Heyo pals so I hit 700 a while ago and honestly why?¿? Thank you all for following my shitty blog!! I love y'all:/ OK So here are all of my lovely mutuals that I don’t ever talk to and are probably wondering who this bitch in their notifications is (feel free to deck me if we’re mutuals and I didn’t add you or if we’re not and I accidentally added you) (also sorry for the shitty and boring banner) Some of fav blogs/mutuals are bolded.

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ah so i hit 3k a bit ago and honestly,,, im shocked ?? i never thought this blog would become such a great place for me to rant about two nerds but here we are,, tysm to everything who follows me im? ily all :(( 

these are only mutuals; friendos (or if i consider you my friend aa im so sorry if you dont!!) are bolded/cool pals with great content/blogs i stalk are italicized !!

a - c

@absolutemusicaltrash@acephan  ✧ @adoredan  ✧ @agapelester  ✧ @amazedphill  ✧ @amazingphilz @angstdan  ✧ @applejuiceasshole  ✧ @arcticlester  ✧ @arcticphil  ✧ @articulatehowell  ✧ @artisthowell  ✧ @artsyphil @asleepyphilly  ✧ @bitesizedhowell  ✧ @blackparadehowell  ✧ @boopydaniel  ✧ @boys-talk-gay  ✧ @bratcemetery ✧ @brightphil ✧ @btsphan  ✧ @byedan ✧ @cadenisphantastic ✧ @calmdan@calmlester@cappuchinophil  ✧ @celestelester  ✧ @celestialesters  ✧ @cheekboneslester@cinnabonanna@clingylester​ ✧ @cloverlester @cluelesslester @cockyhowell@colorphill@cometphan@cometphil@comicphans@cozydan@creamphilled@crescendohowell@crushlester @crystalhowell@cursivehowell

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@daisysunsets@damnisheonfire@dan-jpeg  ✧ @dandy-howell@dangoghs@danhowellgifs@danielhowclls@danielpov@danisjustonfire@daniskindainteresting@danjlester@danplease@danrat@dansluts@dansomniac@dansucc@dantea@danthesoftestnerd@dantlers @dawniel@dayphil@deadnotsleepdeprived@deadpeej@deletedan@dimplydan@djnof@dnjhwll@drizzle-lester@eclipsedan@etherephil@eveniftheskiesgetrough@existentialcatwhiskers@faephilly @fariland@fcknghowell@feministdan@fireflyphil@fizzyphilly@flowerylester@flowrphilly@flusteredphil@frecklydan​ ✧ @fringecringes​ ✧ @fringegaps @glasshowell@gloaminghowell@goddesslester@goincrazyfast@goldan@greydnp

h - l 

@heartphil@heckdan@heckphil@helllointernet ✧ @herenthedreamer@hibernationhowell@hobbithair@hopinghowell@hotlinehowell@howelldescent@howelle@howelljesus@howellsome@howelter@illuminatinglester @interstellarphil@iridescentlester@ivorylester@katsudonphil@koiphil@kyotophil@lattehowell@leftsharklester@lester-nerd@lesterdans@lesterie@lesterose@lesterp@lesterssmovingcastle@librarylester @liguorihowell@likehowell@lilacslester@lilshithowell@lithophany@litraleehowell@livelylester@llguori @lmaohowell @lovebirdlester @lsterr@luminousphil @lumoshowell @lurkinghowell

