Without such technological innovations as the printing press, portable paint tubes, silkscreens, cameras, and computers, art history as we know it would look much different. To kick off Philly Tech Week, we looked for some tech-related pieces in our collection.

Harold Edgerton invented the stroboscope, a flash-emitting device that gave the illusion of slow motion, to capture the paths of fast-moving objects. He used the device to create images such as “Tumblers.”

Giacomo Bella’s “Abstract Speed” illustrates an abstract perspective on movement, transportation, and speed in the mechanized world

The iMac computer is an icon of 20th-century design.

iMac” Computer, Designed 1998, Designed by Jonathan Ive and Apple Industrial Design Team, Made by Apple Computer Inc.


Something awesome happened on Saturday, April 5th. To kick off 2014 Philly Tech Week, Frank Lee, Professor of Game Design at Philadelphia’s Drexel University, and his team created the biggest playable game of Tetris that we’ve ever seen. They accomplished this geekstastic feat by hacking the LED lighting system of the 29-story Cira Centre building.

Watch this video by The New York Times to see the game in action.

[via Blazenhoff]


Play ‘Pong’ on the face of the Cira Centre for Philly Tech Week

External image
A Philly geek’s dream comes true.

Ever wanted to play Pong on a 400-foot-tall screen? Starting April 19 you can.

The arcade classic is coming to the north wall of the glass-sheathed Cira Centre. The building’s lattice of LED lights will display a lo-fi ball bouncing between opposing paddles.

Lucky gamers (there will be an online drawing) will face off from the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, controllers in hand. “This is something I’ve been envisioning for quite a while,” said Frank Lee, co-founder of Drexel’s Game Design Program and the man behind giant Pong. “One of the main goals of this event is to inspire wonder and creativity in anyone who sees it, especially kids.”


In celebration of Philadelphia’s amazing street artists,Tattooed Mom, HAHA x Paradigm, and Philly Tech Week organized a citywide street art scavenger hunt that will highlight Philadelphia artists, their work, and the neighborhoods that inspire them.

WHEN: The scavenger hunt will begin today, April 4th, 2014 and continue each day until the end of Philly Tech Week on April 12th, 2014.

WIN SOME COOL ART: Each day of Philadelphia Tech Week we will highlight one artist’s work and a specific awesome neighborhood in Philadelphia. You have a chance to find that artwork in a cool Philadelphia neighborhood and win works from the artist by taking a Selfie with the piece of the day. 


  • Find the artist of the day’s piece feature piece around Philly
  • Hunters must take a selfie of themselves in the location with the art visible and share the image via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #ptw14 #hahaxpara.  
  • Images must be posted on the day the artist is featured between 12:01am and 7:00pm.
  • At 9:00pm check back at to see if you are the victorious name drawn from the day's pool of hunters. 

Each day of the hunt is a potential entry so the more you hunt the greater your chance of winning something during PTW14!  So go out and have fun exploring this beautiful city!


*photo of Joe Boruchow’s work by Conrad Brenner

I came across your profile and I was interested in reaching out to you. I’m working on an interesting opportunity at VIPER (Video IP Engineering & Research-the “startup” darling of Comcast Technology and Product Division)-I’m looking for a Cloud Engineer for our Philadelphia office.

The VIPER team is a new, small and fast-moving team of world-class experts who are innovating in end-to-end video delivery. We look for smart people with a team mentality, that get things done and your profile and past experience caught my attention.

Check us out at:

I would love to talk to you about this role and see if your background may be a great fit. Is there a time that we could set up to talk?

