phillipe chatelain

All I kept thinking about while holding you
Was how badly I wanted a picture of you
In that moment
But half of me didn’t want to move
And the other didn’t think the glossy frame would contain us.
So I just looked into your face from so close
It filled my vision
Until the sight of you
Was burned into the front of my brain.
By Phillipe Chatelain


Take a shot alone. 

How did it go?

listening to balance and composure, while reading taking shots alone

this is only my first time through both, but they didn’t do a bad job complimenting each other.

standouts from B&C’s “Separation”: “I Tore You Apart in My Head”, “Progress, Progress”, “More to Me”, and “Patience”

from Phillipe Chatelain’s Taking Shots Alone: “25: risa”, “29: loss for words”, “35”, “75”, “83”, and “99”