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The Midnight Lovers

Summary: After an argument you leave your boyfriend, Greg. Months later your friends ask you on a road trip, only Greg was invited too. What the two of you don’t know is your friends have planned this trip to try and get the pair of you to rekindle. But will it work?

Warnings: Swearing. Fluff.

A/N: The next chapter becomes very interesting 😁 Don’t worry there’s no more angst I promise!!! 😂😅 I hope you all enjoy and feedback is always welcome! Hope you all have a great weekend! 😁❤️

The Midnight Lov
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Chapter 17

“Dinner’s ready!” You woke up to Molly’s voice and her fist knocking on the door to your bedroom.

You let it a groan and felt yourself being drawn to the warmth of Greg’s chest “If I wasn’t so hungry I’d keep sleeping,” you sleepily grumbled with your eyes shut. Your head bumped up and down as Greg’s chest rapidly moved as he laughed.

“Me too…” Greg contently hummed before getting out of the bed and getting changed. He left you to change and you did as quickly as you could, you were starving.

When you stepped out of your room you found everyone at the dinner table lightly laughing away as their knees touched under it. You smiled to yourself before sitting down. It was as if you were having dinner with family.

You sat down opposite Greg and glanced over his shoulder out of the window “Are we in Scotland?”

John nodded “Yup, tomorrow we’ll head to Edinburgh before going up north to see the northern lights. We’ll drive back down and end up in London in a few days time.”

“I can’t wait!” Mary squeaked out “It’s going to be incredible.”

You were eating away when you felt a foot brush against yours. Your eyes flickered up to Greg who smiled bashfully at you, you cheeks flushed red and you played footsie with him under the table.

“What are you smiling at?” Sherlock questioned and the smile was quickly wiped off your face.

“Nothing. It’s just the food is really good…” you made up an excuse.

Sherlock narrowed his eyes “Mary cooked it, it’s not that great.” The whole table gasped, Mary the loudest. John stifled a giggle before Mary’s deadly glare shut him up. “It’s uh…better than great. It’s astounding.”

You smirked and continued eating before you all retreated to the couch for a movie night. You lay out on the couch over Sherlock and Greg since there was hardly any space with you all crammed into the one bit. Your head was resting between the arm of the couch and Sherlock’s lap, Greg was soothingly rubbing your ankle while Sherlock was running his fingers though your hair, gently massaging your scalp.

“Look at Y/N, she’s like the Queen of Sheba.” You glanced over to Jim and smirked.

“There’s only one queen in this camper van and it’s you, Jim.” Everyone laughed at your comment. All except Jim who childishly licked his hand before standing up smearing the saliva that was on it all over the face. “Jim!”

You wiped your face with the sleeve of your jumper before reaching down to your glass of water that was by Sherlock’s feet and dipping your fingers in it, retaliating against Jim and flicking water at him.

The Irishman let out a unamused growl and tightly grabbed ahold of his mug that contained cold tea.

“Not in the camper!” John yelled like an exasperated parent but it was too late, Jim had thrown the tea at you.

But you were quicker than Jim and sat up, scooting onto Greg’s thighs and leaving an unknowing Sherlock in the firing line. When you turned to face Sherlock, tea was dripping off his curls and the tip of his nose, Jim’s mouth gaped open and he placed his hands over it “I didn’t mean that!”

Sherlock calmly stood up “James…you grab her legs, I’ll get her by the arms.”

“Wait what?” You went wide eyed and screamed at the top of your lungs as the two men picked you up and carried you to the shower “No! No!” You tried not to laugh through your screams “Greg! Help! Mary! Anyone!” You tried kicking free but the two men had put you in the shower and turned it on.

You shrieked as freezing water cascaded over you “You bastards!” You hysterically laughed and after a few good seconds they turned it off. You stood up and glared at Jim before a sinful smirk took over your face. “Come here,” you softly spoke as you held out your arms.

“No Y/N! Get away!” Jim giggled and pushed Sherlock out the bathroom so he could run away. You limped after them before coming into contact with Greg, wrapping your arms around him as an automatic response for revenge.

“Y/N!” He groaned “I’ll get you back for that!” He let you hug him and the warmth coming off of him began to heat you up, it made your skin tingle.

You pulled back slowly “I should change,” you whispered and turned in your heal and rushed to your room, quickly changing and drying off your hair with Molly’s hairdryer that you borrowed.

You swapped places with Greg who changed and everyone called it a night so you returned to your room, finding Greg already in bed with his eyes wide open. You climbed in beside him, he was now being sandwiched between you and the wall.

You glanced to the bedside cabinet and found the book. The book he wrote. You took it in your hand and turned to Greg, gently pressing it to his bare chest “Read me your favourite…” you whispered.

“Why?” Greg asked with furrowing brows and a crinkling nose.

“I want to hear you speak the words you wrote,” he took the book from you and you shut your eyes as he flicked through the pages, the pieces of paper making a light fluttering noise as he did.

The noise stopped and Greg breathed in before speaking “I know I’ll never be able to tame her heart. But in all honesty, I’d never want to. Why would I want to? It’s wild. It’s got a mind of its own. She doesn’t know how powerful it is. If she did, she’d be ruling lands. She has already ruled me.”

You had read that poem dozens of times but there was something about the way he read it that made it feel so different, as if the words were attacking your heart, pinning it down with rope and dragging it towards him. “Thank you,” you whispered and reopened your eyes to take the book from him. You settled back down on the bed and turned to face Greg again, a bubble of silence was starting to crush you both. “I’m sorry,” you apologised again “I shouldn’t keep running off the way I do.”

“Y/N you can’t run away from your problems, they’ll eventually catch up to you.” Greg was right, as always. You smiled and shut your eyes as you both bid each other goodnight before you fell into a dreamless sleep.

