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me, looking at the NHL trades: ah yes player a, who I don’t know, got traded for player b, who I also don’t know. how exciting.

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#BlackLivesMatter Slavery By Another Name - FULL VIDEO 

This video captures moments in time that most American text books forget about. This information is invaluable to the growth of each and every African American. Pass this video along to help wake our people up to the systematic oppression of our culture and our very lives. The information presented in this video is wonderfully narrated, sadly refreshing, and very in-depth. ~Sincere #SHARE



he wanted to come up with a more solid starting point for the Watchknight ship, and thus began the idea of The Masquerade: in which Brad sneaks into a masquerade ball that Demurra and Drake are attending, but must avoid being recognized by Wander and Sylvia (or anyone else, for that matter). Lucky for Brad, a certain Commander has his eye on that spring chicken, and with that comes plenty of ways to throw the do-gooders off his tail - but when he realizes that he’s being flirted with for the first time in a long time, will Brad even remember to focus on his princess-ly goal?

…as this is specifically a way to originate Watchknight, I think you all know the broader answer to that. :BBB

anyways! concept sketches for costumes! several of these need a second pass tho. especially brad, because we came up with a better bird for him… a PEACOCK. a peacock you guys, YOU GUYS…!!!!!!!

BUT YEAH i’ll try and doodle out things from this idea for yall <3 maybe I’ll do some minicomics! there’s a lot of fun cute little deets about this scenario. <3

When you discover that a highly acclaimed Broadway show is coming to a place near you and the tickets are cheaper than Broadway’s.


at the good ol’ hockey game 


🎉🎂HAPPY BIRTHDAY @amazingphil!!!🎈🎁

I’m very sorry that i’m late with this, but i had so many technical complications over the day ugh… Anyways i hope you like it and the effort was worth it 😅

When you’re in Philly at the King Of Prussia mall with your best friend and Welcome To New York comes on in Forever21 so you just break out in a full on dance in the middle of the store