Niggas are so afraid of getting friendzoned that they forget the biggest part of being a boyFRIEND

If you only want to date a girl just to fuck her, then you will eventually break her heart.

A girl saying that she wants a serious relationship isn’t a que for you to think “aw this is a challenge i gotta get through for sex”

a relationship isn’t a maze for pussy

Girls really sometimes just want a really good friend that can be more. But because niggas wanna bust a nut fast, they lie and portray themselves as something more just to have sex.

It’s like nigga camouflage.

But this very thing is the reason why the girl wanted a slow and serious relationship to begin with, to avoid niggas like that

But sadly alot of times they run into manipulative niggas that consider their emotions and standards as an obstacle to get over, instead of something that should taken seriously and cared for.

why do you think so many girls are literally afraid to date even though they want a serious relationship.

hell why do you think some of these girls turn bi after dating some of you niggas 👀

if you don’t think hiphop from 2008 - 2014 (which i dub as the lil weezy gang era) had one of if not THE BIGGEST negative impact on how niggas look at women and colorism; then your fucking dumb but that’s another topic.

Point is: if a girl wants a serious relationship and you’re not into that, just tell her. it’s alot more respectful and it saves everyone from alot of bs and stress

i personally think as men we let too much of what we saw and heard on music videos influence how we see and treat women especially black women

Just because that one pretty girl that you want doesn’t want to just have sex with you, doesn’t mean that there isn’t another pretty girl out there that does

alot people out here just fucking and i think that’s awesome

so please stop hurting these girls over sex

The Cold Hard Truth about working in Fast Food

-Working My First 8 Hour Shift-

Me: *sweating and taking a deep breath* Woo, it’s been about 5 hours now, I can’t wait to take my break.

Co-worker: Did you say a break? What time did you come in today?

Me: i came in at 7

Co-Worker: What time do you clock out?

Me: At 3


Me: Whats so funny?

Co-Worker: The fact that you think you’re getting a break

Me: Well usually around this time i clock out to go home. So im expecting to get a break soon so I can sit for a lil

Co-Worker: 8 hour shifts don’t get breaks

Me: You’re so funny bro

Co-Worker: Dude i’m serious..

Co-Worker: only double shifts get breaks. Not 8 hour shifts


Me: I’ve literally been running back and forth cleaning, taking orders, delivering food, and restocking items for 5 hours straight, without sitting.

Me: This has to be against the law or something??


*Manager Comes Up Front*

Me: Bill!

Me: Is it true that we don’t get any breaks?!

Bill: That’s nonsense of course you get breaks

Bill: How many hours are you working today? 

Me: 8


Bill: *Speed Walks to the backroom*

Me: Bill…

Me: BILL!!

Customer: Excuse me sir, I’d like to place an order

Me Glaring at the Customer:

Look, idk if different jobs have different breaks depending on the circumstances or whatever. But i do know that after that day I realized that doing something just for money would not make me happy…

That job became irritating from that day forward 

Underpaid Employee Vs White Suburban Woman

      -Early afternoon at Cosi-

Overly Cheerful Lady: *walks up to counter*

Me: Welcome to Cosi how can i help you ma’am

Overly Cheerful Lady: Yea can i get one of your bacon breakfast sandwiches

Me: oh umm, we stop making breakfast food at 11 ma’am

Overly Cheerful Lady: but it’s only 11:20?

Me: yea… so i can’t order your breakfast sandwich…

Overly Cheerful Lady: well i don’t mind waiting, so can you go ask the cooks in the back to make it

Me: Umm.. i don’t think-

Overly Cheerful Lady: Caaan You Go Ask Them.


Me: Umm sure ma’am one second

Creepy Cheerful Lady: thanks so much hun

*Goes in back*

Me: yeaa umm this lady wants a bacon breakfast sandwhich

Chef: did you tell her that we stop serving breakfast at 11

Me: Yea but she reaally wants that sandwich

Chef: And i reaally can’t make it. so go tell her that

Me: *sigh* ok

*Goes back to front*

Me: Yea ma’am they said that they can’t make anymore breakfast after 11

Creepy Cheerful Lady: Oh, tell them it’s Janice. I eat here all the time

Me: Yeaa i don’t thi-

Creepy Ass Janice: Go tell them it’s Janice and that i Want. My. Breakfast Sandwich!


Me: Im.. just gonna get the manager and see if he can better help you

*Calls Manager over telephone*

Me: hey Bill there’s this lady over here named Janice that wants some breakfast, but i told her she can’t order it because we sto-

Bill: Did you say Janice!?

Me: Umm yeaa…

Bill: *click*

Bill: *darting out the back and around the corner*

Bill: Hey there Janice, Good Afternoon what seems to be the problem

Creepy Ass Janice: Yea there seems to be some confusion here, i asked your BARISTA *eye roll*  to order me a bacon breakfast sandwich, and he just out right refuses to place the order

Me: Wait Huh!?!?

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Me: I didn’t outright refuse shi-

Bill: EXCUSE ME but can you PLEASE explain why you won’t take this lovey lady’s order

Me: Lovely lady? the fu- *takes a deep breath*

Me: OK Bill, this lady asked to order a breakfast sandwich, we stop serving breakfast at 11, it is now 11:28. I asked the chef and he said that he couldn’t make the sandwich

Bill: So it was the Chefs fault!

Me: it’s no one fault, she just didn-

Bill: Excuse me for a moment *wobbles over to the back*  

 *distant shouting*

Bill: *comes back front* Yea im sorry about that Janice, ya see our new barista here was misinformed by our lazy cooks.

Bill: But don’t you worry that sandwich will be hot and ready for you in the next few minutes

Crazy Ass Janice: Aw thanks Bill, you’re such a sweetheart and very professional

Bill: Any time Janice *wink*


Morale of the story:

White Suburban Women will get their order or die trying. So just get the manager and save yourself the energy