“I feel like we’ve walked for miles!” Mary held onto a wall as she panted between complaining, her other hand held onto her side as she felt a stitch antagonise that area.

“Well it’s called the Royal Mile, Mary. Clue’s in the name.” Sherlock stated the obvious as his hair blew about in the wind. In fact, everyone was getting blown about as you all stood outside Edinburgh castle. It was terribly windy.

“Molly and I will go grab the tickets!” Anderson smiled and they walked off hand in hand. You took out your phone and took some photos of the castle and Edinburgh, snapping a few photos of the Firth of Forth. You found Jim beside you and stood back, snapping a few photos of him.

Want me to grab Sherlock?” You asked, lowering your phone.

“Why?” He narrowed his eyes and glanced over to the tall, curly haired brunette.

You smirked “To take some photos of you both! Might come in handy someday. I could use them at your wedding,” you winked and Jim lightly shoved you.

“I hate you. It was one kiss…” he grumbled as you interlocked your arm with his, walking back over to the group “And anyway I should say the same for you and Greg…” you looked up to a smug Jim before he grabbed both your arms, stopping you in your tracks. “Remember Y/N, you’re someone’s reason to smile…” A grin spread from ear to ear on your face before Jim continued “Because you’re a joke.”

You let out a roar of laughter “Oh fuck off!” You laughed with Jim who wrapped an arm around your shoulder and led you back to the group. Molly and Anderson returned with the tickets and you all made your way to the castle. You felt a tap on your forearm. Greg.

“Wait a second…” he said and found his phone.

“What are you doing?” You asked with a rising brow.

“Taking a photo of us,” he held out the phone in front of you both and you smiled as he took it with your cheek and his smushed together “There we go!” He put away his phone.

“Why’d you want to take a photo?”

Greg walked forward and turned, expertly walking backwards “Dunno,” he shrugged “Might come in handy someday.” He half joked and turned back around again leaving you frozen in place.

You couldn’t feel the smile on your face, but it was there.

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The Midnight Lovers

Summary: After an argument you leave your boyfriend, Greg. Months later your friends ask you on a road trip, only Greg was invited too. What the two of you don’t know is your friends have planned this trip to try and get the pair of you to rekindle. But will it work?

Warnings: Some swearing? Some angst, tiny bit of cuteness at the end

A/N: The next few chapters will be a bit of a rollercoaster! Feedback is always welcome 😁Have a great weekend!

The Midnight Lovers Playlist

Chapter 9

The seagulls acted like a flock of alarms and woke up everyone in the van. Everyone gathered outside on the beach for breakfast “What’s the plans for today then?” John asked taking a sip of tea.

“What about going to the amusements then out for dinner later? After that we can hang around on the beach?” Molly suggested.

“That’s sounds great!” Mary interjected “Tomorrow we can all have a lazy day and mess about on the beach, they have boats for hire just up the road!”

“Yes well I’m claiming Y/N as my first mate!” Jim piped up.

You turned to him raising a brow “Eh I think you’ll find in the captain!” You playfully glared at him.

“We can both be captains,” he winked and you nodded “We’re going to take down all of you”.

“That sounds like a challenge…” Sherlock trailed off “That you’ll both lose…” He muttered that last part.

You rolled your eyes and sunk your feet into the cool sand and shut over your eyes for a moment before hearing Jim muttering out “Shit my coffee!”

You saw the spilt cup by his feet “Watch your fucking language James,” you teased and Mary let out a loud snort of laughter.

“You two crack me up,” she held onto her stomach and continued to laugh. You and Jim sent each other a smile before heading into the camper to change. What you didn’t realise that Greg came in right behind you and shut over the door.

“What are you-”

Greg quickly cut you off “I didn’t sleep with her!”

You furrowed a brow “What?”

“That barmaid…I didn’t sleep with her if-”

“You honestly think I give two shits? It’s your life Greg, do whatever and whoever you want,” you snappishly cut him off and stormed into the room. You couldn’t believe that he had the audacity to come up to you and say that.

Yet a part of you was relieved, happy even. You quickly changed and met with him once again in the living quarters, letting out a huff under your breath you tired to walk passed him but he grabbed onto your arm “Y/N I-”

“What’s going on here…?” Jim asked as he stepped into the camper van.

“Nothing,” you muttered and pulled your arm from Greg’s grip “Are we heading out now?” You asked and Jim nodded. You grabbed your bag and the three of you headed out of the van.

You walked beside Jim as all eight of you made your way to the beachfront amusements “What was happening back there?” He quietly asked as you two of you slowly walked behind everyone else.

You shrugged your shoulders “He felt the need to tell me that he didn’t sleep with that blonde barmaid” Jim’s eyes widened slightly and he looked forward.

“Well then,” he uttered “How do you feel about that?”

“Annoyed that he felt like he had to tell me thinking that I care-”

“You do care,” Jim interjected.

“He doesn’t need to know that,” you snappishly replied before keying out a sigh “And a part of me felt at ease that he didn’t do anything with her…” You noticed the wide grin Jim was sending you and you lightly pushed his shoulder. All of you eventually made it to the arcade that was by the beach and you split up in pairs. You were with Jim, Molly and Anderson were together, Greg was with Sherlock and Mary was with John.

“I’m going to win you that,” Jim pointed to the biggest stuffed dragon you had ever seen, it was as almost as tall as Sherlock.

You raised both your brows at him “And where the hell will I put it?”

“Well that’s your problem, I’m just winning you it,” Jim stuck his tongue out like a five year told and you rolled your eyes. As Jim collected tokens your eyes drifted to Greg, you were surprised to find him already looking at you.

You cleared your throat and looked down to the ground until your head snapped back up at the sounds of buzzers sounding and lights flashing. You let out a small groan seeing Jim with a huge smile on his face as the man behind the counter handed him a giant green dragon. You took it off him, lightly laughing and shaking your head “I’m going to kill you!”

