philly jumps

TOURRRR!!! Yess! I hope the tickets aren’t too pricey.

I like the surfboard in the background.

I’m laughing at the Drake song intro XD

So this episode is basically the yoga challenge but with jump rope.

I kinda feel you, Link. I tried double dutch as a kid but quickly gave up because I couldn’t do it and all the neighborhood kids could. T_T Solo jump rope was never a problem though XD Do kids still play double dutch these days? :o It’s a tough sport, man.

Rhett’s in full show-off mode with his skinny legs and they both look so 90s it’s almost painful. :’D

I’ve never played pogs before so I have no idea what’s happening.

“Just stick it in and move it around.”
“I didn’t poke in the hole, I poked beside the hole!”
Good grief…

Poor Rhett’s gonna have some bruises after today. I like them poking each other though, and Rhett’s legs dancing beneath the table before Link got him with the shock collar.

Unexpected Babysitter

A/N: THIS WAS ORIGINALLY A PART OF THE DRABBLE GAME BUT IT IS WAYYYY TOO LONG TO BE A DRABBLE SO HERE’S A FIC! (drabble game is still going,,, i just got carried away)

Warnings: like one or two cuss words, fluff, mention of naked babies and netflix

Request:  Can you do a Philip Ham x reader where phil is babysitting his siblings and calls his hest friend (reader) to come help him becauwe she’s real good with children. She comes and is really good at everything and the kids love her. So then one of the kids sets em up and they kiss and fluff.

Pairing: Philip Hamilton X Reader

Word Count: 2,012 (when i said i got carried away, i meant it. This is my longest fic jesus)

AU: Modern

You began to make tea for yourself, breathing in the scent of the amazing warm liquid. Walking to the sofa, you began to set up Netflix on the TV. Seconds before you pressed play on your favorite TV show, your best friend Philip Hamilton began calling you.

You felt butterlies in the depth of your stomach at his contact on your phone. His contact picture was of you and him at Disneyland, side by side. That was the day you realized that you loved your best friend, Philip. Although, he would never reciprocate. Or so you thought.

You shook your thoughts away and answered the phone, bringing it up to your ear. The first thing you heard were little kids, Philip’s siblings, yelling incoherently. You heard small feet on the other line hitting the floor as they ran. You heard Philip yell, “William, put your pants back on!” You chuckled into the phone as Philip continued to yell at his youngest brother, William.

When Philip finally realized that you had answered he tried to act cool. “Oh. Hey Y/N.” He said calmly before huffing at soemthing the children did.

“What the hell is going on?” You giggled as Philip groaned.

“My parents are on a date. And they left me with the kids. It’s a horror show to say the least.” He rambled quickly. You sighed and walked into the kitchen, placing your tea in the sink.

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