philosophical notebook

MBTI as ways I have procrastinated 2

So y’all loved the first one and I’m in the middle of my exams so I have enough ammunition to make another one ahaha help me

ISFP: tracing over the same drawing of a flower 8 times

ISTJ: doing past papers for the one exam I actually find easy to put off my other revision

ESFP: covering myself head to toe in temporary tattoos

ENTP: reading the journals of murderers

INFJ: filling a notebook with philosophical free writing

ENFJ: FaceTiming my friend for 3 hours straight


INTJ: Literally. Sitting on a swing. Contemplating. For several hours. Reaching the conclusion that exams don’t matter.

ISFJ: creating The Ultimate Spotify Playlist

INFP: listening to the Ultimate Spotify Playlist in appreciation of my own music taste

ESTJ: seeing how much I could buy for twenty quid in Primark

ISTP: seeing how many stairs I could jump up at once and the whispering ‘parkour’

INTP: becoming Wikipedia’s biggest user

ESTP: getting drunk and watching cheesy teen movies

ENFP: trying (and failing) to teach myself electric guitar

ENTJ: having a minimalistic breakdown and sorting through my entire bedroom and bathroom and study

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Philosophical idealism is only nonsense from the standpoint of crude, simple, metaphysical materialism. From the standpoint of dialectical materialism, on the other hand, philosophical idealism is a one-sided, exaggerated, development (inflation, distension) of one of the features, aspects, facets of knowledge, into an absolute, divorced from matter, from nature, apotheosised.
—  Vladimir Lenin, Philosophical Notebooks, 1914