“No you’re not you love it! What are you going to call it?” Jim asked wrapping an arm around your waist.

You looked at it for a minute and smirked “Leslie…” You told Jim and he let out a snort of laughter. “Oh look!” Your eyes lit up as you pointed to a two person dance machine in front of you “Can we?!” You asked bouncing excitedly, however Jim was more excited than you and dragged you over. You placed down Leslie and jumped onto the dance mat.

“This looks like the one we used to dance in years ago…” Jim reminisced.

You put in some coins and smirked “Yeah but that was like dancing about on a plastic bag, we used to slip all the time. Remember when you sprained your ankle on it?”

“Oh god I do, we ended up in A&E that night” Jim chortled and the two of you wiggled around a bit on the light up dance tiles “I’m going to win,” Jim uttered.

“You wish,” you stuck your tongue out and Jim flipped you off whilst ‘Shut up and dance’ began to play. As you and Jim synchronised dance moves the gang gathered around you. The music stopped and you and Jim bent over trying to catch your breaths “Of…course…it’s….a…tie…” You panted out, gulping down air.

You grabbed onto the stuffed dragon and Mary suggested all seven of you to go on the dodgems. You mouthed to Jim to bump into Sherlock and he sent you a smirk and a nod. You and Jim tormented Sherlock by constantly bumping into him, both laughing your heads off.

“That’s it!” Sherlock growled and attempted to bump you and Jim back but the dodgems stopped and you and Jim both let out a hysterical roar of laughter as Sherlock rolled his eyes and went into a huff.

“Aww don’t be mad!” You stood up and wrapped an arm around Sherlock “We can’t all be dodgem champions.” The corner of Sherlock’s mouth rise up slightly at your teasing tone.

The seven of you picked up dinner on the way back to the camper van, faint giggling from behind caught your attention and you glanced behind your shoulder seeing Molly and Anderson being extremely intimate with each other. You noticed the subtle signs, eyes lingering at each other for a little too long, deliberately brushing hands together and of course, the smiles they were sharing.

You knew they really liked each other.

You could tell because those were the same things that you shared with Greg.

You eventually made it back to the beach and had dinner, although you kept an eye on Molly and Anderson. When Anderson offered to clear away the mess you decided to help him and followed him into the camper van, shutting the door over to keep some of the sand that was being blown off the beach out. And to have some privacy.

“You and Molly have been yapping away all day…the rest of us have barely said two words to the pair of you.” You smirked hearing Anderson cleaning his throat as you kept your eyes on the sink in front of you whist washing the dishes “You both get on like a house on fire,” you handed him a plate to dry.

“Yeah-well…she’s great!” Anderson stuttered out. “Molly’s also really funny and kind and pretty and-”

You cut off Anderson’s increasingly softening voice as if he was daydreaming about her right in front of you “I get it, you like her.”

You smirked when he blushed and bashfully nodded “So much so,” he timidly spoke “That I asked her to be my girlfriend…”

“WHAT!?” You screamed out with a huge smile on your face “What did she say! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!” You frantically slapped his chest with your soap covered rubber gloves.

“She said yes!” He swapped your soapy hands away “She said yes!” He laughed out as you jumped up and down on the spot.

You couldn’t be happier for the pair of them, the seemed to click together like puzzle pieces. “That’s wonderful, I’m so happy for the two of you.” A lightbulb went off in your head and you let out a small gasp “You should take my bed!”

“What?” He asked raising a brow.

“Yeah take my bed! Spend more time with her but I swear to God if you have sex in it-”

“We won’t!” Anderson cut you off. “Thanks Y/N, you’re a great friend,” Anderson wrapped his arms around you and hugged you tightly.

Greg opened the door to the camper van and walked in, he had to hold back the scowl that was starting to form on his face “What’s going on?”

You pulled away from Anderson with a smile “Nothing!” You told Greg but the way his jaw clenched indicated that he didn’t quite believe you. He was jealous. Anderson excused himself leaving the pair of you in the van. Alone. Again.

“It really was nothing…” You softly muttered.

“Didn’t look like nothing,” Greg was on the verge of spitting out his words “Why was he hugging you?”

You rolled your eyes and folded your arms across your chest “Because he’s a friend and I did him a favour and quite frankly I have no idea why I’m discussing this with you, why do you make it sound like its a problem that he hugged me?”

He remained silent and you let out a chortle of unamused laughter “If you really must know,” you broke the silence “He told me he asked Molly to be his girlfriend and I offered him my bed so he can spend some time with her and they can be in the same room together.”

Greg let out a sigh of relief “Okay…” He managed to choke out. Before you walked into your room to grab some stuff he came up behind you, pressing himself up against your back “Take my room.”

You furrowed your brows and turned around “What? No! I’m taking the couch, we have just over a week left, it won’t bother me.”

Greg rolled his eyes as you moved passed him “So stubborn,” he whispered out under his breath.

“Oh you love it really,” you smirked and Greg went wide eyed knowing that you heard him. You let out a sigh and sent him a small, genuine smile “Thank you for the offer, I’ll keep it in mind, but for now I’ll be alright on the couch.”

Greg watched as you went outside to the beach again just as a smile started to form on his face.

The two of you might actually be reconciling.

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Truth, perception...we've saved the world - - worlds, even - time and time again. That's the truth. That's what we do. But the perception is that we're freaks, or worse. That we're Magnetos waiting to happen. We've been taking it on the chin so long, just trying to keep from being wiped out, I think we'have forgotten that we have a purpose. I know the rest of the world has forgotten. The point is simply this - - we need to get into the world. Saving lives, helping with disaster relief...we need to present ourselves as a team like any other. Avengers, Fantastic Four- - they don't get chased through the streets with torches - Cyclops 
The Midnight Lovers

Summary: After an argument you leave your boyfriend, Greg. Months later your friends ask you on a road trip, only Greg was invited too. What the two of you don’t know is your friends have planned this trip to try and get the pair of you to rekindle. But will it work?

