La-La Means I Love You (Digitally Remastered 1997)
The Delfonics
La-La Means I Love You (Digitally Remastered 1997)

Nostalgic w/ every listen. W/ a childhood filled w/ an eclectic and bountiful collection of music, this classic from the Delfonics never gets old. It gives me a harmless and peaceful visual of the golden age of love songs. 1968, innocent love songs begin to share popularity w/ more provocative songs as society transitions to the ultimate hedonist decade (the 70’s). This song embodies a timeless and gracious feeling, becoming one of the smoothest but simplistic love songs in their collection. 



O'Jays - “I Love Music”, Special Disco Service Long Version, 1975

The Mystery of DD

Since a lot of newer fans weren’t around to experience the mystery of the DD era as it was unfolding, I wanted to try to describe it so people can understand what it was like to be an MCR fan in 2010.

A Bizarre Mystery

It all began on September 4th, 2010, when MCR’s website suddenly disappeared and was replaced with a mysterious transmitter. No one had any idea this was coming, and no explanation was offered. You could click the dials to see different screens (test patterns, a nuclear fallout symbol, etc.), and hear distorted sounds. At one point, fans believed that they could hear an unreleased MCR song on one of the stations, buried under static and distortion. Later on, the transmitter started playing mysterious videos that hinted at a post-apocalyptic universe.

Not long after the transmitter appeared, the DrDeathDefying Twitter account was discovered after he tweeted a fan. NewsAGoGo and AgentCherriCola were discovered soon after, with the rest of the accounts coming later. The accounts posted a bizarre mixture of strange pictures, futuristic slang, references to apocalyptic events, fan interactions, and eerie ramblings. You could determine a loose background and storyline from the Twitter accounts, but they were so vague that no one was quite sure what was going on. All we knew was that the characters seemed to be part of a nightmarish, post-apocalyptic universe that took place in the near future. But we had no idea how this related to MCR, or why they’d gone in this direction for their next album.

The Return of

The website did return on September 8th, with a new photo and blog post from Frank. But the blog post offered no explanation, and the speculation was far from over. The transmitter was still accessible on a separate page on MCR’s website. As the Twitter accounts continued to post their bizarre ramblings, people made connections to everything from movies to past MCR eras to the supposed “2012 Mayan Apocalypse.” At that point, their next album could have been about anything.

Looking back at Danger Days now, it’s pretty clear what was going on. But at the time, we had no idea where this era was heading. Keep in mind that our only sources of information were the Twitter accounts and the transmitter–no comics, no music videos, no interviews. The era could have been about anything. For this reason, fans scrutinized every scrap of information–pictures, tweets, transmissions–down to the smallest detail.

A World of Theories

The blog girlautomatic is a great place to read the old theories. Here’s an example from one of her posts:

Here’s my new theory:

  • Dr. Death Defying is part of a group called the Philly Jackals, likely a gang that either travels around on motorcycles or cars or both. Whether the group actually comes out of Philadelphia, assuming Philadelphia (or even the other states) still even exists as we know them to exist, is debatable.
  • The name Dr. Death Defying is an alias s/he either adopted or was given upon joining up with the Philly Jackals.
  • Slaughtermatic Sounds is both their logo and their motto.
  • The car in the picture Frank posted and the raygun Dr. Death Defying tweeted a picture of belong to him/her.

Which could possibly mean that the Lady referred to in this tweet is said car. It also probably means that last night’s tweet about being low on batteries is also about his car, but that might be a bit of a stretch. Also? I’m not sure I’d want to get on the Doctor’s bad side, if this is all correct. Motor gangs are serious business. It at least casts this tweet in a different light, though, and really makes me wonder if this tweet about nitro is referring to the dangers of drag racing, and if this tweet is about traveling on the open road.

This might look strange to fans today, but at the time, no scrap of information was insignificant. Whole blog posts were written about one or two tweets. People studied the blank transmitter screen, trying to see vague shadows or reflections in the image. They traced pictures posted on Twitter to their original sources, then studied the sources. To fans, it was basically a giant puzzle–but we had no idea where it was heading, or if there were even a solution to find.

People also tried to figure out who ran these Twitter accounts. We know now that Shaun Simon ran most of them, with Gerard Way and Jon Rivera handling DrDeathDefying. But at the time, several fans (including me) just kind of assumed that the members of MCR ran the accounts. A popular theory was that Gerard ran DrDeathDefying and Frank ran NewsAGoGo (a few tweets shared Frank’s typing style.) However, some people did suspect that Shaun Simon was involved, as the characters tended to tweet about things that he mentioned on his personal Twitter.

