Philly’s Kid Hazo has been on one my street art fav’s this year, he creates these hilarious signs that parody Philadelphia venues and culture around the city.  

This year his PPA hazing made #1 on Streets Dept Top 10 Street Art Moments in Philly List. If anyone’s familiar with our crappy Philadelphia Parking Authority you know just how necessary and fantastic that prank was.

But whether it’s joking at overgrown lots that resemble something out of a Jurassic Park movie or making a fake route to Rocky’s main places - we’re always on the lookout for his street sign installations. Problem is, he makes them look and feel so real that the recognition of one might not register till several blocks later. 

Here are some of our favorite things he’s pulled out on the city of Philly thus far. 

*pics courtesy of Kid Hazo

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Presented by American Dreaming INC. 
We invite you to celebrate with us:

The newest art exhibit by emerging Philadelphia visual artist Dessie Jackson will explore the Feminine from the perspective of the female creator-conscious. Through painting, drawing, collage, and video she will confront the lasting power of the female muse as object, subject, and the many spaces. 

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The Visit Philly campaign posters aren’t’ so bad - they just don’t always read as my version of Philly. If I didn’t look close enough, I’d think they’d finally gotten hipper and more in tuned to the city’s vibe. But I should have known…that’s what’s so fun about Kid Hazo’s work, you really have to be observant to catch the joke.

Our favorite Philly Art Blogger & photographer was on the scene (as usual). He gave a really great breakdown of Hazo’s Dear Street Art Lovers Poster:

“In case you need a little help cracking the ‘Dear Street Art Lovers’ one: We got Tagged Up Elephants (Cornbread), Sticker Characters (The Sticky Bandits), Black and white paper cut outs (Joe Burochow), Yarn bombed stuff (Ishknits) , stick dudes (Stikman), Mythical Animal Murals (NoseGo), Braille Art (Sonia and Austin), Conspiracy Street tiles (Toynbee Tiles) AND Ben Franklin wheat paste stencily janws (Get Up Art).”

You can find these new installs around Chestnut Street between Broad and 18th. 

*Sweet thanks to Conrad Benner of StreetsDept for the pics. For more installation shots check out 

This is pretty similar to the last picture, but I just really like the relationship with the small girl child. #urbancrochet #phillystreetart #yarnbomb #fiberart #yarnart #yarn #crochet #crochetart #graffiti #phillygraffiti #philly #philladelphia #phillyart #fiber #phillyyarnbomb #prayingmantis #crochetinsect

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Today some will celebrate Valentine’s Day with ride on the Blue Line to see the Steve Powers (ESPO) 2009 project,  "A Love Letter for You*. A series of “love letter murals” that span 50 West Philadelphia rooftops (from 63rd to 45th) that “collectively represents a conversation from guy to his girl, from a artist to his hometown”. Some will take engagement photos underneath their favorite one, just like every year since. Some will just pass by on their way home. But these sweet, sentimental and often funny murals are Philly wearing it’s heart on its sleeve. Those train rides that highlight the Love Letters still happen every Saturday and Sunday. Check it out here.

*done in collaboration with The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. Love Letter Projects updates.

-engagement photo via Sweet Thing & Green Wedding Shoes


Philly Artists CORNBREAD & ISAIAH ZAGAR will speak at ‘I AM HERE’ Artists Talk

Legendary Writer Darryl “Cornbread” McCray and Mosaic Artist Isaiah Zagar are scheduled to speak this Thursday, June 26th,  at a special Artists Talk in association with the I AM HERE exhibition currently up at James Oliver Gallery.

McCray and Zagar are expected to drive a lively discussion with stories on their many years of work and future endeavors.

Other artists in the exhibition are scheduled to join the discussion on the artists’ iconic work - and how their movements had an effect on the new generations contributions to this ever growing movement.

I AM HERE is a group exhibition presenting a phenomenal roster of six Philadelphia artists (IshknitsStreetsdeptKid HazoJoe Burochow, Cornbread, and Isaiah Zagar) whose individual passions represent a link back to the blossoming graffiti culture - to the burgeoning generational shift that is pushing us to stray away from using generic terms such as “street art” to define the diversity of artistic work.


Thursday, June 26th 7-9pm at James Oliver Gallery

James Oliver Gallery | 723 Chestnut Street | Philadelphia, PA 19106

267.918.7432 |


Refreshments will be served!


View theI AM HERE exhibition pieces at


Detail shot of my utility box piece at 7th and South St. for @hahaxparadigm @paradigmgs ✨ I’m so fortunate to have met so many incredibly supportive people over the past year and I’m so excited to continue to be a part of projects like this! #tooblessedtobestressed #lemonsparklefantasy #streetart #phillyart #phillystreetart #illustrator #painting #art #ryanpsota #mural #hahaxparadigm

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