Warnings: PURE FLUFF

A/N: I love how adorable this chapter is 😭❤️ Feedback is always welcome 😁Have a great weekend!

The Midnight Lovers Playlist

Chapter 11

You sat on the edge of the couch drying off your hair while Greg was in for his shower. He managed to get the both of you back to shore and as soon as you arrived back at the camper he put on a warm shower for you and grabbed you fresh clothes, leaving them in the bathroom for you. Once you came out he went in.

When the bathroom door opened your head turned to where the noise came from and instantly felt your throat close up and your cheeks burn seeing Greg in nothing but a towel. You and Greg had both seen each other in a lot less clothing but it still took your breath away. He was perfect.

“I was…uh…” You stuttered out and looked away from his distracting, muscular, glistening torso “I was thinking when you’re…uh when you’re ready we could head down to the amusements again or the pub or something..?” You trailed off, your voice slightly trembling.

“Yeah,” Greg nodded with a smile “You should phone the others and let them know so they can pedal back to shore.”

“Oh,” you muttered out “I was thinking…just the two of us?” Greg went wide eyed, not entirely sure if he heard you right “But if you don’t want-”

“No!” Greg loudly cut you off, his sudden burst of enthusiasm making you jump “No that’s great just me and you. I’d like that.” You smiled at him as he glanced around “I’ll get changed.”

Once Greg was ready you both headed for the amusements “How are you enjoying the holiday so far?” He asked.

“I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would,” you admitted “It’s good to get a break from university work. How are you enjoying it?” You asked just as you stepped into the arcade filled with bright lights and loud noises, kids running around with their arms filled with tickets and stuffed toys.

“Yeah it’s great!” He smiled “I’m glad you came, it’s good to see you again.”

You felt your stomach knot and your heart flutter at the same time inside you at his words. As much as you hated to admit it, you did miss Greg dearly, he was and still is your best friend. You could kick yourself until the end of time for blowing up so dramatically that night. “I’m just as glad. I missed you,” you let out a sigh and stood by a claw machine with him, pressing the back of your head to the glass. “I’ve been so lost for the past few months without everyone…without you.”

Greg went wide eyed at your confession, without thinking he reached for your hand and tightly held onto it with a smile “I’m always going to be here for you Y/N, I’d never leave you on your own.”

You gazed into Greg eyes and it felt like they were pulling you closer to him. You snapped out of your trance and looked down to the stuffed animals in the claw machine “How cute is that one!” You squealed and let go of his hand to point to a penguin in the corner of the machine.

Greg looked between you and the stuffed penguin “Do-do you want it?” He asked, already inserting coins into the machine.

You smiled and shook your head “Greg, everyone knows those machines are a con. You’ll never win!”

“Fine why don’t we make a bet?” He asked with a challenging tone. You encouraged him to keep talking “If I win you that penguin you take my bed for the rest of the trip, I feel bad that you’re on the couch.”

“And if you lose? Which you will…” You teased.

Greg shrugged “Then you get to stay on the couch, if you want to that is…my bed is always on offer, and you can tell me that you were right for the rest of our lives. Deal?”

You thought about it for a moment, pursing your lips before reaching out your hand for Greg to shake it “Deal.”

With a determined smile Greg faced the machine. He had four tries to try and win you the penguin. You watched him as the claw dropped it the first time and the second time. On the third try he was close to getting it but it fell just before it reached the gap. You and Greg both let out a string of dramatic ‘Oooohhh’s’

“This time I will get it” Greg told you and you admired his determination, you admired it so much that you had to bite down on your bottom lip to stop you from smiling so much.

Lights flashed around on the machine and you let out a long sigh seeing Greg standing there with a penguin in his hands “You were saying?” He asked with a cocky grin.

“Fine!” You groaned “You win!” He handed you the penguin and you thanked him. “I’m going to have to put all these stuffed toys I’m getting into storage.”

Greg laughed “What did you do with that dragon Jim won you?”

“It’s under Anderson’s bed,” you told him and began walking around the arcade again “If he falls on the floor he’s going to get the fright of his life.”

You smiled hearing Greg burst into a fit of laughter. A sense of deja vu came over you. You and Greg were always inseparable. Where there was one the other was always nearby. “Do you want to grab some dinner? I’m sure the others will get something for themselves?” You asked and Greg agreed.

You sat the penguin next to you in a booth as Greg sat at the opposite side “What are you going to call it?” He asked, glancing up from the menu he was reading.

“I think I’ll call him PI Lestrade,” you softly giggled.

“PI?” Greg questioned “What does that stand for?”

“Penguin inspector of course! Since you’re studying to be a detective inspector although I don’t know why it’s just like a glorified copper isn’t it?” You teased.

Greg rolled his eyes “No it isn’t!” He whined “How many times do I have to tell you?” You let out a loud laugh just before the waiter took your order.

“I missed hanging out with you. Just you…” You confessed and lightly swung your legs under the table, gently brushing them against the side of Greg’s legs. It was a soothing motion and Greg didn’t seem to mind.

“I’ve missed this too,” Greg bashfully smiled “What happened to us?” He asked with a whisper and your gaze fell from him to the table.

“I can barely remember,” you sadly smiled but before Greg could say another word your dinner arrived. “Oh my god,” you groaned “Yours looks amazing!”

Greg looked up at you just as he pulled the fork that was full of food out his mouth. He picked up some more and extended the fork to your face and you leaned forward taking the food off it with your teeth as he held the fork. “Mhmm that’s really good! Here,” you did the same and held your fork out “Try mine!”

Both you and Greg enjoyed the others food so much you ended up splitting both portions in half and sharing. After dinner Greg got you both ice cream before you slowly walked back with him to the camper van.

