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Following President Trump’s decision to remove national guidelines for schools to protect Trans students, an order put into place by President Obama, Philadelphia’s school district has announced there will be no changes to our city’s protections for Trans youth. We will continue to stand firm to assure that all students have access to to a safe learning environment. Philly resists!

Crystal Philadelphia LGBT+ Pride Flag. Feel free to use

The black and brown stripes have become a permanent addition to the Philadelphia LGBT+ pride flag to represent and embrace POC in the LGBT+ community, as well as address concerns about racism in LGBT+ communities, spaces, and businesses. The flag as been launched as a part of the More Colours More Pride campaign


Hello Philly friends!!
Some friends of mine are starting a march for trans rights in response to Trumps recent overruling of federal regulations to help trans kids in public schools. If you live in Philadelphia or know anyone there please spread the word!! Message @spunsugarspiderwebs if you want more details!
Peace ✌🏻& Love ❤️

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA:

“There has been some grief, the occasional angst-riddled moment, but to be completely honest for me my queerness has brought mostly joy into my life. Whatever grief I have suffered comes as a result of other people’s internalized trauma and their need to lash out, which is separate from my queerness and my faith.  I feel most open and spiritually connected with Allah (SWT) when I hold myself to my truth. And I believe that in resisting colonial cisheterosexual patriarchal norms of interpersonal relationship building, I have the ability to strive for dismantling abusive power structures and thus more caring interpersonal relationships. I am blessed to always be surrounded by love and I am eternally grateful for it. My family who, regardless of their level of knowledge regarding my queerness or lack thereof, has helped build me up to the strength I have now that allows me to be honest with myself. The friends, and community of support I have around me always has my back and I feel honored to serve them in whatever way I can. And with the woman I love, a queer Muslim herself, I learned what it means to love without expectations, to truly be unselfish.”