salmon na sinigang

so im from an area in sunny southern california that is wedged right in between west covina, walnut, rowland heights, la puente, and hacienda heights. i get the best of all worlds ;) anyways, i had alot of fillipino friends whos mamas always made sinigang in many different ways, so this is the way i have adapted over the years, i hope you give it a try! sinigang has a sour broth, but its so hearty and warming <3

the ingredients:

  • apprx 1lb of MEAT (i used salmon, many people use pork or chicken etc)
  • 1 medium potato diced
  • 1 large tomato diced
  • 1 medium onion diced
  • 1 bunch of spinach 
  • fish sauce
  • tamarind soup base mix 

in a large soup pot, heat up some vegetable oil (or any oil of your choice) and toss in the toh-mah-toe and onion! season with salt and pepper, keep an eye on it. 

meanwhile, in a large pan, sear the salmon on both sides (about 3 minutes on each side, medium high heat) it doesnt need to be 100% cooked because it will cook in the soup :3 

once the onion and onions have cooked down (about 4-5 minutes) add the potatoes, and toss it in. you dont want the onions and tomatos to cook down TOO much, or they will be soggy (And they still need to cook in the soup too!)

place the salmon on top of your veggies :3 OMNOMNOM you cann tell mine are not cooked yet 

add water until an inch or two above the salmon and set the heat to high!

put a lid on the pot, and let it boil for about 10 minutes until your potatoes are fork tender! (or chopstick tender in my case)

once the potatoes are tender, add HALF of the tamarind mix, as it makes 2 liters, and we have approximately 1 liter of soup. if yours makes one liter, than add the whole thing! 

add about 1tbsp of fish sauce or to taste, it really makes a difference!

add in your bunch of spinach! we add the spinach at the end since it cooks so fast, and you dont want it all gross brown green by cooking it too long! 

about 1-2 minutes later the spinach should be cooked and soft and your soup is ready to go!

serve your soup over some rice :3 YESSSSSS

xx liane

“This just on: Local Phillipino boy shocked to find his smaller boyfriend is indeed as strong as he looks”

I like the idea of Michael carrying around Rich since you know, Michael is 5'11 and Rich is like 5'4/5'5 so it works ya know.
Bit I think we all forget Rich is a hella strong dude (it states it a few times in the book)
So Rich could totally carry Michael if need be.
And it’d be fuckin’ quality.

Okay so like @soniccspeed and I made up a headcanon at lunch that everyone’s SQUIP spoke a different language so here’s what we came up with

Brooke’s – French

Chloe’s – French

Jeremy’s – Japanese

Michael’s (if he had one) – Phillipino (I can’t fucking spell)

Jenna’s –English

Christine’s – Italian

Rich’s (I dont think we talked about his and Jake’s so imma go ahead and add them real quick) – Arabian

Jake’s – Spanish

Mr. Reyes’ – it tried a whole bunch of different languages but he didn’t understand anything to it eventually stuck with English

[[Omg you guys, always request Mercury, you’ll get a response in like two seconds of me reading it, I promise you omg (I’m kidding, request whoever you want-)]]


Ruby Rose:
- Ruby seems to me like she’s undecided. I think she hasn’t really explored the world of sexuality that much, only that she’s been exposed to it kind of because of Qrow and Yang. I think she’d come to realize that she’s either demisexual or pansexual, because she doesn’t seem to see gender but more what’s inside a person.
- I’m lame on race for her, I just feel like she’s mixed. Chinese and Caucasian. Or full on Caucasian if we’re going off of my head canons on who her father is, lmao-

Weiss Schnee:
- Oh man, oh man, wait til daddy hears that one of h i s daughters is queer lmao. Weiss has got to be bisexual. She has chemistry with both male and female characters, but I feel like she wouldn’t necessarily be pansexual.
- German. Weiss is so German it hurts mein heart-

Blake Belladonna:
- Blake is definitely demisexual. Yes, she’s attracted to male or females, but it’s only after a strong attachment has been formed (e.g. Adam and Yang)
- I feel like Blake is Greek or Roman. She has very fine features and her surname appears either Latin or Greek to me.

Yang Xiao Long:
- She’s queer. She’s so gay that she didn’t even have to come out to Qrow. He just knew. BUT, I feel like there are some exceptions to the rules, and therefore I’m going to have to say I think that she’s homo-flexible.
- Chinese and Caucasian because wow I’m lame lmao


Sun Wukong:
- Heterosexual, but he’s definitely experimented with his sexuality with Neptune 😋 Nah, nah, but seriously, I do feel like he’s tried things with other males and just not been into it.
- His name says that he’s Chinese, but my heart says that he’s Phillipino-

Scarlet David:
- I feel like Scar is omnisexual. He seems to be the type to just feel attraction towards people in general rather than just saying he likes one specific gender.
- British, he’s gotta be from Britain and you’ll have to rip that away from canon ok-

Sage Ayana:
- Big ol teddy bear is grey asexual. He doesn’t really feel the whole “sex drive” thing, but he loves small contact, like holding hands and cuddling and things such as that.
- He’s definitely of African descent, but because of his last name, I’m thinking that he’s of mixed race. Japanese and Black.