“Y-you’ve got a bit…” He stuttered out and you looked up to him with confused eyes “You’ve got a bit right there,” he pointed to your nose and laughed.

You brought your hand up to your face and felt your nose but nothing was there “No I do-Greg!” You screamed as he pressed his ice cream to your nose. He darted away from you and you ran after him with every intention to get him back. When you caught up with him you managed to squish your ice cream to the side of his face, mouth and chin. He let out a loud scream as picked you up from behind, spinning you and the penguin you were still holding about on the spot.

“I have to get a photo!” You giggled and Greg gently put you down “I have the perfect caption…” You sinisterly smiled and grabbed your phone pressing your cheek against Greg’s to get him in the photo.

“What are you going to put as the caption?” Greg asked.

“Just you wait…I’m tagging you in it.”

Greg’s phone dinged with the notification and he looked at the photo you put up before reading the caption and letting out a breathy chuckle “Really? You really put 'Greg and I love sticky white stuff all over our faces?’”

You burst into a fit of giggles and continued walking back to the camper, wiping off some of the ice cream that started to melt on your faces. “They aren’t back yet,” Greg glanced around the camper for signs of life.

Your phone buzzed and you checked your texts “It’s from Jim,” you called out to Greg “They went out for dinner, they’ll be back in about an hour.”

“Do you want to move your stuff into my room since I won the bet?” Greg asked with a proud smirk, one that made you roll your eyes.

“Fineeeee,” you drawled out “You were right and I was wrong!”

“Can I get that in writing?” He teased and you narrowed your eyes tightly at him.

“Don’t make me change my mind!” Greg helped you into his room with your stuff “Uh what the hell?!” You shrieked “You have the biggest room and the biggest bed?!” You walked in and your mouth gaped open “If I knew you had a double bed I would have taken this ages ago!” You laughed.

“Well I did offer!” Greg placed your things down “You want to watch some TV while we wait for them?”

You nodded with a smile “Sure, I’d love to!” You settled down with him on the sofa, lying with your back against his chest. It felt incredibly natural. You didn’t feel Greg tense slightly or hear his breath hitch but he managed to place his arms against yours, lightly holding you in place as you sat in comfortable silence.

Both of you with a smile on your faces.

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The Midnight Lovers

Summary: After an argument you leave your boyfriend, Greg. Months later your friends ask you on a road trip, only Greg was invited too. What the two of you don’t know is your friends have planned this trip to try and get the pair of you to rekindle. But will it work?

Warnings: Some swearing? GREG SHOULD BE ON BAYWATCH

A/N: This chapter is sweet! Makes a change of my usual angsty writing 😅 Feedback is always welcome 😁Have a great weekend!

The Midnight Lovers Playlist

Chapter 10

About two hours later the eight of you were lazing around the bonfire John had made on the sand. You sat resting your head on Jim’s side as he played with your hair “Did you bring your ukulele, Mary?” Jim asked.

“I did,” she replied before taking a drink “But I can’t play it, don’t have the time to practice.”

Jim smirked “Well we all know who can play it…” He sang in a knowing voice and you slowly sat up, knowing what he was getting at.

“I’m not playing it,” you slightly nudged him “I’m not that good on my own.”

“How about you and Sherlock play together? He brought his violin and you’ve both played with each other before.” You all looked at John and he realised that is words could be taken completely out of context “Not like that! You know what I meant!” He defensively held up his hands as the rest of the group laughter with him.

“Alright,” you sighed and stood up “you up for it Holmes?” Sherlock nodded in agreement and you both grabbed the instruments from the camper van before rejoining the group on the beach.

You settled down on a seat while Sherlock stood beside you, gently re-tuning his violin. You strummed a few notes before you both played ‘Here comes the sun’ as the wood gently crackled and harmonised with you both.

As you sang you looked up to Greg with a small smile on your face. There was something about the way the orange glow of the fire reflected off of Greg’s face, it was enough to make your heart stop. The bright Amber flakes glowed and drifted around him making him almost ethereal.

You lightly strummed the last few notes and lowered the ukulele on to your lap, trying to compose the once dormant feelings that were now beginning to bubble inside you. “Why don’t we play truth or dare?” Molly suggested and everyone, aside from Sherlock who was slightly reluctant about it, agreed.

“Alright who’s first?” She asked and glanced around the group “John! We’ll start with you,” Molly smiled at him “Truth or dare?”

“Uh…truth…” He requested, sounding a tad unsure.

Molly pondered over a question for a moment “Oh! Is it true you and Sherlock were put in a prison cell for a night because the pair of you were hammered?”

John and Sherlock simultaneously let out a groan and the blonde medical student put his head in his hands, full of shame “Yes…” He uttered out “Moving on, Y/N, truth or dare?”

John’s dares were fairly harmless so you decided to go for dare. He thought for a moment and smirked “Alright, I dare you to kiss the most attractive person here…”

You narrowed your eyes at John and you noticed out of the corner of your eyes Greg shifting on his seat. “Okay,” you muttered and stood up, walking into the camper and grabbing a mirror before returning outside and kissing it in front of everyone. “There you go,” you cockily smirked “I just kissed the most attractive person here.” You stuck your tongue out and Jim began to slow clap.

“I don’t know if I should be offended or impressed?” He said you as you sat down again.

After another half hour of silly truths are petty dares, the group soon went into the camper one by one whilst you stayed out by the fire for a little while longer. Greg was walking from his room to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He turned to the couch where he assumed you’d be but you weren’t there.

He stepped outside and saw you perched up on a chair with your nose in the book he wrote for you. “Aren’t you tired?” He asked and sat next to you.

“Not really, I’ve stayed up later than-”

“No,” he cut you off “I mean aren’t you tired of that book?”

You blinked once, then twice at his absurd question “Never!” You told him and softly shut it over your index finger as you used it as a temporary bookmark.

