like to be famous. and he has a lot of ideas about how he could like to be famous. but unfortunately for leo, he has approximately no talent, and not even in an interesting wiseau kind of a way.

he tried making a webcomic, which went approximately nowhere. he tried making flash animations, back when that was a thing. he returned to the well of webcomics. he tried stand-up. he tried self-publishing young adult novels. he made two episodes of a podcast. his latest venture has been an attempt to make it as a famous youtuber.

but he fucking sucks. not even in the fun way that some people suck. if he went viral for being shitty, he would be ecstatic. he would sell t-shirts celebrating his own humiliation. there is just nothing even remotely interesting about leo. there is not a creative bone in his body. he has no vision or drive. he is the guy who thinks he’s funny because he’s really good at repeating stand-up routines he saw on comedy central. he’s just. he’s not great.

so he does what any young man with minimal ambition that exceeds his even more minimal talent would do, and he summons a demon. which takes the form of a cat. a very round and fluffy black cat, with red eyes.

he names it taft.

taft the cat is a photogenic cheese-loving internet sensation. leo monetizes everything. there are shirts. there are ad-covered videos. taft gets their own comic book. sponsorships. leo gets to go on talk shows with his ridiculous fat cat from hell.

here is the thing about taft: they have been doing this for a long time. artists are easy marks. they’ve never taken the form of a lolcat before, but generally, acting as a muse is a quick way to get a soul. because sooner than later, an artist will realize how unfulfilling it is, how much it sucks to know that all their success is actually because of their demon muse, etc etc.

obviously getting artists to kill themselves due to lack of creative fulfillment isn’t exactly nice, but, demon.

leo, however, fucking loves this arrangement. because leo is not an artist. he just wants to be treated like one. and with dawning horror, this hideous shadowterror comes to realize that they are going to be stuck with this asshole for a really long time. and no matter what they do to try to make leo uncomfortable, or renege on the deal… it never works. he just rolls with it.

taft must now try to find a way to make living with an obnoxious manchild into something tolerable, and so far their plan is 90% ‘annoy the everliving shit out of him’ with a 10% side of ‘well, at least he’s not bad-looking’.

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Dating headcanons for the GOM, pretty please? Like, do they prefer long-term, committed relationships or casual flings? Would they have one-night-stands? How easily would they date someone? Are they the playboy type? And how likely are they to cheat/two-time? (I'm sorry it's so many questions)

OKAY! (and no dont worry i love it ask me as many as you want!!!!)


Type of Relationship: 

He likes long-term, committed relationships. Despite his own spontaneous nature, he prefers stability in all his relationships, whether they be romantic or not. 

One Night Stand?:

If he was drunk enough, then yeah, probably. If both parties are okay with it, and both parties are super horny, then why the hell not? is his philosophy. 

Do They Date Easily?:

Kuroko has a really big heart, so he loves easily, I think. As for dating, however, I don’t think so. He’d want to make sure that his love interest was on the same page as him, romantically. He wouldn’t want to ruin a good friendship with his feelings, if they weren’t reciprocated. 


Nah. While Kuroko is a lover of love itself, he doesn’t like potentially playing with other peoples’ feelings and hurting them. 


Same answer as before. He wouldn’t want to hurt anyone, so he wouldn’t cheat.


Type of Relationship:

Flings, if he’s not too emotionally invested. If he’s basically in love with the person, then he’d want something super long term. Something like forever. But until he finds that, why stick around too long with one person?

One Night Stand?:

Of course! A guy has needs, he says. Many needs. 

Do They Date Easily?:

Yup. If you’re cute and interesting, then he thinks that you guys should go for it! But he wouldn’t open himself up truly. Not unless the person he was dating turned his world on its head. 


Yeah. He got his heart broken a few times, and because of that, he’s realized that he should keep his heart under lock and key. And while it’s locked away, why not have some fun? 


Never. He’s been cheated on, and he knows first hand that it is devastating. 


Type of Relationship:

Committed, long term. After all that effort he put into even admitting that he liked a person, he was not letting his hard work go to waste. Nope. You’re stuck with him forever now. 

One Night Stand?:

No, he thinks they’re obscene and possibly unsanitary. Waking up with a stranger in your bed? Who knows what you can catch. But drunk him is very easy to persuade. Also, maybe if he is upset enough. 

Do They Date Easily?:

HAHA no. He is guarded and careful and will not let just anybody into his heart. Plus he would probably have a mild anxiety attack when he realizes that he likes a person. This poor boy is a drama queen. 


No. He has better things to focus on.




Type of Relationship:

Flings. He has a short attention span, and he gets bored easily.

