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Otoya-jinja is further along the path. It is very old, dating back to the establishment of Kyoto. It is a Shinto shrine dedicated to the kami that protect this side of the city. I love spaces where people have been praying for a long time. Mice are important here to honor their role in the trails of Okuninushi to win the hand of Susano-o no mikoto’s daughter, Suseri-hime.  There are lots of different animal statues at Otoya-jinja, I imagine it is all the animals that helped their love quest. I love the the last one’s wolfy smile.


Lestat is that type of person who inboxes you and says “can u like my profile picture 😘?” Overuses smiley faces and emojis such as 😘😭😉😚;P. Always tags Louis on pictures (Louis constanlty removes tags) in the album BAE AND ME ;) . He sent Louis a relationship request (it’s still pending). Tags everbody on his profile picture, so he would get more likes. Shares his profile pictures.
When he and Louis have a fight he posts some depressing love songs and statuses, writes things such as “everybody told me to forget you, but nobody told me how…#dedicated #L ; i am never going to trust anyone ever again…#L; sometimes, the person you’d take a bullet for ends up being the one behind the gun #L.”
Sometimes Armand asks him what’s wrong, he answers either with “nothing…I don’t want to talk about it” or “inbox pls, I don’t want to talk about it here”
Uses internet acronyms, jargon, cyber slang. Posts selfies every 5 minutes with lots of hashtags and of course, it’s connected to his Instagram.

Louis always posts some deep, philosophical statuses, and when he’s chatting with someone always ends sentences with ” … “
He blocked Lestat from posting hearts on his wall.
When Lestat gets his way and they do take a selfie togheter, in which Louis is satisfied how he looks, he cuts Lestat and puts it as his profile picture. Lestat tags himself on that little lock of hair that is barely visible in the corner.

Marius doesn’t know how to use Facebook, uses it rarely, only to check on Armand and to post his work in progress pictures on timeline, cause he doesn’t know how to make albums and occasionally shares scientific and historic links. When he does inbox somebody, he ends his message with something like
Best Regards,
Marius de Romanus

Armand posts everything, from pretty paintings, silly statuses, selfies, music to high scores in games. Tags Lestat on screamers. Photoshops Lestat’s face everywhere. Posts ugly photos of Lestat he took without him noticing and tags him. Five minutes later Armand gets a message in inbox that says ” Hey, I don’t like this photo of me. Please remove it. “
He doesn’t.

There’s a sorry situation in the United States, which is essentially that poor women don’t have choice. Women of means do. They will, always. […] That we have one law for women of means and another for poor women is not a satisfactory situation.
—  Ruth Bader Ginsburg (x)

I remember that the main reason I wanted to transition from ftm was not because I wanted to be seen as a man, necessarily. It was more of a desire to be seen as a human, first and foremost. I was tired of having the word female or woman or girl put in front of every part of my identity. At only 14, I knew that even if I achieved absolute greatness, I would never be simply a “writer” or “philosopher” or “psychologist”. My status would first be defined by my gender. I’d be a “women’s writer”, a “female philosopher”, or a “female psychologist”. So much of my desire to transition was based in ambition, in an overwhelming need to not get left behind or forgotten before I even started.

Τετρὰς Φθίνοντος/ Τετρὰς μετ’εἰκάδας, XXVII day
From today’s sunset: twenty-seventh day (fourth waning of the third decade) of Anthesterion.
Sacrifice to Artemis Amarysia (Calendar of Erchia)

Pausania tells us that: “The wooden image at Myrrhinous is of Kolainis. Athmonia worships Artemis Amarysia. On inquiry I discovered that the guides knew nothing about these deities, so I give my own conjecture. Amarynthos is a town in Euboia, the inhabitants of which worship Amarysia, while the festival of Amarysia which the Athenians celebrate is no less splendid than the Euboian. The name of the Goddess, I think, came to Athmonia in this fashion.” From the inscriptions from Eretria, we know that Her great festival there, held also in Euboea in the month of Anthesterion, involved a lot of ceremonies: various musical and heraldic declamation contests, and athletic events, along with elaborate sacrifices of maimed/defective sheeps. Also the Pyrrhic dance of the epheboi took place at that festival, along with a military procession to the temple: we can say that the Goddess has many aspects in common with Hecate (sacrifices to Her both as a chthonian and an olympian deity) and She has also to do with war: “the Amarynthia are celebration in honor of Artemis the warrior.”
Several authors identify Artemis Kolainis and Amarysia, as for example, the scholiast to Aristophanes’ Birds: “Euphronios relates that at Amarynthos, Artemis is Kolainis and that they sacrifice to Her there a docked ram on behalf of Agamemnon. While Aelian says that "the Eretrians sacrifice docked rams to Artemis at Amarynthos.”

