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[Fic] Pay no worship to the garish sun [Dazatsu]

Title: Pay no worship to the garish sun
Dazai, a bored, restless god – tired of the mindless humans that pray to him, and is by now quite good at avoiding his duties and peers – wanders through the land and meets a human living all by himself in the dark woods.
Implied/mentioned sex.
Author’s note:
This is my gift for @magicalgirlmafu as a part of the Dazatsu Valentine Exchange 2017, I’m your secret valentine! I tried my best to squeeze in parts of your prompts and likes all over the place but I don’t know if I succeeded I hope you’ll like it, and Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Disclaimer: Title is a quote from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, act three scene two.

[Contains Pining-and-sort-of-ridiculous-god!Dazai, Oblivious-human!Atsushi, I’m-tired-of-this-shit!Kunikida, Smoking-philosofer!Odasaku and I-ship-it!Yosano]

Dazai looks upon the tiny figures scurrying around down below, preparing food and decorations for tonight’s feast. He does not quite sneer, but the expression on his face is more unfavourable than pleased.

“I don’t understand the fondness you have for them.” Dazai says and roll over to lay on his back with his eyes closed. The eternal glow of the realm too bright.

He catches the sound of Odasaku’s faint chuckle, and finally relaxes against the buzzing stone beneath him. The familiar darkness and the absence of insignificant things – there is only he and Odasaku here now, Ango hadn’t been able to join them, being stuck in his ever-growing library – it made his day better.

“It’s not as much fondness as it is envy,” Odasaku answered, and when Dazai opened his eyes to look at him he absently stared down at the humans.

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i commissioned the lovely @bcnquet / @philosoficate to draw the being, and i’m so, so pleased!! the body language and expression are absolutely gorgeous, and i’m so glad to have a picture of him in a more relaxed and domestic setting. not to mention the way the light shines through the shirt a bit and shows how emaciated he is!! i’m over the moon.


Always have Aries’ energy so you can always look forward to doing things.
Always keep Taurus’ sense of humor to see the life at its best.
Always have Gemini’s sociable spirit so you can make yourself understood.
Always embrace Cancer’s beauty so you can see the life in the most perfect way.
Always keep Leo’s love for itself so you never forget how important and lovely you are.
Always have Libra’s compassion so you can make everyone around you happy.
Always stay as smart as a Virgo to see the philosofical part of life.
Always have Scorpio’s patience to balance the things in a good way.
Always keep Sagittarius’ amusement with you, you can always use it.
Always know when to stop and make itself understood just like a Capricorn does.
Always be as careful as an Aquarius and learn to watch the world.
Always have Pisces’ love so you can hug life and make it your best friend.

See the beauty in every sign , not their flaws.

Drunk BTS

Jin: Hmmm it’s hard to imagine Princess Jin drunk, being the most responsible and mother like of the guys. I think he would be both giggly but also panicky, constantly running after the guys and making sure they are okay if they do something potentially dangerous, but also he would have quite a bit of a giggle fit if you complimented him or said something funny to him. If you were dating him I think he would get cuddly and needy, demanding your hugs and attention all night, stealing kisses when he thought no one was looking.

Jimin: I think it is fair to say most of us think of our cutie pie here to be the touchy and cuddly. He would probably dance around a lot, holding onto your waist and keeping you close. If you were in a relationship with him, he would probably get slightly pervy, kissing your neck and biting down on your shoulders, leaving hickeys for the other guys to see. I think at the end of the night he would probably grab your wrist and attempt to drag you back home for some private time, if you know what I mean…

J Hope: oh man, I get the impression Hobi here would be the giggly drunk, his vision slightly blurry, his body just slightly out of balance, but his laughter would fill the room. Everything would just be one big joke to him, he just tripped over and landed flat on his face? Hilarious. You just spilled your drink all over Namjoon’s shirt? Also hilarious. You told him the world’s worst knock knock joke? He would laugh for 15 minutes straight. If you were dating him he probably wouldn’t stop smiling at you and laughing at everything you say, and telling you jokes all night long, and since you’d probably be buzzed too, you’d laugh along, having one of the best nights of your life.