The End of an Era

Eventually the “Art Is The Weapon“ video was released, and the interviews and music videos that followed cleared up a lot of the mystery. But the characters continued to tweet, some of them posting well into 2013. We’re now familiar with the Danger Days universe, but the hint of mystery and intrigue still lingers. Many questions were never answered, while some concepts and ideas were scrapped altogether. Even if we get more content in the future, parts of DD will always remain a mystery to us–and I think that’s one reason that it continues to capture people’s imaginations.

An interesting note–thinking back on the transmitter and the Twitter accounts, it felt like we’d analyzed these pieces of information for months. But while I was researching this blog post, I realized that MCR’s website returned after only four days, and "Art Is The Weapon” was released only a few weeks later. I guess the analysis and scrutiny was so in-depth that it seemed to last much longer!


Days N Daze in Philly (8/29/15) at The Sound Hole.
Whitney had bronchitis and all the mics went out so unfortunately their show didn’t go as planned.): but they were still fantastic!!
Check out photos of the other bands, The Stupid Stupid Henchmens, The Damn Long Hairs, Night Gaunts as well as a special appearance by Erik Petersen of Mischief Brew here:

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Rewatching Band of Brothers

Part 6- Bastogne

  • Fuck I’m not ready
  • Baby Roe cut his fingerrr
  • That little thing Roe does when he sticks his hands all the way in his pockets so his jacket gets all bunched up around his middle reblog if you agree
  • Why tf is Winters trying to shave? A beard keeps the snow off your chin
  • Roe and Winters are so great together like Roe has looked up to and respected Winters throughout the whole show (when Winters helped Roe

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anonymous asked:

clexacon is a fan convention, right? i don't really know enough to know how books fit in. or are you just going as a fan? and also meeting all your adopted children? :) you should go to philly on your book tour. i live close to there.

You can have tables there! Authors did it last year, and it apparently was super cool! And ooooh Philly, sounds yummy, I’m in!

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I asked my bro Phil for those sweets editing brotips

M8 last night we had some mad banter. We was out with Philly AKA Philinator -3000 AKA Captain Clunge and we were feeling right peckish after doing some editing tips, when he said “Oi lads who fancies a cheeky Nandos?” and we were like “Philly u ledge that sounds sick let’s smash it!” So we ate an extra-spicy chicken then went out on the lash and Philly necked 10 pints and got hammered. M8 it was sick.

It seemed that authenticity and the natural form of expression wasn’t going to be my forte. In fact, what I found that I was good at doing, and what I really enjoyed the most, was the game of “what if?” What if you combined Brecht-Weill musical drama with rhythm and blues? What happens if you transplant the French chanson with the Philly sound? Will Schoenberg lie comfortably with Little Richard? Can you put haggis and snails on the same plate? Well, no, but some of the ideas did work out very well…. I learned that mixing elements of bad taste with good would often produce the most interesting results…. It wasn’t so much about how I felt about things, but rather, how things around me felt.

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Accents nd regions are so odd bc I live in England but I'm from Manchester so I don't have what people assume as the posh brit voice bc I say 'mate' every like 5 words and pronounce 'yes' like 'hye' but I still hold my pinky out when I drink tea

Andy: I feel you. I love it when people (from outside the US) say they can do an American accent and I’m like…. which one? WE HAVE SO MANY! 

Every southern state has a different southern accent. Like an Eastern North Carolina accent sounds NOTHING like a southern accent from Texas. (I can do all of them btw xD) and then you have THE FREAKING NORTH where there is a New England accent and then there’s a “Boston” accent (btw you can’t freaking PAHK thEH CAh een HAHVAHD YAHAD. Harvard Yard is literally grass and you’d get fined.) AND THEN YOU HAVE A “New York” accent. And again I ask which one because someone from Long Island sounds TOTALLY different than someone from Brooklyn or East Manhattan and that’s just the Burrows. Don’t even start with going out of the New York City area. Don’t even get me started with Pennsylvania. Fucking Philly sounds nothing like Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh says YINS. NOT YOUS GUYS, NOT Y’ALL, NOT YOU ALL, FUCKING Y I N S  


There are so many freaking accents its insane. But fun to do them all at parties. 


Teddy Pendergrass -You Can’t Hide From Yourself 

One of the best voices ever