Identity is a prison! Let yourself respond authentically to each moment as it arrives, without being bound to the narrative of who you think you are! The self is a construct! The truth of your existence is ever changing and infinite as the universe is ever changing and infinite! Abandon the stories of your past selves and be present and alive in this very moment! IDENTITY IS DEAD! THE SELF IS DEAD! YOU ARE ALIVE!

the signs as philosophical movements

Aries: Machiaviellanism - the denial of the relevance of morality, holding the view that any means can be used if it is necessary to maintain power.
Taurus: Hedonism - the pursuit of pleasure, above all. 
Gemini: Existentialism - the belief that there is no universal “meaning of life”, the individual is free to create his own meaning and build his character from his actions. 
Cancer: Idealism  - the idea that the material world and reality merely is a product of consciousness, sensation, imagination and perception.
Leo: Solipsism - the belief that the self is all there is, that everything else just is a product of their perception.
Virgo: Skepticism -  a way of life devoted to inquiry, investigation and doubt: always questioning the certainity of things.
Libra: Dualism - the belief that everything is made up of polarity and can be sorted into two categories (such as body and mind, good and evil) which cannot exist without one another.
Scorpio: Nihilism - denial of the existence of any “truths”, holding the belief that life is ultimately meaningless.
Sagittarius: Empiricism - the belief that true wisdom comes from experience.
Capricorn: Stoicism -  emphasizes the discipline and mastery of the emotions in order to reach a wiser, rational, and peaceful mindset.
Aquarius: Surrealism - the rejection of the rational, the negation of the normal; celebrating contradiction, the imagination and the bizzare.
Pisces: Romanticism - emphasis on strong emotion and receptiveness, celebrating the imagination, the transcendental and the supreme value of art.

How To Write Character Flaws

It can be hard to find that balance between a character that is too perfect for readers to love and a character that is too flawed for readers to relate to.

Something I like to remember when thinking of flaws to give characters is that very often, flaws can be positive attributes that are in excess.

(This is related to Aristotle’s Virtues and Doctrine of the Mean.)


Courage is a positive trait.

But taken too far? That can lead to rashness, or recklessness, which are negative traits. And without enough courage? The character is meak, fearful and cowardly, which are also negative traits.

Here are some examples to think of for your characters of positive traits taken to the extremes.

Virtue- kindness

Excess-easily taken advantage of

Deficiency- selfishness


Virtue- ambition

Excess- greed/avarice

Deficiency- lazy


Virtue- honesty

Excess- harshness

Deficiency- secrecy/dishonesty


Virue- decisiveness




Virtue- passionate

Excess- irritating

Deficiency- apathetic


Virtue- strong leadership

Excess- over-controlling

Deficiency- indifferent/passive

Hope this helps :)

A healthy friendship will never force you to compromise your own values, your own passions, and your own little joys. It will always be there for you to inspire you in acting on the things that make you special, unique and most of all worthy of love.
—  Juansen Dizon, A Healthy Friendship

Attract what you expect. Reflect what you desire. Become what you respect. Mirror what you admire

The Good Place is literally just so good. It balances social commentary on how it’s basically become impossible to be ethically and morally right under capitalism as well as what it means to be a ‘good person’.

It’s characters don’t subscribe to stereotypes. And there is only one white man in the entire main cast, 3 people of colour and 3 women. One of whom is canonically bi. As well as a badass nb not-girl-not-robot.

And it does all of this while remaining extremely funny in a way that’s not repetitive or similar to anything I’ve ever seen before. I just love this show a lot sorry

Edit: I completely forget that Michael is an aroace icon so not one single straight white man is present and that’s what I like to see