philosophical saying

the harry potter books rated by how many times someone says "er"
  • philosopher's stone: (5) three of the five are used by hagrid and an astonishing zero by harry. altogether an underwhelming turnout. (3/10)
  • chamber of secrets: (6) a good third of the "er"s are a result of lucius malfoy being a dick about hagrid's hut. not a fan but still a better showing than the first book. (4/10)
  • prisoner of azkaban: (11) lupin enters the scene and the "er"s double, mostly because he is an awkward prince, but also because malfoy inherits his father's cute quirk of being a dick to poor people. (6/10)
  • goblet of fire: (23) the er count skyrockets as harry hits puberty and becomes progressively more awkward. baby boy is growing up and has forgotten how to put a sentence together. also serves as a minor plot point with the sphinx's riddle in the third task, giving er its well-deserved moment in the spotlight. (10/10)
  • order of the phoenix: (36) “So — so — they — er — they — er— they actually exist, do they — er — dementy-whatsits?”. excellent. still cannot comprehend what this sentence would actually sound like out loud. (9/10)
  • half-blood prince: (18) offsets the rising er trend which is disappointing. nothing to report other than harry is still unable to construct a sentence that does not contain ellipses (5/10)
  • deathly hallows: (8) hp is all grown up and has no need for speech disfluencies. brings a tear to the eye. (8/10)
Ask a stupid question...

Dave: If Hawkmoth were a good guy, what would his power be?  Would he send out white butterflies to create superheroes and help the city?

Me:  *shugs* Dunno, probably.  What do you think would happen if the Ladybug and Black Cat were wielded by bad guys?

Dave: ….really?

Me:  Oh.  Right.

Mature and Immature Sides of the Signs

Every Sign has both Negative traits and Positive traits. Everyone is a blend of both the Negative and Positive sides of the Signs, but the ones that are more towards one side of the scale than the other are considered Immature or Mature. Mature Signs tend to display more of the positive traits, whereas Immature Signs tend to display more of the negative. There is no definite way of measuring which one an individual is, other than careful observation and introspection

Mature Aries

Aries individuals considered to be Mature have a positive energy that can be rather contagious. They’re a lively bunch, and never seem to run low on energy. They’re adventurous and courageous, boldly stepping forward to take on almost any challenge. They are extremely passionate, and have a wide variety of interests, which often leads them to be a Jack of all trades. These Aries tend to be very friendly and charismatic, and find it easy to make new friends.

Immature Aries

Aries individuals considered to be Immature believe that what they know and perceive is right, regardless of what anyone else has to say. This can make them rather insensitive of others’ emotions and very stubborn. They are rather impulsive in nature, and impatient to boot, leading them to act without thinking first, which can make them leave projects half-way through. These Aries are also quite confrontational, as they say and ask whatever they think to.

Mature Taurus

Taurus individuals considered to be Mature love to take care of their friends, family, and significant others and are incredibly generous people. They are very patient, and believe in being the one to get the job done correctly, rather than being the first one to complete it. Giving up is not within their nature, and these people will persistently put in the effort to achieve all of their goals. These Taurus are also usually both financially and emotionally stable, preferring to be independent and strong so they can support others.

Immature Taurus

Taurus individuals considered to be Immature find security in their material possessions, which can lead them to be rather self-indulgent. While they are patient, they can also be rather lazy, choosing to not move a muscle until they find the worthy motivation. Their stubborn streak is unmistakable – so much so, that when the logical arguments don’t suit them, they simply refuse to listen. They can sometimes be rude, and ignorant of others’ emotions.

Mature Gemini

Gemini individuals considered to be Mature are open-minded and easy-going, and enjoy each and every moment. Their enthusiasm is undying, and they’re always up for doing something new and exciting. They have a strong thirst for learning about as many subjects as they can, and pick up new information rather easily. They are versatile, and have a wide variety of interests. These Gemini’s have strong communication skills, and are very eloquent people.

Immature Gemini

Gemini individuals considered to be Immature are unfocused and inconsistent. They’re easily bored, and very restless, so their thoughts are often scattered. Their lack of focus often causes them to seem superficial, as they rarely delve deep or pay attention to details. It’s difficult for them to stay interested or engaged in one project for very long. They also tend to be rather indecisive, as they tend to have multiple opinions or thoughts on most every topic.

Mature Cancer

Cancer individuals considered to be Mature empathize easily with their friends, family, and strangers. They’re kind and loving, and want to take care of anyone in need of help. They’re very protective of their personal space, interests, possessions, relationships, and loved ones. Additionally, they incredibly intuitive, and have strong instincts. Sometimes, it’ll seem as if they can read minds. These Cancers are also very creative and imaginative, with out-of-the-box thinking.

