Always have Aries’ energy so you can always look forward to doing things.
Always keep Taurus’ sense of humor to see the life at its best.
Always have Gemini’s sociable spirit so you can make yourself understood.
Always embrace Cancer’s beauty so you can see the life in the most perfect way.
Always keep Leo’s love for itself so you never forget how important and lovely you are.
Always have Libra’s compassion so you can make everyone around you happy.
Always stay as smart as a Virgo to see the philosofical part of life.
Always have Scorpio’s patience to balance the things in a good way.
Always keep Sagittarius’ amusement with you, you can always use it.
Always know when to stop and make itself understood just like a Capricorn does.
Always be as careful as an Aquarius and learn to watch the world.
Always have Pisces’ love so you can hug life and make it your best friend.

See the beauty in every sign , not their flaws.