One Night Stand?:

Hell yeah. He’s always up for them. Bring it on.

Do They Date Easily?:

No. He thinks dating is such a waste of energy. You have to like, do things for them. Buy them gifts. Friends with benefits is the way to go.


No, at least not intentionally. He’s just dense, and if you flirt with him, he’ll flirt back. He’s a simple guy.


If you can wrangle this boy into dating then you can rest assured that he’d never cheat on you. He’s not that type of guy.


Type of Relationship:

Flings. He doesn’t care too much. He’s all for a long term relationship if you can keep him interested, but everyone is sooo borinnnggg.

One Night Stand?:

Yeah, if you’re out of his apartment before he wakes up. He doesn’t like dealing with the aftermath.

Do They Date Easily?:

No. He just wants to be pampered, no strings attached. Get this boy a sugar daddy.


No, that stuff’s too much effort. He doesn’t flirt, unless he’s like actually in love with the person.


If he doesn’t care enough about the person he’s dating, then yeah, sure. It’s whatever, to him.


Type of Relationship:

Long-term, committed relationships. He does not waste time with flings. All or nothing.

One Night Stand?:

On particularly stressful nights, he might indulge himself.

Do They Date Easily?:

No. He has to be careful about who he dates, because he always goes into a relationship with marriage as the end-goal.


No. He doesn’t like leading people on.


Never. It’s disrespectful to everyone involved, including himself.

Why Some Sugar Babies Have All the Luck…and Others Have None

If you’ve been a sugar baby for any amount of time, you may have noticed how some sugar babies always seem to be jumping from one exciting offer to the next.

There’s no shortage of men in their lives who’re offering them benefits. Sugar daddies seem to abound from every corner of the globe to be with these sugar babies.

Other sugar babies, however, seem to try harder than most but still have no luck in attracting even one quality sugar daddy.

What’s the difference between these two types of sugar babies?

It’s easy to say chalk it up to location or looks, but if you zoom in for a closer inspection, the difference isn’t due to such arbitrary factors.

It comes down to one thing that you have total control over: your self-confidence.

Your self-confidence obviously affects every area of your life and sugar dating is no exception.

The most successful sugar babies are able to attract the highest quality sugar daddies because they remain confident in their desirability. They know what they have to offer and know that there are plenty of men who would be more than appreciative. This confidence does not only apply to sugar dating, but to other areas of their life as well.

Yes, the most successful sugar babies are generally confident about the opportunities they have in life and their ability to seize those opportunities.

This confidence manifests itself in many ways throughout the sugar dating process. A confident sugar baby knows that there will be more than enough quality sugar daddies across all the sugar daddy websites for a girl like herself. Even in the beginning stages of the sugar daddy search, she remains secure enough in this knowledge to turn down offers from sugar daddies who aren’t quite right.

A sugar baby with low self-esteem, however, approaches sugar dating from the mindset that there are not enough sugar daddies who will want her as a sugar baby. In her mind, she enhances the desirability of all the other sugar babies out there and diminishes what she herself has to offer.  The result: she will settle for the first sugar daddy who throws something her way.

Do you see the difference?

The first sugar baby values herself enough to reach for what she knows she wants while the second devalues herself enough to take the first thing that she comes across.

Yes, the sugar search can be an arduous process. But the difference between whether it’ll be a success or not depends on one factor: your mindset.

Know what you have to offer. Believe that you are awesome. And you’ll find a sugar daddy who believes it too.

Romantic love is a drive — a basic mating drive, not the sex drive. The sex drive gets you out there for a whole range of partners. Romantic love enables you to focus your mating energy on just one at a time, conserve your mating energy and start the mating process with a single individual.

What sums it up best is something that is said by Plato over 2,000 years ago. He said the God of love lives in the state of need. It is a need. It is an urge. It is a homeostatic imbalance. Like hunger and thirst, it’s almost impossible to stamp out.… Love is in us. It’s deeply embedded in the brain. Our challenge is to understand each other.

—  from @explore-blog: “Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, author of Why We Love — one of these 5 essential books on the psychology of love — in a fascinating episode of NPR’s TED Radio Hour exploring how we find love.”
Modern dating philosophy assumes that there will be several intimate romantic relationships in a person’s life before marriage. In fact, it advocates ‘playing the field’ in order to determine ‘what one wants’ in a mate.
—  Scott Croft, Boundless

If our thoughts were red twine, we would be the space in between the knots. I think that’s something worth fighting for.

Untie me.

—  A.P. (4.9.16)

my new philosophy on dating is that if i cant be your one and only then you can fuck off and i’ll hold a grudge forever. it’s very fun and cool