philosophy graduate school

i have an announcement to make!

so as a lot of you may know (because i’ve talked about it quite a bit/answered many messages on the topic), my plan with my philosophy degree was to go to law school to study and become a lawyer.

after lots of consideration, and input from my friends, philosophy graduate students, and academic advisors, i’ve decided this is no longer what i want to do.

instead, i’m going to pursue my PhD in philosophy and go to graduate school with the intent to stay in academia, and hopefully get a job as a philosophy professor at a university where i’ll also have a chance to do my own research and publish papers.

i love philosophy and i know that it’s something i will enjoy doing and teaching for the rest of my life and i am very excited to start working towards this new goal :)

Grad Life Lesson #5: Take Some Time to Do the Things That Make You Happy (Especially if One of Those Things Is Drinking Wine).

Sharing a bottle with David Harvey and Karl Marx at 1am on Wednesday night because whatever my life is perfect. Time is a production of the capitalist machine and Thursday is its own problem.