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Torrei Hart has some advice for Amber Rose – who daringly declared people from South Philly aren’t “traditionally attractive” – but Torrei also has plenty of shots to take.

Torrei, a Philadelphia native herself, ripped Amber for setting a bad example for young women who look up to her. Amber caught heat for her “Drink Champs” interview with N.O.R.E. … because she said it was a blessing and a curse to grow up beautiful while surrounded by ugly people.

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Torrei doesn’t hold back her criticism, which included accusing Amber of using plastic surgery to attain her beauty. Still, she tried to offer a positive note or 2 about Amber. Tried.

Amber has since tried to walk back her comments, claiming her words were taken out of context … and she finds beauty in everyone.

Not sure Torrei’s buying what Amber’s selling.


philly-osopher  asked:

for book asks-- 3, 40?

3. what book are you planning to read next?

answered, but also since i have a long tbr pile and a wish list, i can also say i might just buy Annette Gordon-Reed’s Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings: an American Controversy this week and read that instead. i have thus far managed to restrain myself from impulse-purchasing it during class discussions.

40. name one of your favorite books from your teenage years.

teen me was an anxious and, as Lin would say, “painfully aware” critter, so her reading list had a lot of heavy classics, some theology stuff, and all the children’s lit she didn’t read as a younger child. she also, unlike adult me, didn’t believe in not finishing a book. so depending on the audience her answer would have changed, but looking back, i know she had a massive crush on Sydney Carton from A Tale of Two Cities and also found immense comfort from L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time