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It’s a visual. It’s a playlist. Issa art.

Hip Hop culture + Rare footage + Nostalgic Video Games + Old Shows + Movie Favorites + Life Lessons + Dope Visual Art + Other Cool but Conscious shit.

I made this for the niggas with no cable, the antisocial extroverts at the club staring at the screens, the busy bodies who just need some background noise, those late night sessions when you just need something to look at, and for all those who cherish and respect black culture and the influence it has on our world.

There’s a theme here, let me know if you think you what it is. 

I do not own all content in video. All rights to the original artists. See credits.


Flourish, hand painted murals of florals and foliage breathing life into any space. Each one created specifically to the space it’s inhabiting. Great for homes, offices or hangouts.⠀

What space would you like to give the Flourish treatment?⠀

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Padmé Amidala for a wicked awesome show (s) at Tattooed Mom’s and Atomic City Comics Philly! Preview party is Dec 4th at Tattooed Moms starting at 8pm (Did I mention that it’s a Star wars Themed dance party?? No? Well it is!)
530 South St, Philly. BE THERE … COME TO THE DARK SIDE (There will be amazing art…and drink specials!)

Well, folks - there it goes! 2015 is done and over with and we’re psyched and ready for what 2016 has in store! Happy New Year everyone, and thank you to all our artists, friends, family, and fans near and far! You made this past year totally rock and give us the fire to keep on keepin’.
New hours this week to make up for the vacation from last week: Monday - Saturday, 12-5pm. THE ROYALS group show and Julie Filipenko’s ‘Secret Dimension’ are both on display through the 17th.
🎨: @cookienamnam -
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Finished Sansa portrait for Milk and Honey Game of Thrones show: The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors. 

Gunna call this one ‘Dark wings, Dark words’ since our girl Sansa hasn’t received good news once in this entire series! :x