philly house show


IT WAS AWESOME! I had the worst Friday and Saturday being stuck in sick so when I realized Drew was definitely going to be on the card since he was at the Providence house show the day before I checked to see what kind of tickets were still available and saw plenty of floor seats. I felt  alot better Sunday morning after all the rest so I called my sister who also had a crappy weekend with some boyfriend drama so she was like yes lets do it and offered to drive since I was still a little  under the weather. I promised myself no using credit cards so we went to the Wells Fargo Center and got tix at the box office day of and guess what we got? FLOOR SEATS, RINGSIDE-ROW 4, SECTION 5, SEATS 7 AND 8! INCREDIBLE. THE CLOSEST I HAVE  EVER BEEN TO DREW! AND I HAD A DREW MOMENT! I MADE A SIGN THAT SAID “ DREW MCINTYRE # 1”,  #PUSH DREW “ AND MY SISTER AND I WERE YELLING FOR DREW LIKE CRAZY SO HE SAID ” THAT’S MORE LIKE IT" AND LOOKED RIGHT AT ME  AND STARTED A DREW CHANT LIKE I HAD! THE FLIP SIDE OF MY SIGN WAS LEOPARD AND SAID “3MB IS MY FAVE BAND”  AND THEN JINDER LOOKED OVER AT US AND WAS SMILING AND LATER HEATH SLATER LOOKED OVER AT US TOO AND LOOKED PLEASED AND AMUSED AT HOW CRAZY WE WERE GOING FOR 3MB! SO AWESOME. DREW IS SO GORGEOUS UP CLOSE AND SO AMAZING AND ATHLETIC! HEATH WAS SO HOT TOO AND SO TALENTED. JINDER WAS GREAT AS WELL.  I AM STILL ON A HIGH! IT WAS 3MB VS. TONS OF FUNK/R TRUTH. 3MB LOST WHICH SUCKED BUT BELIEVE ME THEY STOLE THE MATCH AND OUT WRESTLED THOSE CLOWNS.