philly at night


Days N Daze in Philly (8/29/15) at The Sound Hole.
Whitney had bronchitis and all the mics went out so unfortunately their show didn’t go as planned.): but they were still fantastic!!
Check out photos of the other bands, The Stupid Stupid Henchmens, The Damn Long Hairs, Night Gaunts as well as a special appearance by Erik Petersen of Mischief Brew here:

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anonymous asked:

did you get tickets for the gorillaz concert in philly?! i'm going so if you are too omg it would be like a dream come true to meet you

I wish! The very first cd I ever bought was G Sides, so it’s always been a fansaty of mine to see them live, but I couldn’t justify the price :( I told myself if I could find a place to buy the ticket in real life to avoid the $58 service fee I would maybe swing it, but then again someone messaged me and said all of the prices were gouged because of people buying the tickets and then reselling them? And if that’s the case, that’s really sad and a big bummer to do to people who just want to have a nice night without spending $300, SO ANYWAY, 

I’m sad about it, but my friend’s band is playing in Philly tomorrow night, and I’m actually pretty excited to support my friends and see and house show. 

(( crappy quality so excuse…)) I got meet MIW in Philly on April 18th! They are literally the most sweetest, adorable and down to earth bunch of guys I’ve ever met! I had a few good laughs and I got to hug Chris and Ryan which literally made my heart stop for a few seconds; I gotta say getting to meet them was literally the best fucking day of my life!