Music Tag meme

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Music tells a lot about who you are! Put your music on shuffle and write the 10 songs that first come in, then tag 10 people!

Lapis Philosophorum - Akira Senju
Right Hand Man - Original Broadway Hamilton Cast
The Dragonborn Comes - Karliene
Home - Toby Fox
La Sécurité de l'Emploi - Les Fatals Picards (I havemt listemed to this in ages rip)
We Are Young - Fun.
The Drunken Whaler - Daniel Licht
Les Étoiles Filantes - Les Cowboys Fringants
Gollum’s Song - Peter Hollens
Feurroter Pfeil Und Bogen - Linked Horizon
And I tag @pikofthepok @thunder-loaf @tomandacactus @tilwon @agendercalliope @grxvityboy @the-zodiac-reaper

aaaand idk who else to tag?? Sorry rip