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@marvelphil@mmixhowell@moaningphil@momhowell @nasaphan@nasaphil@nasapov@nervouslester@netunophil@nicelester@nikedan@niphilism@opaquehowell  ✧  @orbitingphan@overcasthowell@pansexualphil@paradisedan@peachyphantimes@pearlphil@petalphan @phaked@phanfathers @phanhtml@phanime@phanniephil@phanperra@phanthought@philiplesty@philledwithpuns@philledwithstars@phillybeans@phillytm@philop@philslesters@philversusdan@phtl@pinkishphil@plantpot-phil @prettydan@prettyoddphan@prettyphil ✧ @princessdan ✧ @profetchional@puritylester  

q - t

@rainbowhowell @ravehowell@rebloggingphan@redhowell @ripdan@room93ep@rosegolddaniel@roseydan@rosylester@sadandexploded@selfmeme@serenehowell @shavedsides@shibes-howell@shingekihowell@shippingismyfavoritesport@shookhowell@sleeplessnightphil@snugglyhowell@softdan @softdnp@softlester@softphil@softphl @spacedns@spacedust-lester@springphil@starboydan @stardustphan@starlesshowell @starryhtml @stellar-jpg @stellarphil @succlester @teabaglester@theanomex @theaterdan@thefreakinphandom@thejockinator@thiccphil@thunderhowell @tiredlester@topazlesters@treephil

u - #

@ukulele-nerd@unamourdephan@vintagephan@violethowell @volcaniclester@vyou @wafflydan @wispyphil@writerlester@wtfphan@yetanotherphangirl@yuri-howell@zazzed-howell@zazzedmemes

aa im sorry if i forgot you and we’re mutuals: honestly all of you are great and i hope you know that thank you so much again :’)

(srry for the shitty banner lmao) when i first started watching dnp a bit over 7 months ago i was so sure i will get bored in no time but then i started this blog and met a lot of incredible, funny and talented ppl and somehow got to over 3k followers? how?????

so i wanted to make this post to thank u all for being cool and also to apologize for shitposting and constantly screaming in the tags

(wanted to include all of my mutuals but if we’re mutuals and i forgot u or if u don’t follow me and i accidentally still put u here feel free to deck me)

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thank u so much for one k !!!!! omigoodness !!

tumblr truly has a lovely community full of wonderful people and i could not have expected so many of them to like my blog this fast, but i sure am glad ! i have made so many pals here from phandom events like secret santa n meetups as well as the lovely @phleurnet (even tho we r all furries) and the Super Cool @cooldnp net, and other friends too. also the @peachykeenphannies and @thecaltphanniesnet !! thank u all for talking to me ab everything from dnp to school to art to books, and supporting me n my blog. this blog has grown so much in the past few months ?? i remember last september when i had, what, forty followers when i was quaintlylester ??? im??? i remember when one of my all time fav blogs followed me in january and i almost cried, in shock of being noticed ! thank u for being such an exquisite bunch and although the phandom can be problematic it’s so amazing and on fire (sorri) in the end. here is a list of my beautiful mutuals and sorry for my blabbering !

few notes beforehand:

  • i follow through @crocusbees
  • it’s mostly dnp/partially dnp blogs so sorry if u are a dif type of blog n we are mutuals :’( i still love u a lot :’(
  • if u have a dnp sideblog i put that instead of main
  • if i tagged u n u don’t follow me feel free to whack me with a baguette
  • if we r dnp mutuals and i did not tag u feel free to whack me with several baked goods in addition to the baguette
  • sorry this is so long i wanted to include as many honeybuns as possible !


@acephan @amazingmegara @articulatehowell @astronautdan @athenasarrow @avengphil @blackparadehowell @bloomingphil @bloomhowell @boncasphan @bonjr @bookishlester @botanistlester @brightphil @byedan @buzzinuu @calmlester @dangelical @cappuchinophil @cloverphan @cluelesslester @colorlester @colormephan @curlydans @creatiivity @daintilydan @daintyhowell @dandromedas @danffodils @danielbear @danikiforov @danopoly @dangelical @danhowlite @dantea @dantichrist @dantithesis @dantlers @dan-kendonuts @dawniel @dclarks @dearlylester @desolatehowell @devilester @dimpledork @dimplydan @dnpbake @dogdnp @doinganap @earlgreyphil @earnestnebulae @ephemeral-dan @eli-howlter @energeticwarrior @eucalyptusdan


