phillyrnr half training



Wow, I wanted to skippp. People don’t believe me when I say I’m lazy but I SWEAR I am!

I even tried to use the excuse that I couldn’t find parking at the reservoir to get out of it. Then I remembered the third lot where there was plenty of parking. So I was out of excuses. Secretly I told myself that if I made it to 5 miles that was fine. Pshhh!

Here we go in pictures:
1) Seriously, the res is beautiful!
3) Cheesing because I did it! Whoo!
4) Splits. Meh. Pretty darn pleased with myself!

Things I want to work on: not walking. I take small walk breaks while I’m running more to satisfy a mental craving to take a break than physical. But I’m still so proud because I have come a really long way with my running… I really felt the progress tonight.

But anyway! No time for reflection, too busy celebrating myself because I’m way excited about my miles tonight! Yahoo!

Oh! And I forgot some kid high-fived me halfway through my run… at first I got nervous he was walking toward me and then he went for a high-five so I was all “YEAH!” And kept going. The end.


It. Was. Hot. (lol)

I need to do a better job of forcing myself out of bed when I wake up early to run! (and y’all know how I hate getting up early) I had a pretty bad dream last night which made me sleepy this morning and slowed down my anticipated plan. As a result I was running in the sun which meant the run whooped my butt!

I decided to do tomorrow’s 8 miles this morning because I have an engagement party in the early afternoon for a friend and didn’t want to play with the time. Only a couple days after my 7, I’m pretty cool with how I did.

I averaged 12:18 per mile and my splits were kind of all over the place:

Mile 1: 12:30
Mile 2: 11:19
Mile 3: 11:34
Mile 4: 12:21
Mile 5: 12:35
Mile 6: 12:47
Mile 7: 13:03
Mile 8: 12:07

I took a water break about every half mile so I didn’t die… But overall I felt pretty good! I had so many thoughts about tumblr and running after some conversations with tumblr-friends this week, which I will share in a little while (gotta be somewhere in 40 mins!).

Until then… HAPPY SATURDAY! 😁

Also, side note, Coach sunglasses really are not meant for running in! Hahaha :)


4.5 miles on the plan tonight.

I wanted to take it easy between 12 and 12:30 per mile. That’s what I set the treadmill for… Interesting that I averaged 11:40! Garmin splits are:

Mile 1: 11:30
Mile 2: 11:15
Mile 3: 12:11
Mile 4: 11:53
Mile .5: 5:41

I ran straight through the first 2.30. Then I had some water, took a few minutes. Then I ran something like from 2.50-3.50, and just about from 3.70-4.50. All I know is I felt mostly awesome! Occasional cramping and the hypochondriac in me thought my spleen might be swelling (lol @ the doc’s mono diagnosis) but I made it through. The smile on the right is semi sarcastic… :)

Catfish tonight with the boy! 😍