I wonder how long we’d need to talk about start-ups, darlings, the cable & internet package valued at $300/month perk, clouds, small fast moving world class experts, innovation, product divisions, divisions, what science and technology can do for comcast and my personal feelings about tv in the general sense (no ones fault, its genentic, but still, I especially have a lot of thoughts on the presense of televisions in public)?

cause after that we’d still need to go through what happened to that netflix deal in febuary, net neutrality, comcast, philadelphia, what happened to philadlphia’s municipal internet, mcdonalds, that $100,000 comcast spent lobbying against sick days here, comcast ‘start-ups’, why about 40% of people in the city dont have a computer & isp aka their bullshit ‘internet essentials’ program, comcast’s contract with philadelphia, where the citizens survey about that contract went in the month it was missing before it re-surfaced 2 weeks ago and still showed 26% of their customers here hate them, comcast’s nationwide multiyear lock on first place for worst customer service across all industries, blocking bit torrent & throttling, oligopolies incentive for collusion, and maybe a couple other things that might come up if i took a few minutes to think about it. i hope he has enough time to explain all that and still see if my background is a great fit.

tangentiality amusing to me: the dorneslife center/drexel community helping thing to establish/assuage gentrification/guilt had a ‘genuis bar’ last week for people from the neighborhood to get their computers fixed and was staffed in part by the 'Comcast Cares Tech Team’

i almost forgot their mailroom policy between moving out of commerce square’s 'security theater’ and opening the real mr sith staffed not-a-garage mailroom in the giant penis!

** i can ‘afford’ to be a dick because I know nothing about clouds, am (genetically) unable to hack an office job, 20 other things I’m not going into, and so dont have even the slightest chance of being hired.  i dont begrudge anyone else their money.  to a point.

*** i am a huge fan of mr sith

Finding the Art in Philly Tech Week

This year’s Philly Tech Week is less than a week away. Of course, if the closest you come to feeling like a tech wizard is when you walk into an Apple store wearing a blue shirt, then you probably haven’t bothered to scroll through the impressive (maybe even a little intimidating) lineup.

But even if you’re tech-terrified, there are a few arts-centric events you won’t want to miss. Find a few of our picks…

Read more.

Philly’s Tech Scene Getting National Recognition. Following the second annual week filled with 80 events around town with the goal of bettering the city of Philadelphia with technology (better known as Philly Tech Week), Philadelphia is now getting some national press about its future as a tech hub.

In a story from Fast Company (part of their United States of Innovation series) titled “Philadelphia Sets Sights On Becoming America’s Next Big Tech Town,” Shane Snow talks to Technically Philly’s Sean Blanda (one of the guys behind Philly Tech Week, along with Brian James Kirk and The20’s @christopherwink ) and others about the burgeoning scene popping up right here in The City of Brotherly Love. Writes Snow:

“As the costs of starting a web-based company–including the cost and difficulty of software development–have sunk since Web 2.0, university-rife cities like Philadelphia are witnessing a boom in startups. And for perhaps the first time in decades, young people are starting to actually migrate to Philadelphia as a destination.”

The article talks about Technically Philly, but also gets into some local companies (InviteMedia,, DuckDuckGo and more), the large number of young people (many fresh out of some of our great universities) who are trying and doing new things. It also mentions why staying true to Philly’s core business benefits is important (hence the pharma trend).

“What places like Philly… where startups are happening but aren’t ‘startup towns’ need to think about is, ‘What else are we great at?’ And build startups around it,” says Phin Barnes, a principal at First Round Capital, who frequently moves from Philadelphia to capture opportunities in New York. “Philly has lots of pharma, so it makes sense to build a startup community around pharma and biotech. Startups are so competitive, you have to take every advantage you can.“

What do you think: does Philly have real potential as a tech hub in the future?

“Philly is the greatest city in the country,” Blanda says. “This city is real life. It has real problems and real people, which give us all a tremendous opportunity to make a dent.”


[Philly Tech Week, Fast Company, Technically Philly, @christopherwink]


To kick off Philly Tech Week, a Pong tournament was held which was played on the side of the Philadelphia Cira Center. 


Drexel University hosts Philly Tech Week’s Robotics Expo (by newsworksdotorg)


Now in its second year, the Philadelphia Robotics Expo has a mission: to make Philadelphia famous for technology and science, not just sports and cheesesteaks. (Video by Kimberly Paynter)