@forphil @fuckinlester @flowerphilled @florallylester @flusteredhowell @fringecheck @fringegaps @fringelust @fuqboihowell @furryphil @goddesslester @golddustphan @goldheartedphil @glasshowell @gloaminghowell @glomplester @glowinghowell @gravityphil @hazyphil @heathenshowell @heckdan @helloointernet @hobbithair @homesicklester @howell-antics @httpsdaniel @httphilip @huphilpuffs @hydratedhowell @imlovephil @iridescentlester @illogicaldan @ivorylester @killerfringee


@latte-howell @lawsofbiology @lifeissadphanisgood @lillelester @lithophany @litraleehowell @little-lester @macaronidan @mangophil @milkcherriesandcereal @nasahowell @nephiliim @nonbinary-lester @mmixhowell @monetlester @moosehat @novocainehowell @occlumencylester @oops-phan @orbitingphan @orchidan @outerspacehowlters @pansexualphil @paradisedan @phanamored @phandyfloss @phanhallows @phanperra @phantasticallylester @phasteledits @philester @philestial @phillester @philledwithlove @philledwithpuns @philledwithstars @philliester @philling-trashy @philmings @philop @philpov @phtl @planethowell @plantpotphil @plesty @plntphil @pugjumper @purepastelphan


@rhapsodichowell @rosegoldjh @roseslester @rosemarydan @rosettelester @roseyboys @royaltydan @sadistdan @saltwaterphil @serenehowell @skyphil @snow-phan @snugglyhowell @softandneat @softestdanny @softrosehowell @sorcererphil @sparklephil @spiritedawaydjh @starhowell @starlesshowell @starmadephan @starrydans @starrylester @strhwll @stylishphil @sugardanny @sunflowerphilip @sunshinehowell @sweetpeachlester @syngestreet @tealeaveslester @teddy-dan @theaterdan @thewirrowpainting @theylikeboys @thisguydan treasurelester


@vloggery @vyou @wavydanrises @wittyhowell @woodland-lester @writerdan @yiffdan

to EVERYONE who follows me or has reblogged one of my posts: thenks fur my lyfe i l y !!!!!!

yall wtf

guess who used the same banner twice in a row hahaha not me

anyways idk how the shit i hit 1.5k asfasdgsd i have no words other than thank you guys sm!!!

first im gonna shout out all super cool people im in a gc with and people ive chatted with in the past

@ogrelordsnet - @birbhowell @aforeverhome @spacekiddan @emotionanalphil @phanniehtml @intertwned @malonesmemes @galaxyphil @cluelesslester @devilester @dearlylester @pugjumper @lilgaybee @danisnotahobbit @peachykeenlesty @randomleighann @bumbledan

@anxiednpnet (i got messaged i was in as i was making this)- @lestersdog @sharkdan @aestheitcly @fondan @dantea

@bumblebeednp (yall why do we never talk)- @sadboysjumper @lestersdog @pepperminthowell @thisguydan @roseyboys @doddle-phan @sorcererphil @starryhtml @gloaminghowell @dantea @sunkissedlester

@this-is-not-a-forever-home (@caffeine-howell @dodiescupoftea @dorky-hufflepuff @lavenderdodie @nancyelsnerlovesgiraffes @youcouldgoswimminginthoseeyes


@asleepyphilly @amazingaveru @alwaysfob @agastopiaphan @articulatehowell @awoohowell @asoftboye @artistphil @adorablephilly @bookwormgerard @blackparadehowell @blushinlester @bookishlester @colormephan @colorlester @crescendohowell @conventionalbullets @curlyprincedan @chillphann @celestialesters @cuddlesphan @childishphannie @camiilaxo


@downinthememes @dxntasies @dqnhowell @daintyhowell @dogdnp @dangoghs @edgyeggos @eucalyptusdan @furryphil @falloutmaze @fringepov @firstgay @ginassf @galaxydnp @gloomylesterr @garbagedaniel @goddesslester @hazyphil @httpsdaniel @hellointrnet @httpsoftdan @hellcrafts @halcyonhowelll @htmlpinof @https-dan @howellscrunchynuts