Greg softly chucked and shook his head “I got you that years ago and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you without it.”

“That’s because it’s important to me…” You softly uttered and traced your free hand over the cover. You looked up to the sky and let out a sigh, Greg almost knew what you were thinking before you said it.

“I know you do,” he blurted out and your head snapped around to him.


Greg cleared his throat and pointed up to the sky “You were about to say something about the stars and wanting to float around beside them.”

“H-how did you know that?” You chuckled “Am I that predictable?”.

Greg shrugged “You always say something along those lines. I know how much you love them.”

You smiled and lightly nodded before opening your book again to the page that read 'She would look up to the sky, longing to be out of this world. When I was with her, I already was.’

Your eyes connected with Greg’s once more and your heart skipped a beat. You quickly shut the book and stood up “I’m going to get some sleep,” you rushed into the van and left Greg to put out the fire. You let out a deep sigh and tossed yourself on the sofa. Greg came in and asked you, again, if you wanted his bed. You politely refused and drifted off to sleep.

When you woke up you let it a startled yelp seeing Jim’s face directly in front of yours “Why the fuck would you do that?!” You snapped.

“What are you doing out here?” Jim asked, completely ignoring your question.

“I was sleeping…” You groaned and rubbed your eyes. Jim was about to press you for more answers but the whole camper began to wake up.

“What’s happening?” Mary asked, peering over the ledge above.

“Will you all shut up?” Sherlock groaned, stepping out of his room wearing nothing but a bed sheet.

You raised your brows at his attire and opened your mouth to speak but Greg stepped out of the room and spoke up first “What’s happening out here? You’re all making such a racket!”

You slammed your head back onto the pillow “I’m sleeping here what’s the problem with that?!”

“I just want to know why,” Jim calmly asked “Where’s-oohhhhh…” He trailed off with a knowing smile.

“The pair of them are a couple now so-”

Mary cut you off with clapping hands and a delighted squeal “Really?! That’s adorable!”

“Yeah, but don’t make a fuss.” You sat up on the couch allowing Jim to plop himself down next to you.

“You should have taken my bed,” Jim offered and you shook your head at his offer.

“It’s okay,” you smiled “I told Greg last night and he offered his bed but what’s the point? I don’t mind sleeping here it’s just for a week.”

Your ears caught on to Sherlock humming and holding his chin in his hand while tapping his lips “Interesting that you told Greg…” He mused. You narrowed your eyes tightly at him and your deadly glare was enough to drive him back into his room.

Minutes later Molly and Anderson appeared from the room they were now sharing and everyone grinned at them. “Uhh…morning…” Anderson bashfully smiled.

“Morning….” Mary drawled out almost teasingly “Shall we all get organised for breakfast?”

After breakfast you all walked down the beach to the small hut that hired out pedal boats and row boats. Jim dragged you to one he had picked and you looked at him, shaking your head “I knew you’d pick this one!” Jim couldn’t contain his smile as he climbed onto the large, white, plastic swan. He helped you in and you both started pedalling in the sea, the sound of churning water could be heard under your feet.

“Who do we get first captain Moriarty?” You teased and Jim let out a snort of amused laughter.

“Anyone but Mary,” Jim told you motioning his head over to the pedal boat containing Mary and Molly “You know she’ll kill us if we soak her with water.”

You agreed with him and began pedalling towards Sherlock and Greg “Sherlock’s going to be so pissed if we get his hair wet…” You paused for a moment to laugh “Aim for him first.”

You both frantically pedalled over to the boat containing Greg and Sherlock with devilish grins on your faces. Greg looked over and his eyes widened “Uh oh…” The two let out a scream as your pedal boat collided with theirs causing a wave of water to soak the two men. Greg glanced down at his soaked shorts and shoes before looking up to you with a small smirk “That’s it…” He scooped up a handful of water and threw it over you and Jim.

“Greg!” You screamed as the cold water came into contact with your skin. You reached across to try and retaliate but ended up falling into the freezing sea.

“Y/N!” Everyone screamed as you broke the surface with your head, gulping down air as the cold water began to press against your chest, making it increasingly harder to breathe. But soon your felt yourself sinking and panicking as the water crushed your body.

But seconds later you felt yourself floating to the surface again, breaking through the water again, allowing air back into your lungs. That’s when you realised there was a pair of arms around you helping to keep you afloat. “It’s alright,” you heard “I’ve got you.”

Your eyes opened properly, your vision slightly blurred from the water clinging to your eyelashes. “G-Greg?” You chattered out his name as the cool sea breeze mixed with the water in your hair and skin, making you cold.

“Yeah,” he smiled and kept you afloat. He looked up to a worried Sherlock and Jim “I’ll swim Y/N back to shore.”

“Will we come back with you?” Jim asked.

“N-no,” you chatted out with a small smile “Have a few more hours of fun.”

“Right,” Greg captured your attention “Just keep kicking your legs and we’ll get back to the beach and dried off.” You did as he asked and he let out a pained groan as soon as your foot accidentally came into contact with his shin “OW!” He screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Sorry!” You gasped but Greg reassured it was alright with a smile.

“It’s okay, let’s just keep swimming…” He trailed off and you tightened your grip on him slightly feeling a current whirl past, worried that you’d drift away from him. Greg could see how scared you were getting and before he knew what he was doing he pressed a long kiss to your temple “Don’t worry,” he softly spoke “I’ve got you, always.”

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The Midnight Lovers

Summary: After an argument you leave your boyfriend, Greg. Months later your friends ask you on a road trip, only Greg was invited too. What the two of you don’t know is your friends have planned this trip to try and get the pair of you to rekindle. But will it work?

Warnings: None?

