phillipe starcke

i understand that a Chair Post without a fandom attached is not wanted by anyone but i’m gonna go ahead and issue a formal declaration of Whifferdill’s Favorite Chairs 2017

first up this classic

Charles and Ray Eames, the shell body on the Eiffel frame. this is what your chair in high school wished it could be. the pure ass-cupping simplicity of the fiberglass seat, the poetic geometry of the frame. the Eames’ own my whole soul; have you watched Powers of Ten? if not please do

look. LOOK. somewhere in me still lives a 21-year old who’s like fuck YEAH BURN THE IDOLS but also preserve them in resin. Maartin Baas’ Burn series completely encapsulates my feelings towards the design establishment in such a shitty college-kid Dark Goffik way and also it makes the Adirondack look cool, right it looks cool, i never quite aged out of my goth phase

while we’re commenting on the Adirondack - Gerrit Reitveld’s Red and Blue chair. i wanna sit in De Stijl. in 2017, this is still an angry and weird thing, such a conscious exploration of 3D space. it gives me an Emotion i cannot name

it’s the Swinging Sixties and you’re too mod to live and you’re high AF and feeling like a queen in Arne Jacobsen’s Egg chair. i love chairs that tell you how to sit - this one tells you to curl up but like in a proud, fuck-off kind of way

thru the wonders of Modern Technology you can sit on a shittily crocheted chair by Marcel Wanders. it’s the weird slackness that gets me, like. mass-produced human failures. the tension between error and precision is…it does things for me

Verner Panton’s S chair is a CLASSIC for a REASON it’s just a tongue. a stackable tongue. it’s so smooth and easy. one sheet of plastic, doing that. go on, then

this is by Allessandro Mendini and it’s called Proust Geometrica and i think it speaks for itself

look i have mixed feelings on Gehry but the Wiggle Chair is so…you know?

i feel like we as a society really missed out not embracing inflatable furniture. Gaetano Pesce’s Up series is so nice. i like the one where you can sit in the lap of a disembodied female torso like yes it is Problematic but it’s also just so Much

i don’t discuss this much but my love of Memphis is, like, a huge part of what i am. this is Peter Shire for Memphis with the Bel Air chair and LOOK AT IT IT’S GREAT

the ID discourse will never reach Tumblr but just in case: i’m sorry, i still unironically love Phillipe Starck. i adore a lot of his stuff, i adore the Gnome Stool extra much. like it’s not pure pop, it’s got nothing to say, it’s a cynical piece of nothing-much but i also would pay more money for this than i would a Breuer, i love it sfm

anonymous asked:

Have you seen the press conference in Ischgl, Austria? I just saw it and the only one talking one more time is J. SL and TM was just sitting there like some forniture or something. Why is that?

Please don’t take this as snarky, I don’t mean it to be at all - but darling, was that the first time you’ve seen them in an interview-format, on video, as a trio?

it’s pretty letostyle (that’s Letostyle, Jared-Letostyle) that Jared takes the lead in most (if not all) interview-type dealios.

obvs this is no reflection on tomo or shannon’s capabilities to handle the press - not at all. i just think Jared’s natural talents as an actor and frontman make him a lot more at ease to field questions from press - especially in a conference-like situation, where you sometimes don’t know where questions are going to come from next.

doesn’t hurt that he’s insanely witty and doesn’t mind listening to himself chat.

also, let’s be honest: most press when meeting 30stm, is expecting jared to be the one answering the questions – again, given the fact he is an internationally-recognized actor and the lead singer/frontman of the band.
i think the boys get this and let jared do his thing.

this isn’t always the case, of course.
like any relationship, i’m sure they can read one another incredibly well and know when to help the other out.

catch jared on an off-day, or shannon on an “on” day – and either Shannon or Tomo are more than able to jump in and handle things. i’ve witnessed a chatty-shannon at a couple of occasions in m&gs (as well as a nearly-mute Shannon, and a missing-Shannon) and obvs we know Jomo together is magic (i.e. Church of MARS VIP bonus acoustic show, and what I’m sure MARS in Moscow on VyRT will give us too). Tomo can match Jared wit for wit fo’sho - like none other.

so, no worries.
s & t are no pieces of furniture. they’re just letting Jared be great.

……..tho. if Shannon and Tomo and Jared were furniture pieces - what do we think they would be? 

(i’m a bit of an interior design junkie.)

i see shannon being a 1961 Eames Lounge & matching ottoman:
sleek. minimalist but lived-in. vintagely sexy.

i see tomo being a roche bobois urban sofa:
easily adjusts to a different setup depending on the whatever the situation may be; casual but structured. tons of pillows for comfy hockey-viewings.

and my darlingdoll, jared is totes a Phillipe Starck Louis Ghost Chair:
ahead of its time. modernly quirky. a spin on formality. acrylic - vegan. perfect for a home where you want the attention on the artwork, not on the furniture. tho the furniture itself is considered art too…

that was fun. let’s do this again. xo.