@ikki-phan-music-depression @izzzy-dnb @internetfathers @iuminouslester @japhanz @kissdjh @lcssamazingphil @lesterdreams @lolzr @lstcr @litraleehowell @lesterslovebite @little-lester @lynzisnothere @macaronidan @moonbeamphil @musclester @memefuck @nonbinary-lester @nutinof


@pmvstump @phanwhom @phandum @plantpotphil @pityhowell @phaked @pasteldoothowell @philop @philpancakes @phantastic-tay  @philwithlove @singaporeditl @sleeplessphilip @serenehowell @starmadephan @starhowell @softrosehowell @stargazing-lester @starboydan @savagelester @squidyphan @snazzy-lester @saltwaterphil


@twinskeletns @trohmann @trashcandan @thebookofmadison @tooscaredtobeme @valentinephil @vojd @vloggery @wavydanrises @wisehowell @zazzedhtml

if i forgot you please tell me!!

Oh ok, it seems I’ve reached 500 followers? Idk why you guys tolerate me but thank you so much!

This is a list of people who are my mutuals and you should 100% go follow. They are all amazing in every way and I love them even if we don’t talk very much I love seeing you all on my dash!

If I forgot to include you a) feel free to punch me in the face and b) tell me so I can add you!

sorry for the terrible banner!


@allthestarsalligned ~ @a-lonely-trash-can ~ @acephan ~ @allthestarsalligned ~ @angelphannie ~ @arainysummer ~ @articulatehowell ~ @artisthowell ~ @ashtonthegreat ~ @astronautdan ~
@becausedodie ~ @bloomingphil ~ @blueberryphil ~ @blushinlester ~
@brendon-effing-urie ~ @calmlester ~ @celestinehowell ~ @cinnabonanna ~
@clingylester ~ @cloverphan ~ @comicphans ~ @crossedstars ~
@cursivehowell ~ @cyxical ~ @danandphilaremyaesthetic ~ @dandyphil ~
@danextra ~ @daninthesheets ~ @danjlester ~ @danopoly ~ @dansforeheadcurl ~ @danshine ~ @dantea ~ @dantichrist ~ @dantlers ~
@daydreamlester ~ @dayphil ~ @dearlylester ~ @death-by-phan ~
@deepspacehowell ~ @delicatedaniels ~ @desisnotonfire ~ @dimensionallyyours ~ @disgustinglygay ~ @djnof ~@dragonmcdragonface


@energeticwarrior ~ @ethsera ~ @fabulous-josie ~ @fallinghowell ~ @feministdan ~ @fireboltdan ~ @fireflies-in-the-sky ~ @fireflyphil ~
@flightlessmusician ~ @flowersandflamingos ~ @fringecheck@fringegaps ~ @geewobbles ~ @geneticemma ~ @getadog ~
@goddesslester ~ @gravityphil ~ @hazyphil ~ @hearcomesthesunflower ~
@hearteyeshollywoodhowell ~ @heathenshowell ~ @heavenlylester ~
@helllointernet ~ @howelloddle ~ @i-dunno-phan-you ~ @idkstoppressuringme ~ @ivorylester ~ @k-is-not-amused ~@latte-howell ~
@lavenderlester ~ @lesterial ~ @lesterose ~ @lifeissadphanisgood ~
@littlelilaclou ~ @look-alive-sunshine ~ @lovelylilaclester ~ @lsterr ~


