Shows At The First Unitarian Church Are (Kind Of) Coming To An End

R5 Productions has announced that shows at the legendary First Unitarian Church are mostly coming to an end after 2014 due to the space not being used as heavily by the promoters. The venue has become an institution to the punk scene in Philadelphia. Read a message from R5 below.

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Over 2 years of monthly diy show calendars. Keep em coming, Philly. 

Thanks for your patience while we go through a transition to a new website. We’re working on a new platform that will make updating the site much easier and quicker for us - which means the show listing can get updated daily. Right now, you can still see a basic listing at but it’s not getting updated as quickly and the info as a lot more sparse for the time being and we apologize for that. 

Look for an update soon about the PA Share and how that’s going. In its third month, the PA Share has been a part of 23 shows and has 11 on deck. We’ve worked out a lot of the kinks and are really appreciative for how rad everyone who has become a member has been about being on time for pickups/drop offs and how organized everyone keeps returning the PA. This thing wouldn’t work without the respect you’re all showing it. Philly <3

Edit: almost forgot the most important part! 

Jim Shomo
Megan Maatson
Jenna Peters Golden

Guy Tourangeau
Liz Prince
Karen Martinez
Perry Shall
Mikey Cantor
Dawn Riddle
Peter Clark
Joanna Quigley
Aaron Weber
Leah Girardo
Adam Juresko
Melissa Brain
Ketch Wehr
Maddie Lesperance
Riley Luce
Tiff Cheng
Rich Gutierrez
Sara Baier
Niki Avataria
Ben Fordree
Jeremie Rose Wimbrow
Genesis Crespo
Josey Diaz


Days N Daze in Philly (8/29/15) at The Sound Hole.
Whitney had bronchitis and all the mics went out so unfortunately their show didn’t go as planned.): but they were still fantastic!!
Check out photos of the other bands, The Stupid Stupid Henchmens, The Damn Long Hairs, Night Gaunts as well as a special appearance by Erik Petersen of Mischief Brew here:

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spraynard will reunite on march 24th in philly.the band recorded a new song and will release a rarities

It’s been hard keeping this one tight lipped, but I’m so very happy to announce that Spraynard got together to record a new song to go along with all their out of print singles, etc. to release a collection/rarities release due out in May, but most importantly these 3 guys are friends again and will be playing a show on May 24th in Philly to celebrate. Not sure if this means more shows, but I certainly hope it means at least a chance for more shows.

The Freaks, Nerds, And Romantics: Growing Up Outside The First Unitarian Church

by Steve Ciccarelli, edited by Erik van Rheenen

You know what I’m going to miss most about the First Unitarian Church? The stairs.

After waiting in line against the concrete wall in front of the sanctuary, watching out for Ford Econolines backing in and out, the staircase at the entrance meant you were almost there. Maybe it was anticipation, or maybe you just didn’t want to wear your hoodie inside the Paint it Black show, even in January. That weird interaction of trying to wait in line orderly while being a polite member of the community, the concrete winding down from Chestnut Street into the basement that felt more like home than your parents’ dining room table. Finally you were inside. Talking to friends old and new, falling in love a dozen different times each night. Which is why you were there in the first place.

“The Church” could only exist in Philadelphia. A college town through and through, with each fall comes another crop of music fans looking for something to do with their newfound freedom. That freedom, that “fuck gatekeepers and do it yourself” attitude is what has kept the Church running for almost two decades. “Why can’t we start a band?” one friend would say to the other, having just had their perceptions of success shattered by four or five people on a tiny stage with that same “town map” rug they had in kindergarten under the drum kit. It’s intimate, yet kinetic. You can’t help but feel shaken, screaming these songs that seemed to only exist in your headphones or your bedroom or your car stereo, next to the kid from your Physics group or your band shirt-clad crush from down the hall. Maybe for the first time you didn’t feel alone.

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Available this month: PHL 2012: A Year in DIY, a photo anthology of Philadelphia DIY in the past year.

Since February of last year, DIYPHL has listed hundreds and hundreds of events in Philadelphia, passed out thousands of fliers, and printed nearly a dozen unique monthly calendars designed by different artists. Needless to say, we’ve been busy. 

But that’s only because this is a busy city. Thousands of bands, musicians, and artists performed in a wide array of non-conventional spaces this past year. There may well have never been a day without a DIY show. Philly is a pretty special place.

That’s why to commemorate the past year in shows (and our one year anniversary), we’re publishing PHL 2012: A Year in DIY, a 60 page, perfect-bound color book of photos from the past year, featuring submissions from photographers in Philly and beyond. 

The book will be released at the Ladyfest Galentine’s Day benefit show at Cha Cha'Razzi on Saturday, February 16th at 7pm. 

Pre-orders are available through PayPal — send $10 for pickup, and $12 for postage paid within the US, to Please be sure to include a note with your name, and shipping address if applicable.


Sometimes I mention this other project I work on. This is what it is! 

Every month, three friends and I (Max, Grace and Mikey) put together a calendar of all the DIY shows going on in Philly! It’s really rad to get to see everything that’s happening, organized all in one spot. 

Each month we ask a different artist to contribute artwork for the calendar. It’s always fun and surprising to see what people come up with. 

This project rules and I’m really glad we’ve stuck with it.

This is most of them except the very first few. You can see the rest of the calendars here:

We’ve been doing this for 14 months!

Flyer by Michael Cantor

Philadelphia’s catchiest rockers

Art Sorority for Girls (DC)
Heavenly pop hits, now available here on Earth!

Their first formation as Ingrid reached legendary status for their pummeling rhythms and indelible riffs. Ashley and Joey are picking up where they left off as Pinkwash. 

7pm • $5-7 • all ages • The Mitten/4918 Kingsessing Street