A/N: I swear this week has flown in 😲 anywhoooo DRAMA AND (a bit of) ANGST 😱 I hope you’re all enjoying this series, I’m really enjoying writing it, it’s such a laugh sometimes but other times I end up on the verge of tears 😭 Thank you to everyone who’s liking it so far!

The Midnight Lovers Playlist

Chapter 5

The eight of you entered the pub and glanced around noticing three other older people, not including the two barmaids one who was slightly older than the girl who was around your age, were in the pub.

“I’ll get the first round” John announced, Anderson and Sherlock helped him whilst the rest of you grabbed a table. You sat opposite Greg and nervously played with the coaster between your fingers.

You felt Jim nudge you with his knee “You okay?” He muttered to you and you nodded just before the three boys returned with drinks in hand.

“Here’s to friendship and road trips” John toasted holding up his pint glass.

“And love!” Mary interjected and your eyes locked into Greg’s as soon as those words left her lips and you clinked your glass together with his. You quickly gulped down your drink and let out a deep breath.

“Want to dance Jim?” You asked getting a slight buzz from the alcohol streaming through your blood.

“You don’t have to ask me twice, darling” he outstretched his hand and pulled you to the retro looking jukebox that had a multitude of records. “Look Y/N!” Jim gasped and frantically hit your arm “They have our song!” Your eyes widened and you let out a delighted squeal as Jim pressed on ‘Nothing’s gonna stop us now’ by Starship. It was the song that was playing when you first met him and ever since then it had been dubbed as yours and his song. Jim always sang the male vocals and you always sang the female vocals.

As soon as Jim started singing Mary rolled her eyes with a chuckle “Oh no,” she muttered taking a sip of wine “They’re at it again”.

You and Jim were having a rare old time singing your hearts out “Come on guys!” You encouraged the others that were sitting at the table “Sing the final verse with us!”

They all looked at each other and began singing in unison with you and Jim, the others in the pub were amused with the entertainment.

You and Jim screamed out at the top of your lungs while playing air guitar together. The song finished and everyone applauded you and Jim who were giggling away like a bunch of school kids.

“Let’s do shots!” Jim suggested and your smile faded fast.

“Oh no! No, no, no, no, nooo! Don’t you remember last time? Probably not!” You sighed “Last time we had two shots, TWO! When I came over to visit you when you were at your grans back in Ireland and we ended up in Wales that night” Jim’s eyes widened remembering how awful he felt for a whole week after it.

“I still don’t know how we’re alive” he breathed out.

You let it a giddy giggle and dragged him to the bar ordering drinks for the both of you and the rest of the gang. Your eyes caught sight of a rather handsome looking bartender who had been hiding in the back.

“Hi! I’m Rick,” He shot you a pearly white smile “What can I get for you?” He asked sending you a smouldering look with you couldn’t help but blush at.

Jim rolled his eyes, unimpressed with his pathetic flirtatious looks. He told him the order and you took out your purse “It’s on the house if I can have a dance with you? I was watching you earlier and, well, I’m very impressed”.

You gently bit down on your lip with a bashful smile “Well that sounds like a deal” you stuck your hand out for him to shake “I’m Y/N”

Rick the bartender warmly smiled and broke his gaze away from your eyes “I’ll grab a couple more glasses from the back” he winked and rushed off to get some.

You turned to Jim with a smile but he didn’t look impressed “What?” You asked.

Jim scoffed “Rick? More like Dic-”

“Here you go!” Rick came back with some glasses in his hand “I’ll help you guys over to the table”. He walked around the bar and helped you and Jim back to the table with the various bottles and glasses in hand.

Mary shot Jim an odd look noticing you standing far too close to the bartender “Who’s this?” She asked with a convincing fake smile.

“Uh this is Rick!” You introduced him “Rick this is Mary, John, Sherlock, Molly, Philip but we call him Anderson, you’ve met Jim and that’s…Greg” you choked out his name. They muttered their hellos and you took a gulp of your drink “I’m going to dance with Rick, he gave us the drinks on the house if I danced with him” you lightly laughed and you walked away with him to the other side of the room to pick a song.

Greg rolled his eyes and downed his pint “I’m going to the bathroom” he spoke with a hint of anger in his voice. The rest of the group sent each other a wary look.

“Why didn’t you get Y/N away from that bartender?!” Molly quietly hissed at Jim.

“I tried! Plus it’s not just Y/N!” Jim retorted back and motioned for them all to look at Greg at the bar. They saw Greg chatting up the the young, giddy girl behind the bar. Mary let out a huff and rolled her eyes.

“Is it too early to tell you all that I was right? That it would take more than this road trip to get the two of them back together?” Sherlock sent the group a smug look. Anderson looked bewildered and Molly noticed.

“I’ll tell you about it later” she whispered to him with a smile.

You were laughing and dancing away with Rick and he song eventually came to an end and as it did you caught sight of Greg trying to chat up the bleach blonde barmaid. You felt a pang of pain spread through your body and you narrowed your eyes tightly at the pair.

“Let me buy you a drink” you turned around to Rick who offered and you nodded with a smile.

“I bet I could drink you under the table” you smirked.

“Oh yeah?” Rick asked in an almost challenging tone. He took you back to the bar and poured you a drink you clinked your glasses together. You downed it and glanced over with a small smile, that smile quickly disappeared however when you saw Greg still flirting with the barmaid.

It felt like your heart was being rolled about in shards of broken glass. Why were you feeling like this? You were the one that walked out that night. Surely you couldn’t still have fe-

“Another?” Rick asked, bringing you back into the same bitter reality you were daydreaming about.

“Sure!” You told him with a face smile and gritted your teeth together when he turned away, sending glares to the pair at the end of the bar “Why the hell not”.

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The Midnight Lovers

Summary: After an argument you leave your boyfriend, Greg. Months later your friends ask you on a road trip, only Greg was invited too. What the two of you don’t know is your friends have planned this trip to try and get the pair of you to rekindle. But will it work?