@miaunderstress ~ @mmixhowell ~ @moonphilight ~ @moonstrucklester ~
@mslesterhowell ~ @my-lungs-will-phil ~ @netunophil ~ @nikedan ~
@nonbinaryphan ~ @novocainehowell ~ @obsessed-phan-number-1 ~
@okiwillleavenow ~ @opaquehowell ~ @orbitingphan ~ @panicmeupdaddy ~
@pansexualphil ~ @paradisedan ~ @particularlyqueer ~@peachykeenlesty~
@pearlphil ~ @pebblesandclouds ~ @phaked@phanarts324 ~ @phandabidozie ~ @phanniephil ~ @phanperra ~ @phantastic-times ~
@phantastically26 ~ @phantropolis ~ @phanyounotstarr ~ @philester ~
@philledwithpuns ~ @phillester ~ @phillesterthecerealthief ~ @philop ~ @phurryphan ~ @piercethegingerr@pityhowell@placebophan ~
@pottergotwholocked ~ @prettyphil ~ @princephil ~ @princessdan ~@pseudophan ~ @purepastelphan ~ @puritylester ~


@roseyboys ~ @roseydan​ ~ @rosy-phil​ ~ @rosydnp​ ~ @royaltydan​ ~
@serenephil ~ @shibes-howell​ ~ @shrekdanhowell​ ~ @sin-phil​ ~ @sleepyphan​ ~ @snugglyhowell​ ~ @softdan​ ~ @spacedns​ ~
@spacedust-lester ~ @spiritedawaydjh​ ~ @starboydan​ ~ @starinorbit​ ~
@starryhtml ~ @stylishphil​ ~ @sunflowerphilip​ ~ @sweetpeachlester​ ~
@talkanon ~ @teabaglester​ ~ @theylikeboys​ ~ @thiccdaniel​ ~
@thingswelostinthefire ~ @thisguydan ~ @topazlesters​ ~ @treephil​ ~
@tylertherulerofmars ~ @ukuleleash​ ~ @wavydanrises​ ~ @whendodie​ ~
@willowponderosa ~ @wisehowell​ ~ @x-filer​  @zazzedmemes ~

Again, thank you all so much and idk why you tolerate me but ily!

Lovely people that didnt get included bc tumblr is rude- @hesitant-dan
1k follow forever!!

(didn’t make a banner because i’m not t a l e n t e d)

i hit 1k recently and i’m so happy!! i made this blog about a year ago and i never thought i’d reach 100, especially not 1k. thank you so much to everyone who follows me i love you all so much!!

my buds are bolded and my faves are italicized (this is a weird mix of mutuals and people i like idk)


@acephan @adagiohowell @agapelester @amazingphilz @angelphannie @angstdan @articulatehowell @artsyphil @astronautdan @becausedodie @bitesizedhowell @bloomhowell @blueberryphil @buttercuplester @cappuchinophil @cherubphil @cleverlester @clingylester @colormephan @comicdans @cozydan @cringe-attacks @cursivehowell @cyanlester @danandphilbakes @dandy-howell @danffodils @dangoghs @danhcwll @dangelical @danisontnonfire @dansucc @dantea @dantichrist @dantlers @dawniel @dayphil @deadpeej @delicatedaniels @demonphannie @denimnjh @dimplydan @doddlevevo @dropthebones 


@energeticwarrior @ephemeralester @etherephil @fakehowell @feministdan @fiercehowell @fireboltdan @fireflyphil @fleurdelester @floatphil @frecklydan @fringegaps @forgetfullittleguy @glasshowell @gloaminghowell @glowinghowell @goddesslester @goldenhowell @grapehowell @greydnp @happyhappyphan @hazyphil @heathenshowell @heckdan @helllointernet @hibernationhowell @higayimmom @hobbithair @hotlinehowell @howellingforlester @hwlle @illuminatinglester @iridescentlester @ivorylester @japanhowell 


