-Lasted for 2 and a half centuries (lasted from 1565 to 1815)

-this trade was only between Acapulco, Mexico and Manila, Philippines (One sailed from Acapulco to Manila with some 500,000 pesos worth of goods, spending 120 days at sea; the other sailed from Manila to Acapulco with some 250,000 pesos worth of goods spending 90 days at sea.)

-108 galleons were used (while 30 were lost by shipwreck)

-it centered on the trade mainly with silk, cotton, ivory, spices, silver, and friars

-Because of the trade, the Philippines and Mexico has shared goods, words and customs.
The Exports delivered to Mexico were:
+Food and plants
+and more…

The Exports delivered to the Philippines were:
+and more…

>Europe has entered industrial progress

>There was an increased demand for English and European cottons and a decreased demand for the Asian ones

>The Mexican War of Independence in 1810 prevented the uploading of the galleons.

>Ventura de los Reyes (1st Filipino delegate) was able to have an audience with the Spanish Cortes and proposed the abolition of the galleon due to the widespread official corruption, neglect of the country’s agricultural and industrial development, and the terrible abuses done by he encomenderos.
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