Neptune Vasilias:
- After having experimented, Neptune probably realized that he’s bisexual. He’s attracted to both the bodies of males and females, but he’s never really delved down the path of wondering if he’s attracted to a l l genders. He’s slightly uncomfortable with the fact that he’s attracted to males to begin with, due to the fact that he’s known for flirting with girls and he doesn’t what would happen if he flirted with boys too. Only SSSN knows this.
- I feel like he’s mixed. White and black. He’s got a darker complexion than the RWBY girls, but it’s not quite as dark as Sage and Flynt are.


Jaune Arc:
- Heterosexual. He got curious once and peeked at Ren, but decided that that had not been the body for him-
- French. His name is incredibly French as well as the fact that Joan of Arc is his ancestor.

Nora Valkyrie:
- She’s pansexual, and she’s figured it out over a long drawn out time. Ren helped her figure it out, due to the fact that he’s extremely in tune with himself and could help explain things to her after looking things up himself.
- She’s likely Irish or just European in general. Her complexion matches that of Europe and her features do as well.

Pyrrha Nikos:
- I feel like she’s mainly attracted to males, but like Yang, there are exceptions to her rule. She’s probably hetero-flexible, but never actually been with a male or a female.
- Greeeeeek or Amazonian. I’m fairly certain on this one here-

Lie Ren:
- He’s asexual, and he realized it rather early on. He likes to be rather in tune with himself and know who he is for sure. He’s agender as well as he doesn’t feel a strong pull towards anything, but doesn’t mind what pronouns are used for him. Usually it’s masculine pronouns.
- He’s Chinese for sure-


Mercury Black:
- Omnisexual. He likes any body, and he’ll definitely prove that he does in bed. Due to his father, he used sex as an escape when stopped in a town for a while and pretty much figured out what he liked v e r y early on.
- Mercury is of Roman descent. It’s awkward to mention at the base just because of the fact that Emerald likes to say that ROMAN is his father over it. He just gets back at her by tossing ice cubes down the front of her shirt when she isn’t suspecting it.

Okay but I don’t think that some people understand the signifigance of Vernon/Hansol being put on the foreigners team for ISAC or whatever it is. So I’ll try to explain.

Vernon is mixed race. His dad is korean his mom is white and he lived in America for about 5 years before he went to Korea. There he became more fluent in Korean, even choosing it as his first langauge, and announcing that he is more comfortable speaking Korean than English. He identifies with Korea, and expresses himself as a Korean.

Now what ISAC did was place him in the foreigner team because of his mixed bloodline, and then they seperated him from Seventeen, his own group, the only people he probably knows and feels most comfortable with.

Most you go “Oh well he was placed in the wrong team ISAC made a mistake it’s okay lets just hope it doesn’t happen again”

It’s not okay. It’s horrifying and I’ll tell you why.

Being mixed is hard. Not just culturally,but mentally. If you think about it being a first generation child of immagrant parents is hard enough, its stressful and different. Esp. in comparision with the other people that aren’t in the know of your situation. But being a first generation mixed child is so much harder. Because not only do you have two cultures to learn and adapt to, most times you have three And this makes decding who you are so much harder than it is. For Hansol he had to think Am I korean? Am I American? What am I? And from a young age Hansol choose to idenitfy with his Korean roots.

You can’t say that it’s rude. In no way do you deny what you are. Sure you might not idenitfy as one thing but that doesn’t mean you still can’t respect that lifestyle. You are what you are, because it’s not your decsion to make. What you identify as is what you identify as it’s what you choose. Having people tell you different is horrible, because you are most comfortable with what you are and you know what you agreee with.

ISAC looked at Hansol and basically told him “you are not Korean” ISAC saw Hansol as white, and treated him as if he was white. But this isn’t true.

Hansol knows what he is, he’s probably experienced American culture from his mom’s family and Korean culture from his father’s and he decided that he wants to conform to Korean society because he is more comfortable being a korean than an american. I can’t speak for his general subconcious but I have an idea that it might look like this.

Every mixed child, and I mean every mixed child must go through this time where they decide what they are. Because it affects how they want to approach life later. Because how you idenitfy and which cultures you respect say so much about you.

And Hansol chose Korean.

So not only is ISAC disregarding Hansol’s decsion for what he is, they are also spreading the message that it’s okay to mislabel others based on looks alone. It’s as if they’re syaing it’s okay to see a Latino person and label them a hispanic even if they aren’. It’s okay to label the black girl an African American when she grew up in England and knows that she is English because she says she is.