Jungkook: He’s not even legal yet for drinking! If he got drunk at this age I am pretty sure Jin would have a massive go at him… However, I think he would be a relaxed drunk, enjoying the music and dancing around with his friends. I don’t think he would be reckless, he might be young but he still seems quite mature and responsible to me. If you were in a relationship with him, I think he would probably be a little bolder with you, less shy than his usual self, dragging you out to dance with him, and kissing you passionately in the middle of the dancefloor even if his friends were looking, but he wouldn’t dare take it further, his mind would just be in the fun aspect of this.

Rap Monster: I think Namjoon would be the philosofical drunk, poetic, sitting with you and talking about the meaning of life, and the power of music, and all the things his sexy brain can come up with. He would start thinking of lyrics he would write down quickly, sometimes they’d be great, other times he would read them in the morning and laugh to himself, because he wouldn’t understand what the hell he meant. One thing was constant though, all his lyrics would be about you. About his love for you, his fears with you, how beautiful you look, and how you make him feel special, and you’d watch patiently over his shoulder, biting your lip as you read those love words meant for you.

Suga: I had to fight myself to write this one, sorry if you guys disagree. Suga would be the sleepy drunk, sometimes he would get strikes of inspiration just like Namjoon, but generally I think he would be the kind of person to just want to sleep after he’s had one too many drinks. He would lean on you, and cuddle you, asking for permission to put his head on your lap or take him home. He would be needy but more silent about it, staying close, holding hands, giving you hungry kisses after long stares into your eyes, but never vocally telling you. He would be more honest with his feelings once you were alone, his walls breaking down, finally being able to tell you all the things about you he struggles to say when sober, like how much he loves you, how you are his source of happiness, his inspiration, and how life has gotten meaning now that you are beside him, all whispered into your hair as he holds you close. Also, and excuse me for this, I think he could get a little aggressive? You know, getting angry and wanting to start fights if a guy looked at you the wrong way, or flirted with you, instantly bringing out his protective self. He would however pull back and stop once he felt your tug on his arm, and he would head home with you, ready for some sleepy cuddles.

V: Oh Lord, Taehyung would probably triple his weirdness, he would be all over the place, running around, jumping, skipping, dancing, handing you drink after drink trying to get you in the same state of mind as him. He’d drag you along the dance floor, twisting you and twirling you, making you laugh until you had tears in your eyes. You’d love it most of the time, he would look so so happy, although you’d have to keep a constant eye on him to avoid him doing something reckless and getting hurt. He’d also get really cuddly and lovey dovey, and you’d love that, until you have to literally peel him off you so you can go to the bathroom.

A/N: i’m writing this from my phone cause I don'r have a pc right now, so please excuse the jumble. I will edit this and link it to my scenarios and reactions page as soon as I can :3 please enjoy!

anonymous asked:

Hi Hank! I recently came across Antihumanism (as a philosofical and social theory), and it makes me really unconfortable, as it in a way seems to invalidate gender and sexuality. But it also makes a lot of sense to me. What are your thoughts on this?

Ideas that make you uncomfortable are often the most worth exploring. Also, understanding an idea conceptually does not invalidate the experience of others. For example, it is perfectly possible to simultaneously say “sexual orientation is a constructed concept” and also “sexual orientation is fundamental to the current human experience” without those statements being contradictory because constructed concepts are the foundation of culture.

I’m totally a humanist but robust ideas that challenge my worldview are the only way for me to better understand my place in the world, even if (especially if) those ideas make me uncomfortable.

People who read The Fault In Our Stars keep posting their favorite quotes which are often the philosophical ones and everything. Mine is :

“The diagnosis came three months after I got my first period. Like : Congratulations! You’re a woman. Now die.”

Best book line ever !

Clearly, John Green understands what we, women, feel !
"Star gazing" (Xibalba and la Muerte Drabble)

The two godly lovers laid side by side staring at the star lite night. They both laid on a slanted tile roof of a church as they watched the lights twinkle in the cool night sky. Enjoying each other’s company, free from the stresses from ruling their lands. Xibalba lifted his hand up, pointing with his index as he motioned to his wife.