@lester-licious @lesterdans @lesterial @lesterose @likehowell @litraleehowell @love-of-lester @lsterr @luminaryphan @lumoshowell @lurkinghowell @mesmericphilip @mmixhowell @my-lungs-will-phil @nasapov @netunophil @notphil @opaquehowell @orbitingphan @overcasthowell @paganlester @palesivan @paniclester @paradisedan @peachou @phaked @phanniephil @phanperra @phantastic-noodles @philop @philversusdan @phiru @phtl @pityhowell @planethowell @poutylester @prettydan @prettyphil @princessdan @pro-phanity 


@ratinof @redhowell @rosebudlester @rosegoldjh @sarcasticdaniel @serenephil @shingekihowell @sin-phil @sleeplesslester @smoltheatrekid @snugglyhowell @softdan @softdnp @softphl @spacedust-lester @sparklehowells @starlesshowell @starryhtml @stellar-jpg @succlester @sunny-lester @sugarphil @theaterdan @theylikeboys @thorlester @trashpaintedgold @treephil @vividhowell @volcaniclester @wittyhowell @wholesomedjh @writerlester @yaoidan @zazzedmemes

if i left you out please come to my house and deck me :(( 

hey look at this shitty banner that ava made on paint! at least she actually made an attempt to make one this time!!!

so somehow i have 1k followers (and idk why?? i’m literally the uncoolest person to exist asdfhjsdh thankyouguyssomuch

but anyways here is a list of all my lovely mutuals that you should definitely go follow because they’re all quality blogs and i love them with my whole hort :’( <3


@aestheitcly @articulatehowell @awoohowell @asoftboye @artistphil @adorablephilly @agastopiaphan @bookwormgerard @blackparadehowell @blushinlester @bookishlester @bumbledan @blanket-howell @bloomingphil @conventionalbullets @curlyprincedan @chillphann @celestialesters @cuddlesphan @childishphannie @camiilaxo @colormephan @colorlester


@dxntasies @doddle-phan @dantea @danffodils @dqnhowell @dorky-hufflepuff @daintyhowell @dodiescupoftea @dearlylester @dogdnp  @dangoghs @edgyeggos @energeticwarrior @earlgreyphil @eucalyptusdan @falloutmaze @fondan @firstgay @galaxydnp @ginassf @gloaminghowell @gloomylesterr @garbagedaniel @goddesslester


@httpsdaniel @hellointrnet @httpsoftdan @hellcrafts @halcyonhowelll @htmlpinof @https-dan @howellscrunchynuts @ikki-phan-music-depression @iuminouslester @kissdjh @kitten-kiah @lolzr @litraleehowell @lestersdog @lesterslovebite @little-lester @latte-howell @lstcr


@macaronidan @moonbeamphil @musclester @memefuck @nancyelsnerlovesgiraffes @nonbinary-lester @phantastic-tay @philwithlove @phandum @plantpotphil @philpov @pityhowell @phaked @pasteldoothowell @pugjumper @pepperminthowell @pansexualphil @philop @philpancakes @phanwhom @rebranddaniel @roseyboys


@softrosehowell @stylishphil @stefisnothere @stargazing-lester @savagelester @starboydan @squidyphan @snazzy-lester @saltwaterphil @sorcererphil @sunkissedlester @starryhtml @sprjnkles @serenehowell @starmadephan @starhowell @sharkdan @trohmann @trashcandan @thebookofmadison @theamazingpersonwhoisnotonfire @this-is-not-a-forever-home @tooscaredtobeme


@wavydanrises @winedan @wisehowell @youcouldgoswimminginthoseeyes @vloggery @zazzedhtml

thanks again, and please yell at me if i forgot you

Before I begin, I’d like to thanks @amazingmegara for making me this lovely banner after I accidentally made a post about being too shy to ask anyone you’re a gooden (’:

Aaaand I hit 2k! I’ve only been active as a dnp blog since around December, so seeing how far this blog has come over the course of a few months is absolutely bonkers! I’d like to personally thank anyone who has ever smashed that mf button and followed me. I’d also like to thank anyone who has ever sent me a message/ask, as well as reblogged or liked any of my posts or even mentioned me in any of their posts. I am a very lonely girl, so all of the attention I’ve gotten on here from anyone has given me an overwhelming feeling of warmth and welcoming. You all make me smile.