Warnings: Some swearing? Slight angst…BIG REVEAL 😱

A/N: Oohhh I wonder if any of you guys saw this twist coming? 🤔 I hope you guys enjoy and as always, feedback is welcome! 😁 Have a great weekend!

The Midnight Lovers Playlist

Chapter 8

“Stop laughing” Sherlock muttered out to Mary, John, Anderson, Molly and Greg who were still laughing.

You and Jim had run off to the shore, far from Sherlock, you both knew you’d have to face him sometime but for now you both kept your distance. “Do you think we took it too far this time?” You asked.

“Nah, it’s the easy wash out stuff so next time he goes in for a shower it will wash off” Jim linked his arm with yours.

“I’m sure he’d forgive you quicker if you shared that shower with him and helped him” you nudged his side and he bumped you with his hip, although he bumped you a little too hard and you fell into the freezing sea.

You let out a loud scream from the shock of the cold water hitting your skin but held your book upright so it wouldn’t get wet. The heads of the group turned to see where the screaming was coming from and Greg rushed out of his chair over to you.

You were laughing your head off but the laughter died when you heard Greg screaming your name and running over to you like something out of Baywatch. You rolled your eyes and passed your book up to Jim as you used both hands to stand up “Are you alright Y/N?” Greg asked slightly breathless.

“I’m fine” you coldly replied as you peeled away your top that was sticking to your skin.

“But-” you cut Greg off.

“I said I’m fine!” You snapped and he raised a brow at your tone “I don’t need you rescuing me all the bloody time” you muttered out and grabbed your book from Jim before making your way back to the camper.

Sherlock was about to open his mouth to say something but Mary held her hand up to stop him when she saw your irritable expression. She followed after you as you tossed your book onto the couch and began to peel off your soaked clothes and jump in for a shower. “Y/N?” She lightly knocked on the bathroom door “Everything alright?”

You turned on the shower and let out a sigh “Everything is just fucking fantastic Mary!” You sarcastically replied.

Mary lightly shut her eyes and pressed her head against the door “Talk to me about it, just-” Mary was cut off when she saw Greg standing by the entrance of the camper “Us” she managed to finish her sentence.

Mary didn’t tell Greg to leave, instead he let him listen in, she thought that this might give him some perspective on how you were feeling. Unbeknownst to you, you began to talk as if he wasn’t there “Why did he bring that barmaid back?” You asked as you washed the seawater off your skin.

“I don’t know…” Mary kept her eyes on Greg the whole time “Are you annoyed that he did?”

“Course I’m fucking annoyed!” You gritted out “I felt like breaking her bloody nose!”

Mary couldn’t help but let out a snort of laughter “What is it with you and breaking noses?”

You ignored her question and continued talking “Then he goes about acting if nothing happened…” You let out a small huff and turned off the shower. Mary waved her hand at Greg, telling him to leave and he did mere milliseconds before you opened the door. “Anyway,” you walked out “How’s he-man?”

“He-man?” Mary questioned with an amused snort “You mean Sherlock?” She asked and you nodded “Well he’s-”

“Pissed off!” He came into the camper van and you burst out laughing seeing his bright orange body and his beach blonde hair “LOOK AT ME!” He screamed and you continued laughing.

“Wait a minute,” you said and quickly grabbed your phone, taking a few photos of him “I’m printing those and framing them!” You smiled at your phone and glanced up to Sherlock who was looking furious, if his face wasn’t so orange it would have been red with rage “Oh calm down Holmes, it’s the wash off stuff. If you go in for another shower it will-” Sherlock rushed back into the bathroom and you shook your head with a smile.

“That was a good one” Mary quietly whispered to you with a wink.

Jim rushed into the van “It’s starting!” He screamed out and tossed himself onto the couch. The rest of the group joined to watch antiques roadshow, Sherlock was still in the shower.

“Bet it’s worth five hundred” you muttered out glancing back and forth from your book to the Tv.

“Nah it’s got to be at least seven hundred” Anderson chimed in.

Jim let out an unamused snort “It’s obviously worth more than that!”

Sherlock eventually joined you all looking relieved that he was looking more like his normal self again. You continued reading until it was late and everyone had went to bed but you had stayed up to finish off your book, you’d start re-reading it in the morning. You would never stop reading it, not until the words were etched into your mind. Eventually you drifted off to sleep.

Greg stumbled out of his room glancing around the quiet van before he froze finding you softly snoring on the couch with your book in hand. He delicately slipped it out your fingers and glanced at the page you were on. He read the poem, he knew it well. He should. He was the one that wrote it. Greg wrote them all. He used it as his voice to tell you how he felt all those years ago, it was still all true. He even had those feelings for you when he was with her.

You were oblivious to this, you always thought someone else had wrote those poems and so did everyone else. Apart from Mary. She had a knack for finding out everything and confronted Greg one day. He remembers that day and hours later he kissed you for the first time. But he never told you the true origins of the book.

Your eyes began to open but Greg was too engrossed on the page that read; ‘Midnight. If there’s a thing that I love almost as much as you it would be the strike of midnight. Why? Because it’s a new beginning. Twenty four hours not to reprise but to start again. A new beginning. Every twenty four hours, upon the stroke of midnight. It’s time blessing us to start anew.’

Your eyes snapped open hearing the shuffling beside you “Oh…it’s you,” you tiredly groaned out.

“Sorry if I woke you up,” Greg apologised and you stood up.

“Doesn’t matter I should go to my bed anyway it’s,” you glanced over to the clock “Midnight”.

Greg nodded and then handed you back your book, your fingers colliding for a second causing you both to look at each other’s eyes again.

You both opened your mouths to say something but you couldn’t. It was as if the new day had taken away your voice already and it had only just begun. You headed to your bedroom, sending him one final glance before you shut the door.

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