philosophers sone


“To Mr Ronald Weasley, for the best played game of chess that Hogwarts has seen these many years. 50 points.”

OK so here’s something you as a potterhead you may not have known.

The Chess Match from Philosohper’s Stone, in the movie, was actually designed by international master Jeremy Silman, with some dramatic constraints from director Chris Columbus.  

Ron COMPLETELY DESERVED every one of those 50 points for that chess match.

The move he plays to win the game is extraordinarily brilliant, not only ensuring they win the game, but also sacrificing himself to save Harry from being taken. 

All is explained in an analysis in the video, for those who are even semi literate in chess. 

Basically they made Ron an incredibly boss chess player. 

They hired a CHESS MASTER to make sure Ron was insanely talented at chess, and that his winning the game wasn’t just luck or not half bad, but really really really tactically brilliant. 

(I just think the level of detail here, that they put so much effort into a chess match and making the chess match as accurate and brilliant as possible despite the fact that nearly no one would notice is incredible ok)