Immature Cancer

Cancer individuals considered to be Immature are overly emotional. They are very sensitive, and tend to hold on to things that hurt them, and experience strong mood swings that can be rather unpredictable. Their moods and pessimistic perception leads them to be rather doubtful of other peoples’ intentions, and fear that everything is moments away from falling apart. This often causes them to cling unceasingly to people and things that bring them comfort or security.

Mature Leo

Leo individuals considered to be Mature are kind and big-hearted, and enjoy showering love and affection on those they hold dear. They have an endless amount of energy, and are always ready to chase after whatever they want. They are unceasingly optimistic, too, and tend to see the glass half-full, which makes it almost impossible for them to become disheartened. These Leo’s are straightforward about their thoughts, as they’re unafraid to say what they feel needs to be said.

Immature Leo

Leo individuals considered to be Immature tend to focus on only themselves. This can cause them to become harsh, and say what they think without considering whether or not anyone will be hurt. They have a large ego, but a fragile one, which is often hurt over trivial matters. These Leos can also be extremely possessive, as they cherish everything they hold as theirs. They’re givers, but not sharers.

Mature Virgo

Virgo individuals considered to be Mature are quite modest, and don’t often boast about their accomplishments or personality strengths. They are very realistic, and have a practical approach to life. They have a strong attention to details and a very analytical mind which allows them to produce a clear analysis and solution to solve even the most complicated problems. These Virgos use these skills to nurture their closest friend and family.

Immature Virgo

Virgo individuals considered to be Immature are overly obsessed with “perfection” in themselves, other people, and their life in general. This often causes them to be overly critical, harsh and fastidious, which can lead to conflicts in their personal lives. They also tend to focus on the faults or negative qualities of anything they consider to be less than perfect. Virgo’s tend to need to test the waters and be sure of an outcome before they accept change, and Immature Virgo’s tend to be very conservative and reject modern ideas.

Mature Libra

Libra individuals considered to be Mature have a deep love of balance, so much so, that they are unceasingly fair. They have a strong sense of right and wrong, and never resort to dubious or manipulative means. These Libras also have strong tactful skills, which add to their charming nature. They have a very calm, friendly, and likeable air around them. They also are die-hard romantics, and love to be loved almost as much as they love to love.

Immature Libra

Libra individuals considered to be Immature tend to focus on external beauty, sometimes ignoring potential flaws beneath a beautiful exterior, and can be self-indulgent, and extravagant. They also prefer to avoid tension or conflict, so much so that they avoid situations, people, or even making decisions that they believe may lead to problems. Another factor of their indecisiveness is their detached perspective, as they sometimes have trouble caring about the choices at hand.

Mature Scorpio

Scorpio individuals considered to be Mature are ambitious and unceasingly determined. Not only do they aim for the stars, but they also never deviate from their path. No matter how difficult a situation is, they will take it head on. They are also incredibly intuitive, and seem as if they can read peoples’ minds. These Scorpio’s instincts help them take the right decisions at the right time as they pursue their dreams.

Immature Scorpio

Scorpio individuals considered to be Immature tend to be extremely possessive and jealous. They see things, and people, as theirs, and will take up arms whenever anything threatens that. They often seem controlling, as they need things to be done their way. These Scorpios are also rather sensitive, and are easily hurt by negative treatment and comments from other people. They find it hard to let such things go, and always feel the need to get even by seeking revenge.

Mature Sagittarius

Sagittarius individuals considered to be Mature have a large heart. They love to help other people reach their goals, and have a difficult time turning away anyone in need. They are unceasingly optimistic and can always see the brighter side of life. They have interests in a wide variety of topics, especially those of the philosophical variety. These Sagittarius say what they mean, and are almost always honest.

Immature Sagittarius

Sagittarius individuals considered to be Immature have a very restless nature, and need constant activity. Coupled with the overconfidence their optimism sometimes causes, leads them to jump into things without much forethought. Their restless nature also causes their interest levels to vary on many different topics, which makes it difficult to ensure they will be consistent. These Sagittarius are honest and straightforward, but can brutally blunt.

Mature Capricorn

Capricorn individuals considered to be Mature have a very logical and practical mind. They know how to see facts as they are, without letting any emotions they may have interfere. They’re innately ambitious, and tend to aim for the stars. Capricorns are naturally disciplined, and these ones use this to their advantage in achieving their goals, without being over-the-top or rash.

Immature Capricorn

Capricorn individuals considered to be Immature are prone to dwelling in their negative emotions, and often succumb to mood swings. They tend to bury their feelings rather than actually handling them. These individuals also tend to be egocentric, in that they tend to focus mostly on how events will affect them. These Capricorns also sometimes care more about preserving their public image than whether or not their actions hurt people.

Mature Aquarius

Aquarius individuals considered to be Mature are friendly, and humanitarian. They care a great deal about those around them, and often try to help make the world around them a better place. They’re intelligent, and progressive, able to think out of the box to create new ideas. They value their independence, as well as preserving the independence of their loved ones.

