Here’s “That Would be Enough” from Hamilton as I see it because of synesthesia, a condition that causes me to see music visually when I hear it! I really like this one! If I’m honest, I like any song with Eliza.

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The Hamilton Portrait Gallery #1

Since I clearly have too much time on my hands, this is my new project: taking the portraits of the historical figures of Hamilton and merging the actors from the show with the characters they play. I’m enjoying the challenge of making the quality and texture match as closely as possible and even finding decent hi-res portraits of some of them.

Also, do not ask me about Burr’s hair. What he lacked on top, he made up for in killer foofy sideburns.

Gallery 2 is now available too.


Before their last performance together, the Schuyler sisters came together one last time to perform “For The Longest Time”.