philly rnr half training


I gotta make this a quickie!

1) THIS GIRL slept for 10.5 hours!
2) Then I ran my scheduled 6 miles. A little slow, tried to follow Jason’s advice to keep a slow pace then ended up so slow and wanting to stop, lol. But I did it! And it was still so much better than my last Half training run of 6 miles (when my best friend Shane was literally pushing me along the trail to keep going)!
3) Trying to take a selfie while stretching with the brightness glaring into my eyes. Notes to self: don’t forget a gel pack, sunglasses, and an inhaler for your next long run!
4) I should have left already for a girl’s day with my [basically] niece and her best friend! :) I just realized it looks like I’m wearing the same shirt. It’s definitely a fresh, clean shirt! :p

Back later loves!


This morning’s challenge was to beautify myself prior to leaving the house. This evening’s challenge was to sweatify myself at the Reservoir for a 4-mile training run.

I’d say I NAILED IT.

I was a tad slow running with one of my bankers, helping him out. My goal was 12:00/mile and I had to play catch up a couple times to get there. Still, happy with the outcome.

Also, I need to improve my watch-picture taking skills! I seriously am in love with this Garmin. ;)


So, yeah.

Jason and I established today that we are old. Well he is way, way, way older than me (hehehe) but, still, we are old!

No workout tonight because I am FALLING APART. What the heck! I woke up with soreness in my right shoulder and a stiff neck. Can’t turn my head. I have been waiting it out all day with some hot/cold treatment to see how I’m feeling but, guys, it freaking hurts. I don’t even know if running would be that bad? But Google said no…

I had already planned to do my 7 miles from Sunday tomorrow night instead of tonight (since tomorrow I can run outside after work). Tonight was going to be 4.5 miles mostly for “speed” work. What can ya do?

So I may re-schedule tonight’s run or I may just miss it. Either way I feel like a bum… but I also want to run my race next month a lot better than my first so I suppose resting out an injury (from sleeping! ugh!) is a good idea.



Thank you guys for your suggestions today! I skipped out on Jillian to protect my knees from all her jumping madness. I definitely want to look into yoga! Unfortunately there’s no pool at my gym. :(

Here’s my workout in pics:
1) How much I wanted to cross-train after work.
2) Apparently I was too slow to take a picture, lol. Elliptical - 2.46mi, 25 mins, 218 cals burned.
3) Stationary bike - 4.45mi, 20 mins of intervals, 85 cals burned (I am clueless on the bike!)
5) My delicious dinner! Pork chop with spinach ravioli and a salad.

Not pictured: the 3 minute plank I suffered through and 2 minutes of abs (crunches/reverse crunches) to get my full 50-minute cross-training for the win!