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(Graffiti Pier) 1 of the wonders of Philadelphia, a photographers paradise, also an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. a place where time temporarily doesn’t matter, a place where you can just let things go and release whatever is weighing on you into the universe. i think of graffiti pier as a sanctuary, a place where ones connection can be magnified with nature. being a resident of Philadelphia, city living I.E. school, work, business, or organization, can alter our awareness of the nature around us. there are others who feel the same about this place as i do. so meeting strangers here is almost always mentally or spiritual stimulating! and if your more adventures than the average risk taker there’s a tree with rail spikes for you to climb!? once you’ve climbed up there is a feeling of anticipation of just what lies beyond the obstacle of the spiked tree? after scaling the ramp you’ve officially reached the summit of graffiti pier! Instilling a sense of accomplishment from overcoming the trials it took to get there. Trust me the benefits of finally being at the top is reward enough, but whats seen is a heightened view of the Benjamin Franklin bridge and the skyline of the city of Philadelphia that literally takes your breath away. Explaining what’s seen once at the top through text does it no justice. The moral of the story is that there aren’t many places like this in Philadelphia exploring graffiti pier is always a different experience. so if you want to feed that adventures side or just need a quick get away when life can get overwhelming this a place you need to visit.


Here is the full video for my latest song “One”