I came across a picture of Jaimie Lynne Spears on my dash & it got me wondering, what happened to her?
That lead me to looking her up & reading her whole bio off of Wiki & am now watching old Zoey 101 episodes… But then back to looking more into how shes doing now & reading about the guy she had her baby with. Theres not much on her, or maybe i’m not looking hard enough. I wonder if there will ever be a PCA reunion & they’ll get the old cast together & make this an episode & make millions off of one reunion. That’d be pretty cool, i’d watch that. There should be a Lizzie McGuire reunion.. Actually, theres a ton of older shows i think should have reunions!
Omg, what ever happened to Phill of The Future?!
Someone get me in touch with Disney, I’m about to give them something worth airing !!!