Immature Aquarius

Aquarius individuals considered Immature have a tendency to feel or appear removed from the world around them. They often feel that forming an emotional attachment to anyone or anything is synonymous with giving up their personal freedoms. They can be extremely stubborn, and stick to what they happen to believe at any particular moment, and if they change their mind, then it’s because of their own internal happenings rather than any external influence. These individuals, while passionate, also tend to be extremists who view the worlds in black and white, ignoring any “grey” areas that may exist.

Mature Pisces

Pisces individuals considered Mature tend to be very tuned in to their emotional responses, as well as those of others. They’re nurturing, caring, protective, compassionate, and humanistic. Typically good listeners, they tend to be easy to vent to, and have a knack for giving great advice. These individuals are very empathetic, and can often know how they would feel in a situation without ever experiencing it. These Pisces tend to have skills channeling their negative emotions into creative outlets.

Immature Pisces

Pisces individuals considered Immature tend to have bouts in which they wallow in their emotions. They’re sensitive and easily take things to heart. They are very concerned about their loved ones, but have a tendency towards self-sacrifice and martyrdom. To these individuals, love and sacrifice are inseparable. These Pisces also have a tendency towards being escapism. They often fall into habits and addictions that help them avoid their problems.

One of the more singular fic-reading experiences: it has your otp, and interesting concepts, and the writing is solid, and the characters are not how you see them but close enough and interesting, and there’s no real problem except you completely disagree with the underlying philosophy

the entire amount of the philosopher's stone
  • Harry: I'm Harry. Harry Potter.
  • Ron: whoa
  • Harry: *shows Ron the scar*
  • Ron: whoa
  • Harry: *shows off money*
  • Ron: whoa
  • Harry to Hagrid: Hi Hagrid
  • Ron: whoa
  • Harry: I'm a seeker
  • Ron: whoa
  • Harry: My dad was a seeker too
  • Ron: w-
  • Ron: whoa
Graffiti, Rap, and Sexual Awakening: An Analysis of Dizzee Kipling

This was a paper written for a course I am taking in gender, sexuality, and media on how a character in television or film’s gender intersects with other identities. I chose Dizzee Kipling because he’s one of my faves from The Get Down and I felt this show does a really great job of exploring intersecting identities anyway. This analysis is about 8 pages in Word so if you read it, I totally love you! I’m really proud of this paper and had so much fun writing it!

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The Difference between 기억하다 & 추억하다 (to remember)

Both 기억하다 & 추억하다 means “to remember” but there is a difference.

In the dictionary they’ll add “to recollect” along with “to remember” for 추억하다.

추억하다 is more about recollecting, a reflection of the past, it’s more emotional.

Remember that in Korean the difference between two words or two grammar structures is typically the difference between emotional and not emotional/scientific/philosophical. They say Korean is an “emotional” language and it’s very true due to these distinctions. You can always express a lot more in one small Korean sentence than in English.

Korean, sometimes less is more
English, more is always better

"That's why the aliens won't talk to us."

There’s an old sarcastic joke that everyone seems to make: “Aliens haven’t contacted Earth because they just see us tearing each other apart with politics, war, and religion.”

I say sarcastic. But even among the science community, it seems to be almost meant to be philosophical, to say that we here on Earth are the worst of the worst and in the entire universe, and to me, that’s an extremely stupid assumption to make.

I can only believe that elsewhere in the universe, other intelligent species have developed their own cultures and politics, and have had their own wars and genocides. They have their own economies, their own science and space programs, their own injustices and triumphant historical heroes.

Earth is not special. Earth is not the worst of the worst. When we joke about the aliens not contacting us because they see us killing each other, that’s to say death and destruction are solely Earthly phenomena, that all these other alien species turn their noses up at us in disgust, or look down on us with pity.

No. I think out there among the cosmos, there are other civilizations fraught with exactly the same types of issues we face on our world. I think “human nature” isn’t limited to humans at all, but could be the “nature of intelligence”; that is, all intelligent societies there may be across the universe are riddled with flaws and blessed with strength.

There will always be a being who wishes for power over others. But so too will there always be a being who wishes for others to have power. Out there, wherever in the universe other civilizations exist, I confidently believe there are lifeforms fighting anti-intellectualism in their own alien societies. Beings who are developing their own technologies to travel across the stars and embark on adventures of their own. Beings who gaze in awe up at the stars and wonder if there are other civilizations after being told again and again their planet, is the center of the universe, their species, the supreme. I hope we find each other, because I know when we do, it will be the best of each of us, those who built the biggest dreams and had the greatest visions.

If we ever do encounter other intelligent lifeforms, I don’t think either of us will start a war, or run away in disgust. I believe from that day forward, we will share one goal:

To never lose each other.