philodendron selloum


January 9, 2015 - now this is a living wall! I saw this at the Sunlife building at University and King. There’s one at each corner of the lobby and they run all the way up to the ceiling - at least 3 stories in the lobby. I saw variegated weeping fig, rubber plant, variegated rubber plant, dracena lemon-lime, peace lily, schefflera, and right at the top, a single specimen of philodendron selloum (the big one with bifurcated leaves). Since this place is right near my office, I’ll check back frequently to see how they maintain it. When I walked up close, I could hear running water behind the wall which must be the irrigation system. Structurally, they used some kind of moss with openings for the plants to stick out while holding in the soil (if any).