And before you even try to fight me about how I don’t know anything because I’m not a korean or any of that I’m saying this because I’m a first generation mixed kid already struggling with her idenity. Because I can’t choose if I wanna be an American or a Phillipino or Palestinian. Because I respect other peoples cultures and cultural idenity. Because I look up to Hansol for knowing what he is and demanding respect for it. Because I get offended when this behavior is pulled. I know what I mean and even if I can’t say it correctly, I’m trying so hard.

Because I’m a mixed kid looking out for other mixed kids.


The FC Barcelona Foundation has given one of Neymar’s boots to a young Phillipino girl called Leanna, who won a competition for writing about her dream

It all started with the Sant Jordi 2015 literature competition, when the social and education organisation Terral asked its pupils to write an essay. The topic this year was simple yet complex: ‘A Dream’. Leanna, an 11 year old Philippine girl at this centre in the Barcelona district of Raval, didn’t think twice about writing about Neymar, the hero that features in so many of her dreams. In her text, Leanna dreamt that she found the Brazilian’s boots at the football pitch in her hometown. She puts them on, goes onto the field, and there is Neymar, ready to play a long game of football. The jury, led by authors Eduardo Mendoza and Patrícia Gabancho were entranced by this essay written using the pseudonym ‘Neymar’ and decided to make it the winner in that category. But that’s not the end of the story. The next day, the director of the centre, Victòria Guindulain, was surprised by the interest generated by Leanna’s story, and decided to start working to make that dream come true. She felt that she had nothing to lose, and wrote to the FC Barcelona Foundation, who in turn told Neymar himself about the story. The striker didn’t think twice, and decided to give Leanna one of his signed boots. On Monday a delegation from the Foundation led by its patron Antoni Tombas presented the young girl with the real prize for her lovely entry. The Terral was packed for the occasion and the atmosphere had nothing to envy of the most passionate evenings at the Camp Nou.

“Thank you, Neymar, for giving me this gift” said the young Barça fanatic, while nervously clutching the fabled boots. “I want to take them to the Philippines this summer, to my family’s home” she said.

Leanna’s essay: Once I had a dream where I was in my home country, the Philippines. I was in my town, a smaller place than Barcelona and I was walking to the local football pitch. I went straight into the dressing room where I supposed that my team-mates would be waiting. But all I found was a shoe box. I was surprised and decided to open it, and I was even more surprised when I saw that they were Neymar’s boots. I put them on and went out onto the field to play. When I got there, Neymar was waiting for me to play some football. We played until night-time, when Neymar said he had to go and that it had all been a dream. When I woke up, I could still feel the studs of the boots and my legs ached from so much running.

I ask you guys to consider Immortal Ezekiel Jones.

Ezekiel Jones who is perhaps older than Jenkins, but he was cursed to immortality when young, and he’s been young for so long.

Ezekiel Jones who is 26 because 26 seemed like the right age to pick to be. Not too young, not too old, for others to disbelieve his baby face, the perfect age to be wise beyond his years should he choose too, or still selfishly arrogant and egotistical like a child. The perfect age to be to blend in before people start noticing that you don’t grow old – you’re not allowed too.

Ezekiel Jones who has lost language and stories and himself and found himself again, and again, in retellings that crop around the world.

Ezekiel Jones who despises written word because he’s grown up on oral stories and singing and music before writing was available to him, and it’s why he loves the internet because it’s new and nostalgic at the same time.

Ezekiel Jones who was not born Ezekiel Jones, but he’s worn so many names over the years, picking and choosing what sounds the most like him. What he was, is, and will become.

Ezekiel Jones who has been a peasant farmer boy, a merchant on the silk road, a soldier here, a performer elsewhere, a farmer boy again there, who has seen Industan during the times of its kings, watched colonization and imperialism wreak it’s havoc on lands with so much culture.

Ezekiel Jones who’s not just Korean, or an Australian immigrant, he’s been British, and American, and French, and South American, and Phillipino, pretended to be an anonymous boy with all the ego enough to make him a forgettable caricature with two heartlands to call home for years and years and years and years. He calls the world his home now, he has loved almost all countries old and new.

Ezekiel Jones who remembers when Korea was more, and different.

Ezekiel Jones who’s built up an immunity to magic because you can’t live for as long as you do and not build it up, even if you sort of long forgot that magic is a thing despite, you know, being immortal.

Ezekiel Jones who lives selfishly for himself because he can make connections, oh he can love people, he has found mother and sisters and fathers and brothers and children too, but they always leave eventually and he is left alone.

Ezekiel Jones who has received countless letters in white envelopes over the years under his many monikers.

Ezekiel Jones who never considered himself worthy of the offer and never answered any one of them until a Guardian came looking for him and brought him a family.

Please consider immortal Ezekiel Jones.

And then come cry over it with me.


Tita Auntie’s Diary: Pilpinos Do Hab Sols!