I’ve always considered it a peculiar stereotype that only introverts have social anxiety; wouldn’t an extrovert, that is, one who depends more on their relationships for contentment, be more inclined to experience the fear associated with being perceived negatively by their peers?

I had misidentified myself as an introvert for this reason when I was younger, causing me to misunderstand myself on a really fundamental level. If I experience “social anxiety”, it’s because I place a significant value on my relationships, not because I innately prefer reclusion.

Granted, one could also argue that an extrovert would have more experience with people, given their relationships being of greater priority, and so they would have established the security of anticipation regarding certain personalities, how to navigate social ques, etc.

Of course, “introversion” and “extroversion” are both merely general inclinations, rather than rigid behavioral blueprints we’re perpetually bound to; felt it was some culturally relevant food for thought though.