Bills sign RB Phillip Tanner

The Buffalo Bills restocked their banged-up offensive backfield on Tuesday by signing running back Phillip Tanner.

Tanner’s signing addresses the Bills’ depleted depth at running back in preparing to play at the New York Jets (1-6) on Sunday. With co-starters C.J. Spillman and Fred Jackson sidelined with injuries, Buffalo (4-3) was down to third-stringer Anthony Dixon and Bryce Brown, who was inactive the first seven weeks, and fullback Frank Summers.

Tanner is listed at 5-foot-10 and 208 pounds, and broke into the NFL in 2011 as an undrafted free agent with the Dallas Cowboys.

He spent three seasons with Dallas, where he had 56 carries for 149 yards and two touchdowns, nine catches for 93 yards in 40 games. Tanner also played a regular role on special teams.

He’s also familiar with Bills starting quarterback Kyle Orton, who spent the past two seasons backing up Tony Romo in Dallas.


Great TV Dads

Since, I don’t have one myself, okay let’s get the sadness out of the way - I had a dad, but he passed away, when I was 8. 

I grew up with watching a ton of TV, and not having a father or a fatherly figure around, I often wished I had a dad like these dads. 

Man, enough of this sad stuff, right and on the list. 

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Cliff Huxtable - The Cosby Show

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Red Foreman - That 70′s Show

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Phillip Banks - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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Al Bundy - Married…with Children

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Danny Tanner - Fullhouse

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Carl Winslow - Family Matters

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Dan Conner - Roseanne : Okay, so of all the TV dads, Dan was my most favorite. He reminded me of my own dad, well to be honest it was that they both were around the same weight / height. I think Dan, prob was a better father…hey, I was only 8, so I remember very little about my own father and what I’ve come to learn…meh, I don’t know - hey look it’s a tangent.