Days N Daze in Philly (8/29/15) at The Sound Hole.
Whitney had bronchitis and all the mics went out so unfortunately their show didn’t go as planned.): but they were still fantastic!!
Check out photos of the other bands, The Stupid Stupid Henchmens, The Damn Long Hairs, Night Gaunts as well as a special appearance by Erik Petersen of Mischief Brew here:

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Demon phannies, we must come together.
Join as one.
Defeat our evil master, Daniel Howell.
We will die if we do not demolish him.
More and more demon phannie deaths are being seen, due to Daniels games and banter.
And I’m sensing a pattern.
Danyul Howell son of shrek we must defeat.
Join me in this quest, but I swear don’t touch Philly, otherwise you’ll be next.