“What is that cossilation called?” He asked testing his wife’s knowledge, she let out a small smirk towards the direction he was pointing at.

“Scorpius.” She answered quickly.

“Oh very good, love.” He praised, he pointed to anouther. “How about that one?”


“That was too easy….how about this one? I wager you won’t know this one.” He smiled confidently. His wife gave out a small laugh.

“Oh? A wager?” She questioned. “What are the stakes?”

“No stakes. Just for fun.”

“That is because you know you will lose.” She retorted.

“Very funny.” He replied dryly. “Come on, do you know it?”

She took a moment before answering. “Cygnus.” She heard her husband let out a exasperated sigh as his hand fell.

“Okay you win….” He shrugged. “It’s a good thing there was nothing to be lost.” He heard her wife let out a small laugh towards him. He let out a small chuckle her laughter was always addicting to hear, soft but full of confidence, he could not help but laugh along with her. Their laughter slowed as La Muerte eyes lower turning back to the stars.

“Do you remeber when we first meet?” she asked slowly. He turned to her in confusion as his eyes darted back and forth.

“….No, I-I don’t, how strange.” He muttered. “I always assumed we were always together.”

She sat up, putting her chin to her knees as she curled herself in. “It has been centuries.” she thought out loud. “But as far as I can remebered, you were by my side.”
Xibalba sat up looking at the horizon of San Angel. He stroked his beard in thought, it was true, as far as he can remebered she was always by his side but what of before? It seemed they were created for each other. He glanced back at his wife who had her mouth in a line with her brows furrowed from deep thought. He slide closer to her, careful to not suddenly fall of the roof, he put out his right wing enveloping her with his black feathers like a blanket. She blinked letting out a smile as she stroked his feathers.

“Does it really matter?” he asked, almost using a philosofical tone. He tilted his head resting against his shoulder. “We are old beings, you and I, we were here when the first mortals died and either gone to your land or mine, we proberly can’t remeber because we were not in eachother’s lives yet.” he mused. He flinched feeling his wife place her head against his shoulder.

“I suppose you are right.” she agreed. “It is not important.” she suddenly dissapears leaving a trail of marigold. Xibalba tucked back his wings as he stood up uprudtly to find his wife. He looked behind him to see her hovering above the roof looking over the town. He appeared beside her going under her hat, she held a sad frown. His eyes soften.

“What is wrong?” He asked.

“What if in the future we forget about this night?” She said slowly, her eyes glossing over. “I don’t want to forget.”

He grabbed her hand taking it up to his lips as he kissed her knuckles trying to calm her.

“Do not think that way, mi amor.” He said. “As long as we are together, we can make new memories….we don’t need to remeber the old.”

“Oh Xibalba…” She sighed bringing his hand up to her lips, giving him a peck. “But I want to.”

“So do I, my sweet.” He pressed his lips against her cheek trying to lighten her mood. “But do not be so sad that we may not, it is all right…”

She turned to him, meeting his lips against her own. He melt into it as he wrapped his arms around her waist. She let out a slight blush hearing a deep growl come from within his throat and pushed him back gently.

“You always seem to make me feel better.” She smiled running her fingers down his tar like skin. He smiled back at her.

“Your happiness is mine, mi amor.” He stated squeezing her hand slightly. “If you ever feel any melecholy, please let me know, so I may shower you with anything you desire to hear or want.” Her heart leaped hearing his strong felt words and heard him let out a slight purr. “and I work well with the "wanting”-“ he smirked wolfishly.
She rolled her eyes giving him a slight chuckle.

"Thank you, mi amor” she replied.

The Ina'radi are a very vain species, often decorating their scales, horns and wings with jewels and other beauty objects. Most of those than can actually afford it are royal and high classes, but even small markets tend to show off their wares. It’s a bit cruel, to some, because low- and middle-class families can’t hope to afford much of it, but eventually it would become something like a visit to a museum. It’s nothing you could hope to own for yourself, but it didn’t mean they were boring to look at. Children, especially, love these trips.