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Hamilton AU

Okay, so imagine Phillip didn’t die in the duel. He’s laying there in the hospital bed and a young volunteer named Theodosia starts talking to him. They converse every day while Phillip is recovering and then when he gets out he takes her on a date only to discover her father is Aaron Burr. Like, THE Aaron Burr-his father’s sworn enemy. But he doesn’t run away from her because of this. He just holds her close and says they’ll work it out. So they see each other in secret and after a while Phillip proposes. They plan to tell their fathers but when Phillip bursts through the door to ask his mother for advice it’s the middle of the morning and Eliza says to talk to his father when he gets back from his early meeting out of town. Phillip reads the note his father left on his desk and tells his mother her husband is going to a duel. They race to Jersey, and see Theodosia coming up from the other side of the hill as well.
Theodosia runs up to her father, shoving him aside as his weapon discharges, causing the bullet to hit Phillip instead. Phillip falls to the ground as Eliza screams. Hamilton turns around to hold his son. Theodosia starts crying and drops to her knees in front of him, her engagement ring on the chain around her neck falling forward for everyone to see. As he dies, Theodosia turns to her father and yells.
“I loved him!”
Her father drops his gun with a horrified look and takes a step back.
“I shot him…I didn’t mean to…Theodosia-”
“Just go…please. Just get out of here!”
(It’s Quiet Uptown starts playing)

Whatever you do

Don’t imagine young Phillip after the Reynolds Pamphlet came out going to Eliza and asking “Mommy? Why does daddy always sleep in his office now?” and her putting her hand on his shoulder and saying “Thats just where he sleeps now.” and then Phillip looking up at her with worried eyes saying “But you don’t talk to him very much anymore.” and her looking sadly out the window and sighing out a halfhearted reply “Daddy is just busy lately. Don’t worry about it darling.” and Phillip not being satisfied with this answer finally stuttering out his fearful question “D-do you still l-love daddy?” and tears coming to her eyes as she pulls him close and says “Of course I still love him Phillip, I’ll always love him. Its just, something has happened and maybe things aren’t going to be exactly like they used to be, but I still love you very much, and I know your father loves you very much as well.” and Phillip letting it drop but crying quietly in his room later, wishing everything would just go back to the way it was. And then never getting a chance to see the day his mother forgave his father, and never knowing that it was him that brought them back together in the end.

I was wondering why Alexander asked if death would come “seven feet ahead of me” in My Shot, so I made the mistake of looking it up.

@linmanuel I get that you like to fuck with my emotions, but this is too much.