phillip parrish

breathes into a paper bag

how did henry, robbie and frankie die??

what does vicky barnes look like?? why did she dump gary??

would that cut scene ft. the prime minister played an important part of opening s3???

would jem have faced legal consequences for henry’s death???? importantly: would mrs lonsdale have forgiven her?

does phillip try to reform parrish council despite being booted???

does the give back scheme stay or does it go without a local mp to enforce it?

more importantly do victus try and paint amy as a terrorist in media coverage ? i feel like this could be another tipping point in roarton because youve got locals willing to say yeah she was but you’ve also got her friends and those who are super guilty. not to mention zoe stirring shit to gain momentum.

does julian come for simon in s3?? does simon shank him prompting a vicious repetition of how julian described his first murder (he was just trying to survive, after all).

does kieren develop more symptoms of rapid cell regeneration? does it spread so quickly nationwide that by the end of the series Halperin and Weston can no longer contain it? how do people cope with the reinforced reality that pds sufferers *are* human?

i just