That being said, here is a thanks to some lovely friends and mutuals <3

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A few small notes on Cleopatra

We refer to her as simply Cleopatra, but her full name was Cleopatra VII Philopator, called the Great. 

It is not unequivocally clear whether or not she committed ritual suicide after her and Mark Antony’s defeat at Actium by having an asp or cobra bite her. She may also have poisoned herself.

The idea that she was obsessed by poison, as “evidenced” by the anecdotes of her demonstrating to Mark Antony that she could easily poison him, should be taken with a grain of salt. To my knowledge, there is no evidence for this beyond those second-hand accounts, certain paintings (looking at you, Alexandre Cabanel) notwithstanding. She did murder her brother and co-regent Ptolemy XIV by poison, and her sister Arsinoe IV did not survive her ambitions either. (But, honestly, poisoning your brother/sister/mother/father because they got in your way was a bit of a Ptolemaeic family tradition.)

Neither was Cleopatra the exquisite beauty pop culture paints her. The coins bearing her likeness seem to point in a different direction, though it’s still obviously in the eye of the beholder whether or not she was beautiful. Among her contemporaries, especially her Egyptian subjects, she was renowned for her intelligence and political acumen, not her beauty. She was also a woman who fiercely fought for her country’s independence, defying the continuously expanding Rome, even if she at the same time fought for her and Mark Antony’s ambitions of expanding their own territory. Cleopatra remained a role model amongst her erstwhile subjects for hundreds of years after her death. 

After her death, emperor Augustus cast a shadow over her memory by unleashing the Roman propaganda machine. Much of her current reputation as a seductress, sex kitten, and lethally ambitious poisoner comes from Roman slander. 

hey!! so yesterday i hit 10k followers and i’m so shocked?? and happy?? i still can’t believe it, thank you so much for following me, reblogging my gifs and saying nice things about them and me you have no idea how much it means to me i love you all :((

it’s been so long since my last follow forever so i thought i’d do one for this great milestone :’) not all of these are mutuals but i wanted to include them as well because i love their blogs a lot; 

the poeople who i consider friends and/or admire for the content they make are bolded, but all of these people are amazing and great content-makers and i’m so glad i follow them, they make this website a better place :’)

thank you again, you’re close to my heart ♥

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hey kids!! 

i hit one thousand followers a little while ago, which is actualy insane??  i only realy started this blog in, i think, september last year?  that is so cool. 

this is so exciting!!

so, here some really cool mutuals and friends, all of whom i love with my entire being, and maybe a little more:

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thank you to anyone who’s ever followed this awful blog!  i go cry now

so i just hit 3k this week ?? which is pretty wild cause I’ve only had this blog for like a year and a half so ty,, first id like to mention my friends on here 

@regionalpastels (she made the banner)



next some of my mutuals 


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i lov u sm all thanks for following my blog and reblogging my stuff sometimes    :((( 

so yesterday i hit 1k? which is absolutely insane? when i started this blog 6 months ago i honestly never thought i’d get this many followers so thank you very much to every single person who follows me!!

like every other blogger, i decided this milestone had to be celebrated by a follow forever! it’s basically just a list of all of my mutuals and bunch of other people that i absolutely adore, tysm for making my tumblr experience the very best :’)

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hey hey I hit 3k *little pause for the ‘what?’, ‘omg’, ‘really’* yea that happened. today I bring you a little follow forever *little pause for the ‘ugh how original’* I know, I know, I don’t need you to tell me. but yea, I was contacted by this company called ‘asleepyphilly’ (that’s me if you can’t tell ,, I’m just trying to make this more exciting) and they told me that it would be nice to show my love for my mutuals so that’s what I’m doing, thank you ‘asleepyphilly’ for the unoriginal amazing idea. 

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