Also: “Take care to avoid troubles which eat out the heart on the fourth of the beginning and ending of the month; it is a sacred day: especially during these sacred days it is convenient to get rid of all the activities that make you suffer, which, if at other times you need to choose them as necessary, in these days you should not.“

"Few know that the fourth day after the twenty of the month (τὴν μετ’εἰκαδα τοῦ μηνὸς τετάρτην) is the best day… He (Hesiod) eulogizes all the tetrads, the first, the second and the third…about the third tetrad, he says that few are those who know that it is better during the morning’s hours.”- that is, tomorrow morning from the dawn.
Scholia Erga, 797, 820

(The Socrates Room decorated with frescoes of the famous philosopher and a statue of Artemis as Huntress, Ephesus Museum)

How To Make Studying Japanese Grammar Fun

I know, I know, everyone hates grammar. English grammar, Spanish grammar, Swahili grammar. It doesn’t matter. Nobody wants to learn the parts of speech and diagram a sentence. It is pretty boring. It’s like a dark cloud of lethargy and non-motivation (is that a word?).

But if you think about it, if you get it all over with and practice by doing, then everything will become fun again! Yay!! *queue that annoying children-saying-hooray sound effect*

So here’s some ways to make it fun:

  1. Set small goals. It sounds stupid, but it’s a lot more motivating to learn something when you’re learning towards a goal. For instance, “how can I use two verbs in one sentence?” may be a question you have. To answer it, you have to learn, but apply that knowledge towards something you really want to say! Anything, philosophical quotes, a facebook status you made, use the knowledge to translate it all on your own! 
  2. Learn the vocabulary you want to learn to use with the grammar. Don’t use something stupid like “foot” if you don’t want to. Heck, even learn some slang words….like hella.
  3. even though you have to practice, don’t practice the same thing every time. That gets boring. Keep finding ways you can use the new knowledge to say something you’ve never been able to say before.
  4. Most importantly, use the things you learn. On real people. Part of the motivation is that if you say something wrong, you’re going to be embarrassed, so you should learn the correct grammar so you feel confident in a conversation. Otherwise, you won’t have a reason to do anything. And why learn a language if you’re not going to talk to people?
    (I have a bunch of links on my blog to good places to do this btw)
  5. ………and nobody ever said food wasn’t a good motivation, right?

Exalted is a game of vast scope, where ancient God-Kings are reincarnated to take up their mantles anew, and rub shoulders with gods, demons, warrior-philosophers, spirits inhabiting statues, and all the wild variety of Creation.

The wise recognise that it is indeed no coincidence that the mechanics often require a player to

Roll Six Billion D10s.

Sign Paring Aesthetics

Capricorn/Sagittarius: warm mornings, rainforests, unplanned road trips, unrestrained laughter, hectic days/restless nights, philosophical conversations, Greek statues, light spectrums

Virgo/Libra: the feeling of accomplishment after anxiety, museums, long intellectually stimulating conversations w/ food, receiving messages at 3am about random factoids, coffee shop study sessions, bike rides, re-reading one of your favorite novels on a rainy day

Scorpio/Pisces: rainy/snowy days, body comparisons, dark lipsticks/hazel eyes, New York City at night/ London during the winter, sleeping at day/being up all night, bath bombs after a bad day, alleyways, slurry/innocent flirtation, hard liquor, waking up in the unknown, karma, teenage heartbreak, unknown masterpieces

Cancer/Gemini: ruins of Ancient Rome, anime, heterochromia, unfinished sculptures, laughter after an emotional episode, margaritas and burritos, nostalgia, Greek goddesses, dark side of fame, Electra heart era, pastel-colored clothing, internally ethereal, sporadic conversations, Venice, Nighttime in Paris

Aquarius/Leo: swimming in the Atlantic, traveling to Mexico, sundials, consecutive lighting, crushed velvet, healing stones, small pond of koi fish, zen gardens, samurai swords, unusual makeup colors, secretly getting a tattoo/piercing, hanging out w/ friends all night, learning new cultural values/views

Aries/Taurus: dancing without a care, loving cuddles, finding good food after an intense workout, passionate kisses, studying abroad, talking to your lover all night, postcards/handwritten letters from someone special, candid photography, bursts of laughter at inappropriate times, being someone’s muse, summer romances in a foreign country